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Quick And Easy Party Food

Melon Mozzarella + Prosciutto Skewers

Quick and Easy Party Appetizers (all with four ingredients or less!). Bonus, many are low-carb!

Salty, sweet and oh-so-refreshing, these melon and prosciutto skewers cover all the bases for the perfect party snack. To make them, use a melon roller to carve out watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe balls. Thread alternating melon balls on skewer sticks between fresh basil leaves, buffalo mozzarella and salty prosciutto slices. Serve as is or spice it up with a sprinkle of fresh-cracked pepper.


Salty, sweet and oh-so-refreshing, these melon and prosciutto skewers cover all the bases for the perfect party snack. To make them, use a melon roller to carve out watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe balls. Thread alternating melon balls on skewer sticks between fresh basil leaves, buffalo mozzarella and salty prosciutto slices. Serve as is or spice it up with a sprinkle of fresh-cracked pepper.

Quick And Delicious Lunch Party Food Ideas For Entertaining

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A lunch party is a great way to celebrate with friends and family. But what do you serve? No need to fret, we have 70+ delicious lunch party food ideas that are perfect for entertaining! From appetisers to main dishes, and sweet desserts!

Try one or more of these recipes out the next time youre hosting a lunch party for friends and family.

Lunch parties are a great way to kick off earlier in the day and are perfect for Sunday celebrations or quick mid-week get-togethers with friends.

Unlike a dinner party or evening celebration, lunch parties typically require lighter food options with plenty of finger food and appetisers instead, or healthy salads and cold dishes.

To help you plan the perfect lunch party food ideas for your celebration, no matter the party theme, weve put together this collection of simple and delicious recipe ideas and easy food for entertaining so you can focus more on the great company than spending your time in the kitchen!

Need bring a plate party food ideas? Check out more than 70 share plates and pot luck ideas for your next event!

Eggplant Chips With Cilantro Pesto

Chips and dip is always a party favorite, but for a variation on the classic standby, give eggplant chips a try. The beautiful color and sweet taste pair perfectly with fresh cilantro pesto

Chips and dip are always a party favorite, but for a variation on the classic standby, give eggplant chips a try. The beautiful color and sweet taste pair perfectly with fresh cilantro pesto.

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Easy Finger Food Recipes

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Loaded Sweet Potato Rounds

Quick and Easy Low

Heres a finger food thats famous in our circles: loaded sweet potato rounds! We created these rounds as a healthy version of a loaded toast for entertaining. Instead of bread, the base is a sweet potato roasted with cumin and chili powder, topped with a sprinkle of cheese. Then its loaded with sour cream, hot sauce, and green onion into a perfectly flavorful bite. Its not wonder these are often the first to disappear from the table!

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Mini Chicken And Waffles

There’s no shame in using frozen food to your advantage. For this easy finger food recipe all you need is frozen chicken, mini toaster waffles, maple syrup, sea salt, and herbs de Provence. Cook the chicken according the the directions on the package and then dress ’em up by assembling on top of the heated mini waffles and sticking a toothpick through it. Add a healthy dose a salt and herbs to bring out some flavor and drizzle with syrup to serve. Easy peasy!

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WHEW, well there you have it! All of my best tips, tricks and cheap party food ideas. What’s your go-to party food when you have people over? Let us know in the comments!

Looking for more great ideas?

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Did You Make Any Of These Finger Food Recipes

Please leave a comment and rating below, and let me know what you thought of this round up of finger foods. Be sure to snap a picture and tag me on Instagram @aheadofthyme or share it on the Pinterest pin so that I can follow along.

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  • Total Time:25 minutes

Herb Cream Cheese Dip

Quick and Easy Party finger foods

Isnt cream cheese just perfect?

You can buy flavored cream cheese, but the fact is, its super simple to make your own.

Homemade herbed cream cheese will wow your guests.

This delicious dip has three cloves of very finely minced fresh garlic.

The spices that give this dip so much flavor are dried basil, dried parsley, and fresh thyme .

Spread this dip on bagels or toast, or allow your guests to enjoy this dip with crispy crackers or chips.

If you want to add some love to this dish, stir in some chopped real bacon bits.

Anytime you add smoked salmon to a party, you have next-level elegance.

And that doesnt change when the appetizers are as cute as these little smoked salmon bites.

This finger food is also a super healthy treat. The base is a cucumber slice, and the creamy topping is made from cream cheese and Greek yogurt.

Freshly squeezed lemon juice and lemon zest give these tasty little bites a nice zing.

Garlic, a pinch of sea salt, and fresh dill round out the flavors.

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How To Set Up A Self

A mix of condiment containers, vessels filled with toppings and an assembly line arrangement of hot dogs, this station is certain to keep guests fed and interactive for hours on end.

Flynnside Out Productions

When in doubt, a self-serve hot dog station will never and we mean never disappoint. Use this mouthwatering display by Brian Patrick Flynn as your muse and provide guests with a wide variety of toppings and fan-favorite sides like baked beans and slaw.

Be The Host With The Most

There are a few things that are essential for a memorable dinner party: great appetizers, a cocktail or two and of course, dinner and dessert. If youve spent a lot of time working on the little details like drinks, decor and the cutest miniature treats then youre in the right place weve got all the no-stress mains you could ever need to finish up your menu, each one as impressive as the next. Just take this Milanese specialty of cross-cut veal shanks, for example. Its braised with vegetables and white wine which might seem complicated but this recipe only requires 10 minutes of prep work. Most of the cooking is hands off. After you brown the veal shanks and puree the vegetales for the sauce, the heat takes care of the rest.

Get the Recipe: Osso Buco

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Sweet Potato + Goat Cheese + Agave Bites

This recipe is almost too easy to believe! The tasty combo of goat cheese, sweet potatoes, and agave is a simple way to get a healthy dose of vitamin A and calcium while still getting a bit of sweetness. Not a fan of agave? Just swap for honey instead. We’ll be making this all summer long.

Image via Half Baked Harvest

Cheese fries are already tasty on their own but this Taco Bell-inspired recipe upgrades them with nacho seasoning and peppers. They’re great for game day, your next picnic, or will even satisfy the fam once the holiday season comes back around.

Chicken And Waffle Cones

Quick and Easy Appetizers Recipes for Party

Chicken and waffles, anyone? A sweet waffle cone makes the perfect edible vessel for your favorite chicken nuggets. Drizzle with maple syrup or dipping sauce for a clever handheld snack.

Jalynn Baker

Chicken and waffles, anyone? A sweet waffle cone makes the perfect edible vessel for your favorite chicken nuggets. Drizzle with maple syrup or dipping sauce for a clever handheld snack.

GET THE RECIPE + MORE IDEAS:5 Genius Low-Waste, Handheld Party Foods

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Homemade Pizza Hand Pies

Just a few basic ingredients are all you need to whip up these tasty little pockets of spicy, cheesy goodness.

This recipe features all the same great flavors as your favorite pepperoni pizza without the greasy mess.

Sam Henderson

Dark chocolate and zesty orange are a flavor pairing made in confectionery heaven. Although these two-bite treats may look like expensive bonbons, they’re actually easy to make at home using an ordinary ice cube tray.

Taco Bell Nacho Fries

Now how about creating a Taco Bell copycat for your next get together? These Supreme Nacho Fries! They are covered in in yummy nacho cheese sauce and topped with cooked ground beef, pico de gallo and sour cream. Fries are addictive just by themselves, serve them loaded with all these toppings and see them get polished off fast.

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Sesame Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes > > regular potatoes, and I will not be taking any further questions. Once you realize how easy it is to make these guys, you’ll serve it at every party and even as a dinner side on weeknights. Add some chili, sesame oil, sesame seeds, tahini, and cilantro, and you’re in business.

Get the recipe from Pinch of Yum.

Quick And Easy Appetizers


Asparagus Roll Ups Asparagus Rolls Wrapped In Puff Pastry, Filled With Cream Cheese And Topped With Parmesan. So Simple And Delicious, Its The Perfect Side For Any Meal.

Dill Vegetable Dip The Perfect Go-To Veggie Dip For Parties And Snacking. Use It For Vegetables, Chips, Or Whatever You Feel Like! Even If You Dont Like Dill Pickles, Youll Love This Dill Vegetable Dip.

Buffalo Chicken Taquitos Serve these Buffalo Chicken Taquitos as an easy dinner idea, or as an appetizer at your next party or get together.

Jalapeno Poppers Spicy Fried Jalapeño Poppers Are A Classic Appetizer That Everyone Wants! Bite Into These Cheesy Poppers For A Flavor Explosion!

Queso Blanco The Best And Easiest Queso Blanco Recipe Out There. This Delicious Dip Is Made In No Time, And Will Be The Perfect Addition At Your Next Get Together, Especially Served With Tortilla Chips And Veggies.

Mini Deep Dish Pizzas Mini Deep Dish Pizzas are our new favorite dinner recipe. Theyre easy, quick and can be made custom for each person with their favorite toppings!

Chilis Salsa The restaurant salsa you know and love, made at home anytime you like! This Chilis Salsa copycat recipe is literally made in minutes with the help of a blender.

Sausage Cream Cheese Crescent Rolls This simple 3-ingredient appetizer is great for parties and get togethers and is so full of flavor! Everyone will love these Sausage Cream Cheese Crescent Rolls.

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Honey Bbq Crockpot Meatballs

Meatballs are always HUGE party hits and always a crowd pleaser. These honey BBQ meatballs are easy peasy made in your crockpot. Get the frozen meatballs to make your life even easier. Just throw them along with grape jelly, BBQ sauce, honey and a little parsley in your slow cooker and relax. Let the crockpot work for your party.

The 40 Best Party Food Ideas

Whos hosting a party soon? Get togethers and hosting a party need not be stressful any more, thinking what to feed the crowd. Let us present you with these absolutely fabulous Party Food Ideas that are so easy to make happen, sometimes with just a few ingredients on hand.

This list has all the party foods, from appetizers to fun finger foods to great mains that can feed the large crowd. Be it your next BBQ party, pool party or special occasion like bridal showers or baby showers, this list has you covered.

From simple classics like pigs in a blanket and buffalo wings, to no brainers like fancy cheese boards, to fancy looking baked brie to novel ideas like cheesecake stuffed strawberries, there are lots and lots of ideas that will make your party rock BIG time.

Time to impress your guests and friends with one after other of these amazing party foods Keep rocking

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Age Of Attendees And Seating Situation

If there are going to be lots of kids at your party, avoid dark-colored punch, soups, and meals that could cause a mini disaster in your house. When people will have a table to sit at, soups and taco salads are fine to serve. If people will mostly be standing and mingling, finger foods are best. When it’s something like a family reunion, consider a menu that has something for everyone, something that everyone from little kids to seniors would enjoy.

What Are The Most Popular Appetizers

15 Best Holiday Appetizers

Finger foods are popular and fall under the appetizer category. They include appetizers that are individual portions that can be eaten without utensils, are mess free and easily consumed when standing and mingling with others.

Easy appetizers for a crowd are also pretty popular. Some recipes simply produce a lot, like potato chips and dips. Guacamole, and salsa also tend to make an appearance at most any gathering. Other recipes can easily be doubled or tripled to feed more such as these Brown Sugar Beanie Weenies.

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What Time Is Your Party

Time of day is a HUGE determining factor for what kind of party food you should plan to serve. There is nothing worse than going to a shower at 12:30 and only getting a few finger desserts to eat. So, here’s a chart to help determine what you should serve:

If your party goes from 9:30-11am, that would mostly fall under the light snacks rule. A later party from 6pm-8pm, mostly falls under the full dinner rule. If your party is from 11:30am 1pm, that mostly falls under full lunch rule. See how that works?

Another thing to keep in mind with time of day is that people will eat and drink more at night than during the day, so plan appropriately.

Tomato And Butter Bean Dip

Do you remember back in the day when everyones favorite dip was a can of bean dip?

Its hard to believe we used to eat that dip cold right out of the can with Fritos, but it was an easy appetizer, so what can we say?

These days, there are tons of dips that you can enjoy, and we even found a recipe for a very fancy bean dip.

This dip is made with butter beans and sun-dried tomatoes. The dip is gluten-free and vegan, so enjoy it all you want!

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Air Fryer Pizza Rolls

Sure, everyone loves the classic microwave kind, but these pizza rolls are A. wayyy more impressive with the garlic knot-esque topping and B. kinda healthier because you crisped them up in your air fryer. You can thank TikTok for this inspo.

Get the recipe from Chenée Today.

19. Buffalo Chicken Waffles

Okay these really look like they came from your trendy neighborhood brunch spot. All you have to do is waffle-ize some biscuits and add some rotisserie chicken and top with some hot sauce, ranch dressing, and shredded cheese . Easy peasy!

Get the recipe from Pillsbury.

Dessert Party Food Ideas

Quick and Easy Party Food Recipe: How To Make Pilaf #cookwithcadence

Great for late-night get togethers. Provide drinks and a few main desserts, as your guests to bring a dessert to share. Toss in a veggie tray for the healthy eaters.

  • Ice Cream Sandwich Bar A giant batch of cookies and some ice cream go a long way! Check out this gorgeous, inspirational ice cream sandwich bar from The Tomkat Studio.
  • Brownie Bar Start simple and just have everyone bring a brownie or bar to share. So yummy and easy!
  • Build Your Own Sundae Bar Grab a couple gallons of ice cream the more flavors the better. Then ask everyone to bring their favorite toppings like fruits, nuts, sprinkles, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, etc. Don’t forget to have a few of the basics on hand!

We also have a plus all the topping and food ideas, be sure to grab that list!

Remembereven the simplest meals can be delicious and a crowd pleaser.

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Quick & Delicious Lunch Party Food Ideas For Entertaining At Home

These simple entertaining recipes and birthday party lunch ideas for adults are exactly what you need to keep your guests appetites satisfied during your next birthday celebration, holiday gathering, graduation party or game day get-together at home.

Tips for stress-free lunchtime entertaining:

  • Keep your menu simple so you can spend more time with guests and less time preparing food
  • Make-ahead as many items as you can to save time
  • Check with your party guests for any dietary requirements
  • The bigger your guest list, the easier you should make your menu
  • Finger food ideas or a buffet-style menu is great for casual entertaining
  • Salads and small bite options are perfect for spring and summer lunch parties
  • The type of party will also influence your menu sit down meal vs casual get together or formal lunch for example
  • If kids are attending, make sure you have some kid-approved items on the menu too
  • Create your shopping list several days in advance to ensure you can get everything you need from the grocery stores without the last-minute rush!

Check out more than 200 party theme ideas for adults to help you plan your next celebration!

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