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Party Ideas For 3 Year Olds

Year Old Toddler Meal Ideas


Before we jump in I want to share some of my favorite toddler feeding supplies that help with mealtime. You will see these pictured below:

Nuby 360 Cup: a great alternative to a sippy cup! My kids love the different characters and they dont leak!

EZPZ Mini Play Mat: a fun divider plate that helps make meal time fun! The suction works great and they come in such cute colors. Use EZPZ25LOVE to get 25% off $75+

Pillowfort Divided Plates: a great versatile plate! Its the perfect size for toddlers and we use ours every day. They have held up for years and are dishwasher safe.

Elk & Friends Glass Cups with Silicone Sleeves: we love these straw cups for smoothies and use them for milk and water as well. So many cute color combos and the silicone sleeves make them toddler-proof .

Halloween Crafts Activities & Games For Toddlers Preschoolers & Little Kids 2 3 4 5 Year Olds

Easy toddler Halloween arts & crafts, toddler Halloween activities lots of toddler Halloween fun and games for 2021. Toddler Halloween footprint & handprint art & crafts. Tons of toddler Halloween ideas also suitable for preschoolers all little kids. 2 year olds, 3 year olds, 4 year olds, 5 year olds. Toddler Halloween décor / decorations. Halloween toddler activities.

Birthday Party Games For Toddlers ~ 2 And 3 Year Old Party Games And Activitiesfinger Painting Party

Ok, this one can get messy. Here are some tips. Use trash bags and cut holes for the arms and heads. These make great protective aprons for the childrens clothing. Afterward you can simply throw them away. Purchase one of those long rolls of white art paper and spread it out on a table or outside on the ground.

Let the toddlers paint as a group, or create individual picture.

You could purchase unpainted wooden boxes from the dollar store and have each child decorate their own for a fun party favor.

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Gymboree Play & Music

The littlest ones in your family will love a fun and active party at Gymboree Play & Music! Choose your childs favorite theme and theyll create a private, personalized party experience filled with kid-friendly activities guaranteed to be 100% fun with zero clean up! They specialize in 1st birthday parties all the way through to 5th birthday parties. Gymboree Play & Music Parties are available to members and non-members alike. Address: Toco Hills and Sandy Springs

What Time Of Day Works Best For A 3

My little girl

Since many three-year-olds have dropped their naps but still get a little cranky in the afternoons, planning your party for the morningor no later than lunchtime, if you want to serve lunchis pretty solid advice.

Real Mom Advice: If any of your guests are the oldest children, go ahead and set up the pack and play and baby swing in advance of the party. Your parent guests with wee ones who do still nap in the mornings will thank you, and you wont have to leave the party to pull the equipment out of the closet.

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Birthday Party Games For Toddlers ~ 2 And 3 Year Old Party Games And Activitiesparachute Fun

Parachute games are tons of fun. Have all the children grab a side or handle and start waving the parachute up and down. There are TONS of games you can play with a parachute. In fact this could be the only entertainment you have at your toddlers party and they would never get bored.

Below is a video off youtube where they are playing a parachute game called cat and mouse. All the children wave the parachute and then you call out two names, one for the mouse and one for the cat. The mouse goes under the parachute and the cat goes on top.

The cat must crawl around and try to tag the mouse. After the mouse has been tagged call two more names to play the cat and mouse!

Toddler Meal Ideas For 3 Year Olds

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A list of 40 easy and toddler-approved toddler meal ideas for 3 year olds based on what my toddler eats every day.

Ive compiled more than a month of toddler lunch ideas . 3 year old toddler meal ideas that are easy, healthy, nutritious, and mom-approved.

Help prevent mealtime decision fatigue and add some of these easy 3 year old toddler lunch ideas to your meal rotation. Simple ingredients and most require little to no cooking!

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Super Fun And Easy Birthday Party Ideas For Your Little Three

Were the terrible twos really that terrible? Eh. Whether your soon-to-be-three year old sailed through them like an angel or dealt with their fair share of struggles, its still time to celebrate another year by celebrating with an epic kids birthday party. With another year comes bigger personality and bigger preferences. It might be getting a little harder to do whatever you want for their parties. No worries, there are plenty of super options out there just waiting for the right kid/parent combo to latch onto and blow out of proportion. Which of these will make your kiddo the happiest?

Birthday Party Games For Toddlers ~ 2 And 3 Year Old Party Games And Activitiesduck Duck Goose

Laura’s 3 Year Old Birthday Special?

All the children sit in a circle. One child goes around and touches each child on the head saying duck every time until he chooses someone to be the goose. When he touches a Childs head and says goose that child must get up and try and tag him before he makes it all the way around the circle and steals that players spot in the circle.

If he gets tagged he must sit in the middle of the circle until another person is tagged. The person that was chosen goose now gets to walk around the circle and pick the next goose

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Minute To Win It Games

Minute To Win It games are HUGELY POPULAR at kids parties at the moment. They are based on the internationally popular Minute To Win It TV game show. You can either play just for the fun of it, or keep track of who is winning and then give out prizes.

Here is a selection of Minute To Win It games that six, seven and eight year olds will love. Ive chosen games that need minimal props. You will of course need to use your phone or a stop-watch to time the minutes!!


Challenge the kids to keep a balloon in the air for a minute. Add interesting rules to the challenge, like keeping one hand behind the back or using no hands or only feet.


Partner the kids up into twos. Give one child a paper cup and the other child a cup filled with regular sized marshmallows. The pair with the most marshmallows thrown into the paper cup wins.


Play this game two at a time. Fill two empty tissue boxes with ping-pong balls, the same amount in each box. Tie the boxes around the waist of each player.

The kids must shake out the ping pong balls without using their hands. The first to empty their box wins or the child with the fewest balls left in their box after a minute wins.


This is such an easy party game! Place an Oreo cookie on each players forehead.

Challenge the kids to move the cookie from their forehead to their mouth without using their hands. The first child to get the cookie to their mouth wins!

Y Games For 2 3 And 4 Years Old

BubblesKids love bubbles. Blow bubbles and see if they can pop the bubblesbefore they hit the floor.

Then see who can catch bubbles on their wand. If you have older children attending the party see who can blow the biggest or smallest bubble.

Give away bubbles as party favors – print out large labels with your child’s picture and “Thank you for sharing my ___ birthday!” See our huge list of fungames to play with bubbles which includes homemade bubble recipes.

Color Time! Write children’s names on the back of large pieces of poster board and let guests use markers, paints and/or crayons to color all over the paper. Tape the paper to the top of a table, or if it is nice outside make a easel by taping the poster board to a fence. Print out color sheets that coordinate with your party theme and let guests have fun coloring together.

Dancing2, 3 and 4 year olds love to dance. Play music and let them freestyle dance at the birthday party.

Duck Duck Goose GameChildren sit next to each other in a large a circle on the floor. The first child starts by walking around the outside of the big circle and patting the head of each child. Every time they pat a head they call out “duck”. Then they choose one person to be the goose and yell “GOOSE!” when they pat their head.

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Preparing The Guest List

One of the most complicated decisions to be made while planning your toddlers birthday party is about the guest list. Whom to invite and how many to invite are the two major questions whose answers you will have to figure out before beginning with anything else. Decide if you want to invite your family or elderly friends and neighbours or if you want the birthday party to be an all kids celebration concerning the kids of and around your childs age. Depending upon whom you are going to invite for the party, approximate the number of people who will be showing up.

While deciding for which friends of your child are to be invited, categorize them as preschool friends, the friends down the lane, cousins and friends from daycare. You must understand the fact that toddlers are extremely energetic and often have meltdowns difficult to handle when they get along. It is thereby advisable to keep the number of toddlers in the party limited to those who are closest to your kid, those with whom your child loves to play the most. You should also be prepared with some additional resources as many times parents have the habit of sending in siblings along with the invited child. It is also advisable to book a child care provider or babysitter who would help you manage the entire celebration while also taking care of the many kids present there.

Throw A Party In Your Own Home

10 Ideas for 3 Year Old Birthday Celebration Party

You can create or buy decorations like bunting or balloons to suit a theme, create themed meals and ask your guests to dress accordingly. Partying in your own home is also a fantastic way to keep costs low. It even gives you more control over how many people you invite and how long the party lasts. It is a 3 year old birthday party ideas.

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All Pink Birthday Party:

Pink is a lovely colour irrespective of its gender association, and it is known to be the favourite of little girls. A pink birthday décor will help you craft a picture-perfect birthday for your child whod be amazed by her favorite colour theme. You can arrange edibles like pink frosted cookies, pink lemonade, pink cake, etc. to add a finishing touch to your arrangements. This is by far one of the best 3rd birthday party ideas girl.

Dress Up Humble Supplies

Use what you have on hand to make plain party supplies feel special, as they typically cost half as much as decorating supplies. For example, use a hole-puncher to jazz up paper plates and napkins .

You can also rely on some stickers to decorate plain balloons. Buy a few essential items to establish the theme, like a special foil balloon, then stick to affordable basics for everything else.

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Unicorn Themed Birthday Celebration

Unicorns are one of the most popular mythical creatures, and its no wonder why. They are symbols of magic, beauty, and strength, making them the perfect choice for a birthday party theme. If youre planning a unicorn-themed birthday party for your three-year-old daughter, there are a few things youll need to consider.

First, youll need to choose a colour scheme. Pastel colours like pink and purple are classic choices for unicorn parties, but you can also go with brighter colours like blue and yellow. Next, youll need to decide on some activities.

A treasure hunt or an obstacle course are always fun, and dont forget the cake! A simple white cake adorned with colourful sprinkles will be sure to please any little unicorn lover.

A unicorn themed birthday party is sure to be a hit with all of her friends. With a little planning, your daughters unicorn birthday party will be sure to be a magical event that shell never forget.

Princess Themed Birthday Party


If you have a 3 year old girl, she will definitely love the idea of a princess-themed birthday celebration. A 3 year old girls birthday is a special occasion that warrants a special party. And what could be more special than a princess-themed birthday party? Little girls love pretending to be princesses, and a princess-themed birthday party will give her the opportunity to feel like a real-life princess for a day.

There are many ways to make a princess-themed birthday party extra special. For starters, you can find a beautiful dress for the birthday girl to wear. You can also hire a professional face painter to create enchanting prince and princess designs on the guests faces.

Plus, if your daughter is obsessed with Frozen or dreams of being a real-life princess, a princess party will help make her birthday dreams come true. And what little girl doesnt love dressing up in a pretty dress and tiara?

Of course, no princess party would be complete without some delicious snacks and sweets. Pink cupcakes with sparkly frosting or candy necklaces are sure to be a hit with all your little guests. So if youre looking for a birthday party theme that is both memorable and fun, consider going the royal route with a princess themed celebration.

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Y Games For Ages 2 3 & 4 Year Olds

Fun birthday party games for 2, 3 and 4 year old birthday parties. Games that two, three and four year olds will enjoy playing at a birthday party.

Fun birthday party games to play at parties for toddlers and 2, 3 and 4 year olds. These are age appropriate and fun games and have been tested by 2, 3 and 4 year olds … who loved them and gave their approval! Birthday party themes for two, three and four year olds – kids party ideas

+ Unforgettable Atlanta Kids Birthday Party Places Near Me

Birthday party places can make or break a great event. You may be thinking, Where are the best birthday party places near me? Have no fear: weve collected a giant list of birthday party places and ideas in Atlanta, Georgia!

You can spend more time enjoying the moments of the occasion, and less time serving, entertaining, and worrying about clean up! Here are 45+ birthday ideas Atlanta parents will love! Read more for the best birthday party places near me!

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How Long Will The Party Last

Basically, it is an essential aspect of hosting a party involving three-year-olds. At this age, they may take short naps at unexpected times. Therefore, if you want the party to go smoothly, you should have the party before or after bedtime.

At least seven days before the party, you can get your child to go to bed at the same time every afternoon. Let them sleep as usual on their birthdays, so they stay fresh. If they are in daycare, you can arrange a party in the afternoon after lunch. You can even schedule it over the weekend, so your kids can get a good rest and working parents can join the party. Make sure the party does not last for more than 90 minutes. You may want to consider an extra half hour for those who are late or for any other unforeseen reason.

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The Best Themes For 3rd

Birthday Party Ideas for Your 3 Year Old â


Have guests dig for dino eggs in a sandbox or bucket of rice. These dinosaur color scratchers are a timeless party activity. This party set will keep things simple, but if youre really into decor, nothings cuter than a mini birthday hat on a plastic dinosaur. Temporary tattoos are always a hit!

Fairy Tales

Read all of your childs favorite fairy tales, or play that game where you go around the circle and have each person say a sentence that adds up to a silly story. These wands, made out of that black paper that you scratch away to reveal color, are the perfect age-appropriate, no-mess craft. Ribbon wands can also provide a ton of fun. Set the mood with twinkly fairy lights and maybe a unicorn piñata for good measure.


Paper lanterns can easily be transformed into ladybugs with black pom-poms glued to them. Have story hour featuring the Grouchy Ladybug. Guests can paint these wooden ladybugs or their sun catcher counterparts. Ladybug slime is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.


Who doesnt love a carnival? Your county fair will come to life in your own backyard by setting up a few simple games and offering some prizes. Think a ring toss, fishbowl toss, cornhole, and guess how many items are in the jar. A face-painting station adds extra fun! If you dont want to serve a full meal this theme is perfect, as popcorn and cake will suffice.


Toy Story

Mickey/Minnie Mouse


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