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What Party Is Jesse Sullivan

Why Are You Running

Jesse Sullivan: Choose Life Over Luxury

I am a fifth generation Illinoisan, born and raised in Petersburg, Illinois, where I live today. From serving as civilian intelligence advisor in Afghanistan, to helping entrepreneurs create jobs and grow businesses around the world, I have always been driven by the values of faith, family, and service. I love my home, but I am sick and tired of corrupt career politicians running our state into the ground. Ive worked to spread the values of freedom and democracy around the world, but those values are under attack right here at home. I am running to represent a fresh next generation of leadership for Illinois – an honest leader with a commitment to growth to make Illinois the best state in the nation to hold a job, start a business, and raise a family.

Who Is Illinois Gop Governor Candidate Jesse Sullivan

  • RICK PEARSONChicago Tribune

Central Illinois venture capitalist Jesse Sullivan, who launched a bid for the Republican nomination for governor, is seen Sept. 10.

In launching his candidacy for the Republican nomination for governor, 37-year-old political unknown Jesse Sullivan has touted his background as a venture capitalist as a key pillar of his campaign.

But public records show the entity Sullivan has described as a venture capital firm, Alter Global, was created in February 2016 as a tax-exempt charity. Alter Global made limited financial investments and was heavily dependent on cryptocurrency for its funding.

It wasnt until January of last year that Sullivan created a more traditional for-profit venture capital firm, the similarly named Alter Global LLC, with more than two dozen investments, largely in developing countries, none in Illinois.

Ive been a venture capitalist. The other one I would not list as venture capital, Sullivan said of his initial Alter Global nonprofit venture. Id list it as an entrepreneurial support organization, nonprofit.

Questions about Sullivans background have surfaced since the little-known resident of Petersburg in Central Illinois announced his first run for political office on Sept. 9. He started his campaign with more than $10.75 million in funding from out-of-state donors, most of whom are in the tech or digital sector.

Sullivan is not the first businessperson to make the governorship a first-time political aspiration.

What Will You Do To Fix The Public Employee Pension Systems

Illinoisans pay some of the highest taxes for some of the worst outcomes. We are saddling future generations and retirees with the second-lowest funded pension system in the nation.

An average family of four in Illinois owes more as a share of those unfunded liabilities than they earn in household income . That prevents us from investing more in priorities like education, tax relief, and law enforcement.

My father is a retired public school teacher, and he deserves a secure retirement. We need an amendment to the state constitution that protects all benefits already earned, but allows for changes to future benefit growth. Real reform requires a hybrid defined-benefit and defined-contribution pension system as an alternative for new workers that looks more like a private sector style 401. And we don’t need to look far to find what works: More than 20,000 employees in our state university system have already opted into a 401-style retirement plan.

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Faith Family Service: Jessie Sullivan’s Message To Hancock County

  • For the Journal-Pilot

The Hancock County Republican Central Committee recently hosted an evening with Illinois Gubernatorial candidate, Jesse Sullivan. Mr. Sullivan was introduced by Illinois State Senator Neil Anderson, who will soon represent Hancock County in the next Illinois Congress, and endorses Mr. Sullivan.

Jesse Sullivan spoke to the dozens in attendance, telling of his upbringing, background, and professional life. In describing himself he repeatedly spoke of his faith, family, and service. Jesse grew up in rural Central Illinois on a farm and most enjoyed putting up hay as a kid.

I really enjoyed the hard work and I believe it has helped shape who I am today, said Sullivan

Jesse and his wife are raising seven children together, including five biological children and two foster children.

Attendees also heard about Jessies professional life and he explained how this experience will serve the people of Illinois.

What we do is invest in companies. We look for great companies and we get the right people that can lead those companies to success and serve their customers well, explained Sullivan. Thats what I will do as Governor. I have a proven record of putting the right people in the right place and getting great results.

The candidate fielded many questions from the crowd and provided specific answers.

Concerning ISBE Sullivan stated, When it comes to ISBE were just going to clean house.

Jesse Sullivan Hopes To Empower Parents And Shake Up Illinois Education System

Pin on Jesse Sullivan

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Jesse Sullivan hopes he will win the vote of Illinois Republican parents by introducing his plan to shake up the states education system. The downstate venture capitalist is one of the six GOP candidates hoping to face Gov. J.B. Pritzker in the November election.

Sullivan says Illinois is failing parents and endangering school children with current policies. He argues his administration would feature a power to the parents agenda to restore accountability in schools.

Sullivan feels Illinois needs universal school choice and an expansion of the Invest in Kids scholarship program. He says every parent should receive a backpack scholarship to send their kids to whatever school they choose whether it is a public, private, charter, or religious institution. Sullivan also feels the Invest in Kids program should be extended past 2023. However, there is already a bipartisan bill on Pritzkers desk that could make the scholarships permanent.

Sullivan says one of the core issues is indoctrination in the classroom. He argues the Illinois State Board of Education needs to focus on core education instead of pushing political curriculum.

Weve got to get back to loving our country again and teaching our kids patriotism rather than what theyve been trying to inject into the curriculum now which is an ideology into our curriculum, Sullivan said Thursday. We need to get excellence back into our schools and get the indoctrination out.

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Gubernatorial Candidate Jesse Sullivan: ‘we Need To Save The Taxpayers Of Illinois Money’

CHENOA One of the Republican candidates for Illinois governor visited with farmers at the Prairie Central Cooperative grain elevator west of Chenoa Wednesday.

Jesse Sullivan and members of his Farmers for Sullivan coalition gathered in a shed for lunchtime conversation and a brief media availability. Sullivan feels the state needs to get back to the values of faith, family and service.

We need to get God back into our politics, he said.

Sullivan grew up working on a farm as one of eight siblings. He still considers farming a way of life as he raises a family.

My wife and I have corn and soybean fields right now and we love it, Sullivan, a Central Illinoisan, said.

The agriculture coalition was formed by Sullivan to advise him on the campaign trail. A media advisory from his office said if he is elected governor, farmers and agricultural groups would have a seat at the table and buy-in on the issues impacting them and the future of the industry.

Today, Illinois farmers and our agriculture industry are suffering from high taxes, high energy and fuel costs and a fundamental lack of appreciation for the work they do and the service they provide, Sullivan said. Every single piece of that changes on Day One when I am governor.

Any bill that comes across my desk as governor, that includes raising taxes, I will veto, Sullivan explained.

We need to save the taxpayers of Illinois money, he said.

During Pekin Visit Gop Candidate For Governor Backs Voter Id Laws

PEKIN – With the primary a little more than a month away, Republican candidate for governor Jesse Sullivan shared his plans for ensuring voter integrity in elections.

Sullivan joined some county clerks on Tuesday to tour an election facility in Pekin and discuss efforts to make sure each vote is properly counted.

Sullivan, part of a crowded field vying for the Republican nomination, said he thinks voters dont have faith in the current election system.

His way of building trust is to enact voter identification laws.

You need an ID to do almost everything. You even need it up in Chicago to go to a restaurant during COVID times, but somehow its racist to require it to vote, Sullivan said.

That is absurd, a viewpoint on the left that we need to fix and change. We should make it harder to cheat in our elections and so having a voter ID is a necessary step to make that happen, Sullivan added.

The primary is June 28.

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Is Jesse Sullivan Democrat

The Republican Party& rsquor s Jesse Sullivan, often known as Sully, ran for governor of Illinois. On June 28, 2022, he was defeated in the Republican primary. Sullivan was a venture capitalist who had never held a governmental position before.

In his campaign advertisements, Sullivan emphasized his support for tax reform, role as a venture investor, opposition to abortion, disapproval of the left pouring their ideology into our curriculums, and support for law enforcement.

An advertisement for a political party claimed, This conflict is between insiders who only talk the talk and those of us on the outside who genuinely want to help our less fortunate neighbors. This fightit won& rsquor t end until this period of high taxes, crime, and corruption in Illinois is over.

Efforts To Create An Independent Panel To Determine Legislative Districts Were Not Successful In Time For The 2020 Census How Important Do You Think It Is To Create Such A Process For The 2030 Census If You Support The Issue What Should Be Done To Create Change When Should It Be Done And How Would You Contribute


This is massively important. Mike Madigan first became speaker of the House in 1983 by rigging the legislative maps. And another Madigan will rise to power without reform. These rigged maps also encourage corruption: They are the reason so many politicians don’t face real competition at the ballot box and thus are not accountable to voters.

This governor talks about voting rights, but the truth is that he has massively disenfranchised Illinoisans by limiting their voting choices through gerrymandering. He broke his promise to the people of Illinois, and they’re going to hold him accountable for it.

Independent mapmaking is a central pillar of our Clean Up Illinois Anti-Corruption Agenda because it is fundamental to rebuilding Illinoisans’ trust in state government. Voters should pick their politicians, not the other way around.

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How Well Do You Think The Evidence

My wife and dad are both educators, so this is an issue close to my heart. The truth is that “adequate” isn’t a number in a spreadsheet. It’s an education that prepares our kids for the future and gives parents the confidence that their children can succeed. Far too many don’t have that in Illinois today.

If we do not hold schools accountable for outcomes, more money won’t fix the problem. That is why I believe strongly in funding students, not systems. This “backpack funding” model has been tremendously successful in Florida, where Illinois families are flocking for a lower tax burden and better schools.

Illinois has a bloated school district bureaucracy. With more than 850 school districts, we are the only state that spends more than $1 billion a year on district-level administration. This siphons money away from classrooms and teachers, and toward six-figure salaries for duplicative administrators. This is not “evidence-based” funding. It’s a political jobs program.

Meet Illinois Gop Candidate Jesse Sullivan

Jesse Sullivan is the Illinois governor candidate he is running to be the 44th governor of the state. He has presented his idea and vision for the state, where not only he but four-generation before him lived.

He has always talked about his pride in being an Illinoian and the future he sees for the people of his state. He is talking about various reformations in the vital area of the citizen’s life.

People can see, , the point he has presented about the educational reform in school, so it will give more rights to parents about children. He has also talked about tax reformation, so a normal person could aid from it.

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Meet Jesse Sullivan’s Wife And Family

He is a happily married man and his wife’s name is Monique. The couple has a very happy family with their four children and a fifth on the way, as per his website.

Among his four children, two are foster kids. He is very close to his family and it can be said that he gives a great priority to his family, as his fundamental in politics is also family importance.

He has said that he is raising his kids with the values of illinois.

Male Politician

Who Is Jesse Sullivan Running Mate


Jesse Sullivanis one of the candidates eying the position of a governor for Illinois in the United States. He is a resident of Petersburg as well as the Founder and CEO of Alter Global LLC. He attributes his main source of income to his business ventures.

The governorship aspirant, Jesse Sullivan, had his university education from the following institutions: St Louis University, where he bagged his Bachelor of Arts, University of Oxford, for his Master of Arts, and Stanford University for his Master of Business Administration degree.

As part of his personal life, Jesse William Sullivan is one of the 8 children of his parents. He is married to the adorable Monique, with whom he has 4 children with the fifth child coming soon.

He strongly believe that faith, family and service will be his hallmark that will take him to his expectations.

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Who Is Jesse Sullivan Married To

Jesse was closeted for a long time in his life. Before meeting his now wife Teela, he was married to another man. Luckily, Sulli is still close with his ex-husband even after coming out as Transgender. Jesse gained prominence attention after sharing his gender transformation and pregnancy. Yes, you heard it right Sulli is a proud transgender father of Arlo.

Social Media

The Internet platform has been a massive part of Jesses life. He is active on his TikTok account, , and Facebook. Moreover, he has starred in a movie named My Transparent Life.

In addition to that, Sulli has worked in movies like American Satan , Enigma of Being Awake and Dont Stop, Dont Speak .

Jesse Sullivan Rounds Out Governors Candidates As Filing Ends

SPRINGFIELD – One week after candidate hopefuls lined up to be the first name on the ballot, other candidates lined up for the last hour of filing to beat the clock and get a spot at the bottom.

Among those were gubernatorial candidate hopeful Jesse Sullivan. He has had numerous ads for his candidacy on television, touting his counterterrorism work in Afghanistan and criticizing crime in Chicago. However, he was notably absent last Monday when other governor candidates filed their petitions.

Sullivan is one of the last to file in what is expected to be a contentious race for the Republican governors spot. His campaign said that was a part of the plan.

We werent looking for a photo op with Gov. Pritzker, Sullivans running mate Kathleen Murphy said. After speculation that they needed time to collect more signatures, Sullivan said they purposefully waited to be the last name on the ballot.

Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin, State Senator Darren Bailey, businessman Gary Rabine and former legislator Paul Schimpf filed their petitions the week before. Each are lining up to be the one to face Gov. Pritzker in November. A couple, Irvin and Bailey, are backed by wealthy benefactors.

Illinois billionaire Ken Griffin has given Irvin $20 million so far. Richard Uhlein, another wealthy donator, has given one million dollars to Bailey, who said he thinks there will be more donations.

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Jesse Sullivan Is Well

He’s handsome, articulate and driven. His pretty wife and four adorable children appear to have come right out of central casting.

When Jesse Sullivan launched his campaign in September, he already had raised $11 million, several times more than all of his Republican opponents combined.

In fact, not that long ago before billionaires and near-billionaires started funding their own campaigns for the state’s highest office that would be about half of what a successful gubernatorial campaign cost.

For example, in 2010, Pat Quinn spent $23 million to capture the Governor’s Mansion. By comparison, Gov. JB Pritzker spent $172 million of his own money to capture the office in 2018.

“Starting out a campaign with $11 million is impressive, but he’s going to have to raise a whole lot more than that if he’s going to take on Pritzker,” former governor George Ryan said.

Although Sullivan calls himself a conservative, he also speaks of compromise and consensus much as Jim Edgar and James R. Thompson did during their terms in office.

For example, he identifies as pro-life, but admits he knows that most people in the legislature don’t agree with him on the issue. He added he is hopeful he can work with Democratic lawmakers to find ways to reduce the number of abortions, a goal shared by many on both sides of the ongoing national debate.

With answers like these, some Republicans say he has already failed the ideological litmus test.

But that’s a big “if.”

Jesse Sullivan Sullivan Military Service: Was Jesse Sullivan Part Of The Military

A Conversation with Illinois Gubernatorial Candidate Jesse Sullivan

Sullivan enhanced his campaign website and announcement with photos of himself in military uniform which made others think that he served in the Military.

He didn& rsquor t but rather went on a tour in Afghanistan to know more about the Afghan and American wars.

He stated As the war unfolded, it became clear that part of what was needed was a better understanding of the human landscape in the country we did not understand the power dynamics, tribal affinities, or the motivations of our Afghan partners.

That realization led me to take up a position on a Human Terrain Team, a hybrid intelligence force as an Army civilian, that helped our military understand what was really going on in the counterinsurgency fight

And so it was, that nearly 10 years ago, I was writing a report on the Afghan Local Police in Helmand, Afghanistan, when I heard gunshots nearby.

This was the deadliest district of Afghanistan, so Id grown accustomed to the sound. I wasnt alarmed until another soldier told me that men in Afghan uniforms had just shot two of our soldiers and were loose on our base. It was a high probability that I had just recently shared bread with the shooter, as it was my job to understand his motivations.I reflected then, and I recall now, that we Americans have always struggled to see this war through Afghan eyes.

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