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Scooby Doo Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday Honoree Door Decoration

Scooby-Doo Birthday Party Ideas

Rather than just a general Scooby-Doo sign to signify your households the party, you could make the door decoration more specific by using it to honor the person youre throwing the party for.

For example, this photo has the features of Scooby-Doo on brown paper while saying, Ruh Roh! Jaxon is 5. Your child will love such a large decoration made for them in their honor, placed so that its essentially the first thing you see when entering your house.

Besides, the door decoration in this photo is much easier to make. Simply get a large rectangle of brown paper, cut out the letters from other sheets of construction paper, and get Scooby Doos facial features. You can either make your own or buy some ready to be cut out online.

Door Decoration Materials:

The Idea And Prep Work

The idea we went with is the mystery of the missing presents . The kids will have to find clues to find out who stole the presents and earn prizes along the way. I chose to do this by picking out 8 classic scooby villians whose “lairs” the kids will have to pass through to follow the foot prints of the culprit. Each villian they pass has a clue about the culprit but the kids have to earn it by playing that villian’s game. More about this later. First the 8 villians I chose are: 1. Creepy clown ghost 3. The Black Knight ghost 4. The Creeper 7. Captian Cutler’s Ghost 8. The Spooky Space Kook I looked up info about these villains and their episodes, then came up with a game to match.The posters 1. Get a half sheet of poster board for each villain except the black knight 2. Draw one villain on each sheet 3. Paint them all 4. Write in the challenge 5. Attach the clue envelope. ~just cut a normal size envelope in half, tape the cut sides, write “clue #__” on it and tape to poster, opening flap facing out~

** choose a person that will be at the party to be the villain IE: mom or dad. We used Kaiden’s father as the villain. Come up with clues that fit that particular person like their height, age, or tshirt color. You will need 7** Write the clue on a small piece of paper and put in envelope.

Create The Pinata Base

If youre particularly artistic, you can strive for a structurally difficult recreation of Scoobys face as pictured here. If you want more of a challenge with better pay off, you can recreate the Mystery Machine shown here. For the easiest pinata for those low on time, you can make a circular pinata and attach a picture of Scooby-Doo on it like here.

Lets say youre making the last option, which appears to be a squat cylinder. First, you would cut out two circles then leave a strip of cardboard to connect the circles.

Roll up the strip into itself like youre rolling up a yoga mat and squeeze it as tight as you can. Doing this will make the connecting piece easier to connect.

Place the circle on top of the strip. Tape together one circle board to the piece with packing tape to save time. If you dont have packing tape, scotch tape is fine.

Once youve taped the strip to the circle, connect the second circle strip. You should be left with a brown, plain 3-D box that doesnt look too appealing.

Thats okay. Add tissue paper with tape. You could use a glue stick if youd like, but glue wets the tissue paper and makes it fall apart quickly. Attach whatever other decorations youd like, such as streamers or stars.

The same general process applies if youre making more complicated constructions, like the mystery machine or Scooby-Doo bust. Create the 3-D structure out of cardboard then attach the tissue paper.

For better visuals on how to create a pinata, check out this video.

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Scooby Doo Party Games And Activities

  • Scooby Doo Scavenger Hunt The Ghosts have stolen your presents set up clues in your house / backyard for the guests to solve the mystery. For younger guests have picture clues on paper . For older guests have them read a rhyming mystery they need to solve for each clue, each clue leads to another. At the end have a prize for the guests or a present for the birthday boy/girl.
  • Shaggy Charades Shaggy is outgoing and hilarious!Guests will love acting out silly events from the shows
  • Freds Frames Make picture frames. Use glue, beads, feathers, coloured macaroni, etc.
  • Velma Visions Draw or paint a monster the gang needs to catch. Fold a piece of paper in half, and cursive write the guests name along the edge. Open the paper and try to draw the mirror image of the name. Then the guests can colour in their monster. These look really unique and extra cool!
  • Daphnes Dilemma Play a friendly game of twister
  • Mystery Machine Van Use a large appliance box to make a Mystery Machine Van. Pre-draw the vehicle and have the guests colour it in with markers, paint and glitter glue
  • Run for your Life Racing Relay Use real dog bones on a spoon
  • Scoby Make up a bingo game using Scooby Doo stickers
  • Mummy Wrap Race to see who can wrap the mummy the fastest using toilet paper
  • Shaggy, Shaggy, Scooby! Play like duck, duck, goose
  • Chips / bits and bites
  • Mystery van cake. Cut the shape out of an extra large slab cake, then decorate it with coloured icing

Scooby Doo Birthday Cake Ideas


Image: Cake Central

You could go for a 3D option like this Scooby Doo cake on Cake Central. Start by making a tray bake or sheet cake for the base, then bake a separate loaf cake that you cut to shape into the Mystery Machine van. Now get creative with your decorating and use play figures on top.

Image: Couture Cakery

Alternatively, follow Couture Cakerys lead and have a tiered cake decorated with fondant icing.

Image: Cakes Decor

This is an even simpler-to-decorate version from Cakes Decor with the birthday girl or boys initial on top, which is nice.

Or if you are are a dab hand with the buttercream icing then check out this fun Scooby Doo cake by one grandma who gives tips on how she made the cake here.

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Scooby Doo Party Printables

This set includes 66 printable PDF pages and 1 customizable .DOCX page that let you create the following:

  • Invitation – Includes ready-to-print and customizable versions
  • Banner – A-Z, 0-9, ?, & , =, !, blank, Mystery Machine, Paw, 5 characters
  • Favor Bags – featuring Scooby’s face
  • Favor Boxes – mini Mystery machines
  • Bag Tag / Tent Cards – 6 designs
  • Popcorn Boxes – 6 designs
  • Round Labels / Cupcake Picks
  • Dog Tag Labels / Cupcake Picks / Necklace Charms
  • Cutlery Wraps – 6 designs
  • Water Bottle Wraps – 6 designs
  • Straw Flags – 3 designs
  • Paw Print Labels / Decorations

Arguably the most important party printable is the invitation! Our fun, folding invitation looks like Scooby’s face on the front, and opens up to a Mystery Machine-inspired insert with party details. I just love how the ears pop up, don’t you? The envelopes were sealed with a sticker of Scooby’s dog tag, something we used often throughout the party space.

Those same dog tags also came in for decorating some fleece messenger bags I made for the party guests. I printed the image on iron-on paper and created fabric closures for the bags. The collars and tags make me smile every time I see them.

The bags were to be “inspector kits” for the kids, so they could solve any mysteries that happened to crop up during the party. We filled them with toys magnifying glasses, notepads and pens, flashlights, and disguise glasses.

The water bottle wraps from the set also worked great for bottles of orange soda.

Make A Scooby Doo Cake

Go the extra mile and make a cake of the Mystery Machine. Check out this video for a fast-paced tutorial on how to do it.

First, youll want to bake a bunch of cake layers. The video uses what looks to be vanilla thats been dyed various colors, but you can pick any flavor you want. Chocolate, plain white vanilla, red velvet, its up to you.

Bake about three pans of cake. Once theyve cooled, take the layers out of the baking tray and cut off the tops so that all of the layers are the same height about two inches tall.

Once thats done, cut each of the layers in half so that theyre about one inch tall. Add frosting between where you cut the cake. Stack the layers, frosting in between every layer of cake, until the layers stand about five layers tall.

It will help to have cutouts of the side and front of the mystery machine ready. Hold the side of the mystery machine to the layers of the cake you have and cut around it.

Great, youve completed the side. Be sure to have cutouts of the front and back as well. You can use context clues to figure out how the remaining edge should be cut. Ice the trimmed cake with frosting.

Next, make light blue fondant by mixing two cups of granulated sugar, ½ cup of water, and two tablespoons of light corn syrup and following the recipe here. Create a light green fondant for the car decals and black fondant for the vans wheels.

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Scooby Doo Party Food

Image: Hungry Forever

Top of the list has to be Scooby Snacks! Use a dog bone shaped cookie cutter, and either make little bone-shaped cookies like these ones from Hungry Forever.

Generally any kind of dog-themed food is going to work, as after all Scooby Doo is a cool hound. So continue the theme by cutting sandwiches, melon, ham, cheese, etc into bone shapes.

Hot dogs would also be fun and fit with the American show theme. You could have a Hot Dog Stand with a variety of toppings and sauces for party guests to choose from.

Or how about setting up a Make Your Own Scooby Sandwich or Shaggy Subs Station with different fillings they can put onto their sub or long roll. .

Other Ideas for Scooby Doo Party Food:

For drinks you could offer

  • Monster Juice make up a colourful fruit punch and use the Halloween party idea of freezing juice in latex-free gloves to float in the punch
  • Spooky Drink make ice cream sodas where you pour a soft drink and pop a scoop of ice cream. Spooky spiders optional on top of the foam!
  • Mummy juice boxes Inner Child Crochet made these for her sons birthday party, she tells you how to make them on her blog.

Image: Inner Child Crochet

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The Black Knight Ghost

Scooby-Doo! | Party Time! | WB Kids

This one was a little different from the rest. The Black knight wears all black except the red feather in his helmet. I decided this game would involve paint and balloons.Prep Get a large piece of card board. I got mine from a large box I found at the local recycle center Draw and paint the black knight ghost pretty large on the cardboard Write the villian’s challenge on it and attach a clue envelope. Now we need water balloons filled with paint. This is best done with someone to help you. There really is no easy way to do this. Our method was to stretch out the ballon, then use a funnel to put about 2 squirts of paint in it, then fill it with water and tie it off. Make lots of these because this was most of the kids’ favorite game. The challenge reads: ” I’m tired of wearing all black. It’s so HOT! Help me out and I’ll help you in return.” So in this game kids throw the paint filled water balloons at the black knight to give him some color. We had the knight tape unright on a fence but the balloons were bouncing off him and bursting on the ground so we torn him off the fence and laid him on the ground with worked alot better. The kids had a blast but at the end off it all the knight was still black because the paint was too diluted. *note* its a good idea to remove the clue BEFORE the balloons start flying when all the balloons are used up, read the clue. It said: “The culprit was obviusly an adult.” The prize here was a sheet of scooby stickers

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The Mystery Machine Cake

  • You can also buy Scooby-shaped cake pans to make it easier to create an amazing cake. Just bake the cake in the pan and frost the cake and decorate it with colorful icing.
  • There are even cake image toppers available with an edible Scooby Doo picture, but most are hard to use.
  • Make a Mystery Machine cake. It is simpler than it may seem. Check out the video to the right. If you want some detailed directions on shaping and decorating the cake, here is a Mystery Machine recipe using regular icing.
  • Most cake stores like grocery stores and Walmart will have Scooby Doo themed cakes you can order.
  • Use plastic figures for decoration. A toy Scooby Doo, Shaggy, and the rest of the gang looks great on the cake or beside of it. You can even use a toy Mystery Machine van. It is much easier to use a toy than to try to make the characters out of fondant or icing. Plus the kids will love playing with the figures as they eat the cake and it will be a keepsake for the birthday boy or girl.

A Scooby Doo Inspired Birthday Party

From Vixen Made, as seen on Birds Party

Who doesnt love a good Scooby Doo mystery? Now you can relive the nostalgia of your favorite cartoon mystery by celebrating with a Scooby Doo inspired birthday party. To bring in that old school vibe, create your party decoration color palette around the colors of the characters outfits, and the textures and fabrics reminiscent of the time period in which they are from.

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Diy Scooby Doo Costume

From Compromises with Reality

Scooby dooby doo! Youll easily be able to get in character as the lovable Scooby Doo for your themed Scooby party with this easy DIY Scooby Doo costume! Would you believe that the basis for this awesome costume is a hat? Cardboard and cardstock were used to form a Scooby Doo face that could be attached to the hat. And the blue and gold dog collar is perfect.

Scooby Doo Party Ideas And Inspirations

#scoobydoo #scoobydooparty #scoobydootheme #scoobydoobydoo # ...

Invite the entire Mystery Machine gang to your childs birthday party this year when you pick up our Boys Scooby Doo party items! Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Fred, and Daphne the kids will be ecstatic when they see all of their favorite characters printed across our fun tableware, décor, and party favors.

Invite all of your childs guests to the mystery bash with our super fun Scooby Doo themed invitations. When the kids all arrive and see all of our Scooby and balloons, theyre going to feel like they are on the TV show themselves, solving mysteries with all of their favorite characters. Scooby cardboard cutouts, Mystery Machine standups, Scooby banners, and so much more we have everything you need to make this party a great success!

When its time for birthday cake and Scooby Snacks, youll be ready when you pick up our Scooby themed tableware and cake supplies. All of our plates, cups, napkins and table covers feature the iconic blue and green Scooby color scheme, as well as fun and lovable images of your childs favorite doggy character.

If your child is a fan of the Scooby Doo Mystery gang, then you cant go wrong with any of our Scooby Doo themed party items. Be sure to pick up yours today, and go give your child a party worth all the Scooby Snacks in the world. Rooby rooby rooo!!!

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Try Out Scooby Snacks

Scooby snacks were the staple cookie in the original shows. Scooby and Shaggy could always be counted on to stop whatever they were doing and crunch on a few Scooby Snacks even in the thick of a chase or other inopportune moment.

Your house guests could feel the allure of a Scooby Snack as well with this delicious recipe.

Scooby Doo Birthday Party Ideas For Costumes

One of the coolest Scooby Doo birthday party ideas is to have the guests dress in Scooby garb. You can give the boys a red scarf or a Scooby dog tag. You or the kids can create their own Scooby Doo tags by using blue ribbon and a yellow and blue construction paper diamond shape with SD written on it. Just punch a hole in the diamond and put the ribbon through it.

The girls can pick between a headband and black glasses for Velma . The kids can also wear cool 70s costume accessories . It can also be nice to have someone do face painting .

Take a look at all the coolest homemade Scooby Doo costumes.

If you dont want to buy or create any costumes, you can print out these cool Mystery Van, Dog Paw-Print and more Scooby Doo-themed cone hats and use for your party:

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