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Power Rangers For Birthday Party

Power Rangers Party Decorations & Food

Green Power Ranger Surprise Birthday Party

The Power Rangers use the power of the elements to fight off evil-doers. Use bright colors that match the Rangers’ uniforms as inspiration for your party supplies and decorations. You can also focus your party decorations on martial arts. Take a look at some of our suggestions for Power Rangers decorations to get started:

  • Cut out the shape of Power Rangers masks out of colorful construction paper and hang them around the party area.
  • Group bunches of colored latex balloons together and weigh them down. You might also want to throw in a Power Rangers balloon. Tape black construction paper to your latex balloons to make them resemble Power Ranger masks.
  • If you plan on having your party at a karate studio or martial arts dojo, simple Power Rangers decorations may be best.
  • Create a Power Rangers training area in your own backyard! Set up construction cones, inflatable tires, and other obstacles for your little samurais to race through.

Power Rangers Samurai Birthday Party

From Balinha e Balao, as seen on Karas Party Ideas

There are so many cute ideas and wonderful details in this Power Rangers Samurai birthday party that are just too fun.

From the awesome two-tiered cake to the colorful cake pops decorated with the different rangers emblems, the dessert table spread is truly fantastic.

This party would look perfectly for any little one who loves the Power Rangers and guests will love these chocolate treats.

Having A Power Rangers Party A Parents Guide To The Team

In a town called Angel Grove, five teenagers find an ancient spaceship and discover they have eleven days to save the Zeo Crystal from the traitorous Rita Repulsa. They have to learn to get along, become Power Rangers and master controlling a Zord in record time!

The Red Ranger is Jason the leader of the group. Kimberley is the Pink Ranger, with a dark secret. The Blue Ranger is also known as Billy hes a bit mysterious. Trini is the Yellow Ranger, the new girl in Angel Grove. Last but not least, Zack is the Black Ranger who has his sick mum to think about.

If they cant beat an enemy alone, the Rangers and their Zords all come together to create a superpowered Megazord!

If your Power Rangers info databank is not fully charged, dont worry. When you book a Power Rangers superhero party entertainer with us, you can rest assured they know the characters inside out, so you dont have to!

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Book Your Power Rangers Birthday Party Now

For the ultimate Ninja party experience, add the Combat Crew pack to your party! In this expanded party format , well be practising your Ninja skills, then move onto weapons training, followed by action-packed NERF Gun battles.

Up to 24 people can play including parents! Well bring everything we need, including NERF Guns, all safety equipment, targets, barricades and more!

Ready to get your Power Rangers birthday party started? Book now. You can also email or if youd like to have a chat to us about how we can make your party extra special.

Or check out our FAQs, where we answer all your questions!

We look forward to making your next party fun, easy and, most importantly, memorable!

Are You Planning A Power Rangers Birthday If So Dont Miss These Awesome Ideas

Pin de Kwesi Charles en Cool Party Ideas &  crafts

Has your little one been loving the mighty morphin Power Rangers lately? The favorite alien-fighting superheroes of many 90s kids have been enjoying renewed fame lately because of their new film franchise, so tons of kids these days have been shouting Go, Go Power Rangers! and pretending to be one of the cool teen superheroes.

Lots of kids love the amazing mighty morphin Power Rangers because they get into a lot of action fighting the bad guys. If your kid loves superheroes, then they will surely take pleasure in pretending to be a Power Ranger for their birthday!

Want to make your kid happy on their birthday? How about giving them an awesome Power Ranger Birthday Party? Create something extraordinary for your little superhero with these 13 Power Rangers Party Ideas! Get inspiration for the birthday cake, invitations, decorations, party favors, desserts, and more!

Power Rangers Party Idea #1: No theme party is complete without a cool invitation! Invite your guests with this awesome Power Rangers Party Invitation. It has all the elements of a great superhero invitation with lots of color and of course, the power rangers themselves! Of course, you can create your own cool designs for the invitations. If your little one has a favorite Power Ranger, then you can feature that one on the invites!

Which of these 13 Power Rangers Party Ideas are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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Our Power Ranger Entertainers

When he bounds into a superhero themed party wearing his diamond emblazoned Power Ranger outfit of red and white with helmet to match, our Power Ranger entertainer is an instant success. The kids will struggle to differentiate him from the real thing though if theyre expecting him to call on his Zord, they could be in for a long wait. But were sure theyll understand as it can take quite a while to travel from another galaxy and the Zord probably got diverted to fend off an inter-galactic battle somewhere in outer space. Well, thats our story anyway and were sticking to it.

Power Rangers Party Ideas And Inspirations

If you have a little Power Ranger wannabe ’round the house, you could find that the way to give him the best birthday ever is the wide range of party supplies from right here! Youll find everything you need to make your child into any of the Power Rangers that they want to be, whether you have a little Pink Ranger having fun with her friends on her birthday or a Blue, Black, or Green Ranger showing off his moves! Check out everything we have in stock to create the perfect party for your child!

Our Power Rangers invitations and thank-yous are sure to impress your childs friends, since they have such a range of Power Rangers characters that itll feel like no one child receives the same card! Your child will love starting their party off right with the wide array of Power Rangers designs on these cards. You can also get tons of Power Rangers for the party itself on this category page, from wall decals to cardboard standups. You can even find balloons and pinatas on this page, so dont hesitate to go crazy with the decorations for your childs special day.

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Power Rangers Party Supplies

Morph your child’s birthday party into an action packed adventure this year by decorating it using our Power Rangers party supplies! The evil master Xandred will be no match for your son or daughter when you equip him or her with all of the best Power Rangers birthday gear. You’ll want to get everything started by sending out one of our cool Power Rangers invitations so that way every one of your guests will know exactly what kind of celebration they’ll be in for when they show up on that special day.

Power Rangers Birthday Party Ideas

Jack and Syd’s Birthday Party | E10 Stakeout | S.P.D. | Power Rangers Official
  • Plus, take a look at these 10 Party Ideas Boys Will Love:
  • If your little one gets excited at the sound of Go, go Power Rangers!, chances are he will be even more excited about these 15 Power Rangers birthday party ideas weve put together.

    There is everything from party supplies such as DIY masks and costumes to super-clever party food like Rice Krispy sushi party favors.

    There are even ideas for party decorations and party games/activities for a Power Rangers training camp how cool.

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    We’ve Entertained At 25000+ Parties And Events Since 2008

    “Fly By Fun has been our go to for all Kids Entertainment at Coogee Pavilion since opening our doors in 2014. Extremely professional and reliable, nothing is ever a problem. Amazing and innovative ideas for everything we do, always at the highest of standards. We know that everything they do is all taken care of and we can sit back and go about our business. I couldnt recommend Isobel and her team more highly.”

    “Fly By Fun have provided all sorts of amazing entertainment and performers for our family events around Australia. I have never been disappointed, the performers are always to a high standard of professionalism and remarkably talented. They are great with the kids and families and bring so much magic and fun to our events. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for their types of services.”

    “Pop Up Picnic have been working with the team at Fly By Fun for years now and find their service to be such a great touch to our picnic parties, they are definitely a supplier that we trust and enjoy working with all I need to do is email a brief and they will find a package to suit in a timely fashion, no request seems to be too difficult. I would recommend their service to any of my clients.”

    What Happens At A Power Ranger Party

    With Earth under threat once again, Zordan needs to recruit a new generation of Power Rangers to help defend the world. Your little guests will learn how to hone their superhero skills and practice those all important moves through our Power Ranger training academy.

    Power Ranger training

    Your Power Rangers party entertainer will teach all your guests the secret power ranger moves. These moves will then be practised throughout the party as part of the training!

    Power Ranger themed party games

    No party is complete without party games and this is no exception. Expect to play our catapult game, elastic course, parachute games, pass the parcel, musical statues and more!

    Glitter tattoos / Mini Face paints

    While everyone tucks into their tasty food your entertainer will continue to interact with all the children, applying glitter tattoos or mini face paints. Afterwards theres time for lots more fun and party games.

    Your entertainer will arrive approximately 30minutes before your party start time and will bring everything for the entertainment, including all the games, music, props and prizes. After the first hour of games your entertainer will break everyone for food, at which point theyll apply glitter tattoos or mini face paints. Afterwards theres time for plenty more party games and the magical birthday wish!

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    Power Rangers Training Camp

    Train your future Power Rangers by putting them through the ultimate Power Rangers training camp. The ideas from this training camp themed party are fantastic, and so much fun for your little Power Rangers fans.

    Guests at this party fueled up with sandwich-inspired sushi, juice boxes, and Power Rangers decorated cupcakes then geared up with Power Rangers t-shirts, golden belts, and pool noodle Samurai swords.

    Power Rangers Birthday Cake

    Power Rangers Party

    From Sweet Tooth Cakes and Cupcakes, as seen on Flickr

    It may seem impossible to get guests even more excited about eating cake than they already are, but this Power Rangers cake may just do the trick.

    This bright and colorful cake is complete with fondant Power Rangers masks and personalized details that add a special something.

    The birthday boys name was spelled out with fondant letters and his age was added to the cake in a fun pop-art bubble.

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    Rice Krispy Sushi Party Favor

    Send the guests at your party home with a sweet and on theme party favor to say thanks for coming.

    These Rice Krispy Sushi favors are super creative and perfectly pair with the Power Rangers Samurai theme. Gummy candies and Swedish Fish are rolled with Rice Krispy treats and Fruit Roll-Ups.

    Served in washed-out sushi trays, they look absolutely adorable and are sure to be a hit with the kids!

    How To Make A Power Ranger Cake

    You never know when you will need to make an extra cool Power Rangers cake like this one, so you better save this link right now.

    Follow the super easy step-by-step instructions to recreate this cake modelled after Jayden the Red Samurai Power Ranger.

    You wont even believe how easy it is to sculpt and hand paint your own character cake.

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    Looking For The Best Power Ranger Superhero Party Character For Hire We Offer The Most Premier Superhero Party Characters For Hire Have Our Power Ranger Party Character At Your Next Childrens Party Or Event

    Are you searching for a Power Ranger superhero party character to join your party but dont know where to find him? Youve found the right party character company for all of your superhero character needs! We provide the United States with the best superhero characters in addition to many other party characters for birthday parties, business functions, non-profit events and more!

    Before the party starts, our Power Ranger character welcomes every single guest with his grand entrance, paying special attention to the birthday boy or girl. Our Power Ranger character loves telling your guests all about being a superhero and how he defends the world from the bad guys! Our Power Ranger party character can do superhero training, entertain the kids with activities, and also do simple facepaint. Our Power Ranger party character would be more than delighted to help the birthday boy or girl cut the cake, too!

    The Power Ranger loves to entertain your guests with tales of being a superhero. Our Power Ranger character loves to paint superhero pictures on the faces of all of the kids. Our Power Ranger also enjoys taking pictures with everyone and loves to give your guests an autograph. Our party characters can accommodate all sorts of activities and special requests.

    Diy Power Rangers Costumes

    Throw a Megaforce Power Rangers Party!

    From Coolest Homemade Costumes

    If your kids are avid Power Rangers fans, this DIY project is a must try.

    Get your party guests and whole family geared up for your Power Rangers themed party with your own Power Rangers costumes made from everyday clothing and crafting materials you probably have on hand already.

    A little bit of creativity and some crafty hands can transform street clothes into to a villain fighting suit.

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    Power Rangers Food Ideas

    It can be fun to prepare and serve party food that fits your theme. For a Power Rangers Party, try foods that are the colors of your favorite Power Rangers!

    • Make Power Ranger cupcakes or cake pops that look like the masks of your favorite Power Rangers by using black frosting to create the glass of the mask.
    • Embrace the samurai theme and serve kid-friendly Asian food at your Power Rangers party. Create bento boxes full of familiar foods like hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, and veggies.

    Power Rangers Game Punch Box

    From Copenhaven

    Replace the classic piñata party activities with this wildly fun Punch Box made from a cardboard box and tissue paper.

    This blogger made the box herself and then put little prizes and toys inside each circle. Each kid gets a chance to do a Power Rangers move as they punched into the circle to pull out the surprise.

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    Power Ranger Cake Pops

    From QT Confections

    Cake pops are always a fun addition to a partys dessert table. They are pretty easy to make, can be decorated to fit pretty well any theme, and taste totally delicious.

    These cake pops were dipped in red, black, pink, yellow, blue, and green melted chocolate and then decorated to look like the Power Rangers masks.

    These would look so great displayed on a dessert table along with other brightly colored sweets and treats.

    Diy Power Rangers Samurai Masks

    Pin on Power rangers!

    This brilliant blogger used a Cricut machine to make these impressive and super fun Power Rangers Samurai Masks.

    The masks are available in three different file types, then all you have to do is download them and use a Cricut machine to cut out. Once the machine is done, cut out two eye holes and glue the pieces together.

    Pipe cleaners make the perfect tool to poke through the paper and wrap around party guests heads!

    Every fun birthday party needs a piñata! This amazing homemade piñata looks just like the gold Power Ranger mask, made with a balloon, basic papier mache process, and a few painted details.

    Make sure to load the finished piñata up with your childs favorite treats including candies, Power Rangers toys, and even confetti.

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    Power Rangers Party Ideas

    By Emily Churchill

    Pump up the energy at your Power Rangers party with our tips on Power Rangers invitations, Power Rangers decorations and Power Rangers favors. Whether your little Power ranger is crazy about martial arts or giant monsters, we have the tips that are sure to morph your party into a power-packed extravaganza!

    Power Rangers Coloring Pages

    Keep guests entertained with this fun pack of Power Rangers coloring pages, including an awesome cut-out mask coloring page.

    They serve as a great party starting activity for kids to work on while other guests are still arriving, a smart way to fill time while you are cutting the birthday cake, or a thoughtful party favor to say thank you to your guests.

    It would be so fun to send each mask coloring page home with a pack of crayons and length of string.

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