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Party Food For Adults Ideas

Easy Appetizer Ideas For A Party

Quick and Easy Party Appetizers (all with four ingredients or less!). Bonus, many are low-carb!

If youre not serving a full dinner, youre probably going to want to serve some sort of snacks or appetizers! Ive put together a list that are either still delicious at room temperature or easy to keep warmed up!

Theres everything from finger foods to dips to slow cooker appetizers that adults will love!

Grilled Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

To prepare for grilling your dessert, cut the tops off of the strawberries and use a cookie cutter to cut stars out of slices of pound cake. Place pieces of pound and berries alternately on the skewers until they are full. Grill over medium heat until your pound cake is lightly toasted and the berries are just beginning to soften. Cream together 4 ounces of softened butter and 4 ounces of softened cream cheese with 1 cup of powdered sugar, 1 tablespoon of milk and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Serve with fresh off the grill cake and berries.

Even guests with the pickiest palates are bound to enjoy this classic dessert. Our grilled strawberry shortcake tastes as divine as traditional shortcake recipes but comes skewered for effortless, hand-held enjoyment. To make, cut the tops off strawberries and use a cookie cutter to cut stars out of slices of pound cake. Place pieces of cake and berries alternately on the skewers until they are full. Grill over medium heat until the pound cake is lightly toasted and the berries are just beginning to soften. Top with whipped cream for the perfect finishing touch.

These crispy little chips are packed with tomato flavor.

Sam Henderson

If you grow a summer garden, chances are you have tons of tomatoes just waiting to be eaten. Take advantage of your summer bounty with these tangy tomato chips perfect for a crowd.

Chili And Lime Roasted Cashews

Roast cashews with chili pepper and lime juice for a tangy snack to contrast all the Halloween sweets.

Get your salt fix and healthy unsaturated fats with this spicy snack recipe. Best part? This budget-friendly snack is easy to make in bulk for casual gatherings with family or friends. Roast cashews with chili pepper and lime juice for a tangy snack that you won’t be able to stop eating.

GET THE RECIPE:Chile and Lime Roasted Cashews Recipe

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Sheet Pan Chicken Quesadilla

Have you considered making quesadillas in a sheet pan? Thats the only smart way to do it if looking to feed a large crowd for your next party. These Sheet Pan Quesadillas are the easiest and yummiest. You can make these with any cooked shredded chicken, rotisserie is great option. Serve them with all your favorite toppings.

Mexican Inspired Corn Dip

Party Food Ideas for Adults That

Looking for a fast and easy dip to impress at parties or a simple dinner? Try this Mexican inspired corn dip! This recipes celebrates the flavors of elote , riffing on them to make a tasty dip for eating with crunchy tortilla chips. The pops of sweet corn against the tangy lime, zingy green chiles and salty crumbled cheese is absolutely irresistible!

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Dessert Party Food Ideas

Great for late-night get togethers. Provide drinks and a few main desserts, as your guests to bring a dessert to share. Toss in a veggie tray for the healthy eaters.

  • Ice Cream Sandwich Bar A giant batch of cookies and some ice cream go a long way! Check out this gorgeous, inspirational ice cream sandwich bar from The Tomkat Studio.
  • Brownie Bar Start simple and just have everyone bring a brownie or bar to share. So yummy and easy!
  • Build Your Own Sundae Bar Grab a couple gallons of ice cream the more flavors the better. Then ask everyone to bring their favorite toppings like fruits, nuts, sprinkles, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, etc. Don’t forget to have a few of the basics on hand!

We also have a plus all the topping and food ideas, be sure to grab that list!

Remembereven the simplest meals can be delicious and a crowd pleaser.

Drinks For Informal Birthday Parties

A wine-tasting table lends a sophisticated air to an informal party. Have 4-6 kinds of wine ready, with a variety of reds, whites, and rosés. Aim to provide one sparkling wine, but as bubbly wine is usually the most popular, have plenty of it available.

Ask the manager of the local wine shop for advice on wines that suit your budget, but not ones that anyone can find on sale in the supermarket. You want to let the guests experience wines they wouldnt already know.

Study a little about the wines, to answer questions guests may ask about them. Know what country or state theyre from and what foods pair well with them.

Fill a bucket with water and ice to put the bottles of white wines and rosés in, for chilling.

If beer is more likely to go over well, set up a beer bar. Provide three varieties of beer: one domestic brand, one imported brand, and one from a local microbrewery. Or take three varieties from one microbrewery. Count on 3 bottles per person.

A DIY cocktail bar is fun. Type and print out recipes for 4-6 kinds of cocktails. Paste each recipe to cardboard backing, or punch a hole in each recipe sheet and hang them up on a string, banner-wise.

Set out all the cocktail ingredients required: glasses, stirring sticks, spirits, liqueurs, club soda, simple syrup, tonic water, lemon slices, lots of ice, etc. Let the guests build their own cocktails from the recipes.

Set out a punch bowl of sangria with seasonal fruit in it.

Herbal, black, or flavored iced teas.

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Berry Swirl Cheesecake Bites

Makes:28 |Skill level:Medium |Time to make:45 mins

Our berry swirl cheesecake bites have a warming ginger biscuit base, topped with cream cheese and crème fraîche cheesecake topping. Studded with mixed berries and infused with lemon zest.Because its basically a traybake, its really simple to portion up into bite-size pieces for your buffet food table. Make these desserts the night before the party so they have plenty of time to set and chill in the fridge.

Get the recipe:Berry swirl cheesecake bites

Easy Party Food Ideas

10 Finger Foods For Your Next Party

Throwing a birthday party or graduation party but not sure what to serve? Weve got you covered! Below you will find 40+ EasyParty Food Ideas that can please a crowd, from finger food to dips and desserts, these party foods are popular among adults and kids. Youll even find some great suggestions for those picky eaters!

When hosting a party, some crow-pleasing options include finger foods such as crudités with dipping sauces, meatballs, sausage rolls and potato skins. For sweets, think about Oreo truffles, pastries, and fresh fruit.

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Y Food Ideas For Adults

This buffalo chicken dip will definitely be one of the most popular dishes at your party. Its an easy appetizer for any of your gatherings and parties.

Its low-carb but tastes just like buffalo chicken wings with blue cheese dressing. Yum!

Heres a bright and colorful way to serve drinks at your next get-together. Combining fruit juice, real fruit, rum and vodka jungle juice will definitely be a hit with all of your guests!

What Are Some Graduation Party Food Ideas

The fun thing about graduation parties is that you can truly make them your own. For a tea party theme, look to mini sponge cakes, scones, or cookies. For a larger crowd, cook up some lasagna, sloppy joes, and Philly steak pizza. That way your guests get a variety of dishes to choose from and wont leave hungry!

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Homemade Pizza Hand Pies

Just a few basic ingredients are all you need to whip up these tasty little pockets of spicy, cheesy goodness.

This recipe features all the same great flavors as your favorite pepperoni pizza without the greasy mess.

Sam Henderson

Dark chocolate and zesty orange are a flavor pairing made in confectionery heaven. Although these two-bite treats may look like expensive bonbons, they’re actually easy to make at home using an ordinary ice cube tray.

Easy Baked Brie With Nuts And Honey

Best 24 Pajama Party Food Ideas for Adults â Home, Family, Style and ...

We are starting this fun party food list with easy Baked Brie with Honey and Nuts What a sight it will be! When you take this gorgeous bubbling brie out of your oven, jeweled with a few nuts and a few herbs.

You will be that proud host who will feel like a fancy gourmet chef when you cut through the rind. Your spectators will be mesmerized by that lava like gooey cheesy deliciousness oozing out Everybodys in serious cheesy territory here!

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Summer Dessert Recipe: Cherry Chocolate Dump Cake

If youre looking for a carefree summer dessert, then look no further! This recipe takes only minutes to assemble, and its ideal for potlucks and picnics. Its 13×9 casserole size serves more than a dozen people, and rich chocolate cake with tart cherry pie filling is a crowd-pleasing combination. Top with whipped cream or serve with scoops of ice cream when summertime temperatures soar.

Heather Baird,

Skip the individual cupcakes and canapes and serve your partygoers our big-batch chocolate cherry dump cake. The decadent dessert combines rich devils food chocolate cake mix with cherry pie filling and whipped cream to create the ultimate end-of-the-night treat to share with friends.

Loaded Sweet Potato Rounds

Heres a finger food thats famous in our circles: loaded sweet potato rounds! We created these rounds as a healthy version of a loaded toast for entertaining. Instead of bread, the base is a sweet potato roasted with cumin and chili powder, topped with a sprinkle of cheese. Then its loaded with sour cream, hot sauce, and green onion into a perfectly flavorful bite. Its not wonder these are often the first to disappear from the table!

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Brunch Party Food Ideas

If your party can be turned into a brunch, you’re in luck because you can mass produce all kinds of brunch foods for cheap. And people love breakfast foods.

  • Make Your Own Parfaits You’ll need a whole lotta yogurt for this one, plus some granola and fresh fruit! That’s it! You can even make your own giant batch of granola to save a little money. Get even more great ideas from One Brass Fox’s yogurt parfait bar!
  • Waffle, Crepe or Pancake Bar This is one of my favorite fun group meal ideas. Toppings can include everything from yogurt, ice cream, and chocolate syrup, to peanut butter, Nutella, and chopped nuts.
  • Bagel Brunch This is such a unique idea that bridges breakfast and lunch perfectly. Check out this amazing bagel brunch from Celebrations at Home blog.
  • Breakfast Sandwiches Make a bunch of breakfast sandwiches. These are easy to make in an assembly line, so grab some helpers! Have guests bring fruit, pastries, or other yummy breakfast or brunch foods to share.
  • French Toast Casseroles Make a casserole or two and invite guests to bring a French toast casserole to share.

Platter And Board Party Food Ideas

8 Delicious Appetizers For Your Next Party

These platters and boards are stunning centerpieces for a party appetizer spread.

A Beautiful Cheese BoardWhen Im hosting, a big, beautiful cheese board is my default party food. Its easy to put together , and it offers a little something for everyone. Plus, its so darn pretty. Whats not to love?

Looking for party food ideas that are equal parts cute and delicious? Make these adorable sweet potato bites! I top roasted sweet potato rounds with crisp, colorful watermelon radish and a creamy avocado tartare.

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Steak And Cheese Quesadilla

Another south-of-the-border-inspired party food to bust out at your next get-together are these steak and cheese quesadillas.

You can put them together in no time and stick them in the oven to melt the cheese thoroughly.

Once theyre ready you can serve them up with a side of sour cream or salsa.

If you need a snack in a jiffy, make several ahead of time and keep them in the freezer to reheat another time.

Easy Ranch Party Crackers

Why pay for a box of seasoned crackers when you can just make them at home? Im betting you already have the ingredients needed.

Being a typical ranch lover, I adore this recipe. But you can change it in a pinch with whatever herb mix you might have. Fajitas seasoning would be a fabulous alternative.

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Stilton Apple And Walnut Salad

Serves:8-10 |Skill level:Easy |Total time:15 mins

A salad that should tempt even guests who arent usually lettuce nibblers. Its great buffet food for vegetarians as its so filling – more like the main event than a side dish.If youre not keen on blue cheeses, swap it for a crumbly goats cheese instead.This is ready in just 15 minutes, and you can multiply the ingredients as needed depending on how many you are serving.

Get the recipe: Stilton, apple, and walnut salad

Ham And Cheese Biscuit Sandwiches

Bacon Cheeseburger Kabobs

YIELD: 40 biscuit sandwiches

4 6-oz. tubes small refrigerated flaky biscuits

¼ cup good mustard

10 thick slices deli ham

10 slices Swiss cheese

2 ½ cups shredded romaine lettuce

20 pitted ripe olives, drained and patted dry

20 pimiento-stuffed olives, drained and patted dry

40 frilled toothpicks

Preheat the oven to 400°F.

Cut biscuits in half vertically to make half-circles.

Place the half-circles on ungreased baking sheets, 2 apart. Spread mustard over them.

Bake for 8-10 minutes or until golden. Cool on wire racks.

Cut the ham and cheese slices into quarters.

Mix butter and green onions. In another bowl, mix mustard, mayonnaise and honey. Split each biscuit half-circle horizontally, into 2 layers.

Spread the biscuit bottoms with the butter mixture.

Layer quarter-slices of ham and cheese on the buttered biscuit bottoms. Add shredded romaine lettuce, and close the sandwiches with the biscuit tops.

Spoon the mustard mixture over tops. Thread 1 olive onto each toothpick and poke into the biscuits.

Serve right away.

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Cinnamon French Toast Sticks

Take a loaf of white bread, and slice it into thick rectangular shapes or batons. Dip the batons in egg as a batter, and fry them in some butter. Make cinnamon sugar with milk, eggs, a pinch of salt, caster sugar, and cinnamon. Once the batons are fried, immerse them in the cinnamon sugar, and get ready to serve.

Asian Chicken Pasta Salad

This delicious Asian pasta salad is perfect for a tailgating gathering! For easy serving, serve in individual disposable containers.

Rennai Hoefer

Prepare this make-ahead pasta salad recipe to leave guests floored after the first bite. The addictive dish calls for bow-tie pasta, shredded chicken, sesame seeds, soy sauce, ginger, fresh green onion and sliced cherry tomatoes. Pro Tip: Make this simple recipe even easier by using a store-bought rotisserie chicken to complete the dish.

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Easy Party Food Ideas To Please A Crowd

Have the most fun and memorable party ever by serving fantastic finger foods and appetizers!

From sausage rolls to pretzel bites, these party food ideas are sure to please a crowd.

Want to save this recipe? Enter your email below and we’ll send the recipe straight to your inbox!

Theres nothing like having your friends and family over for some quality time, and no get-together is complete without food.

Whether its an intimate celebration or a backyard BBQ, your guests will surely be hungry for some snacks!

If you cant decide on what to serve at your next party, relax, Ive got you. These 25 munchies are all tried and tested, so they wont disappoint.

Some of these party foods are bite-sized, but theyre still bursting with flavor. These treats are so addictive, youll have trouble getting your friends to leave!

Ready to find out what they are? Well, lets get the party started, shall we?

Theyre quick, easy, and perfect for any party!

Combining both beef and pork, these meatballs are perfectly tender and moist.

Seasoned with Italian spices and parmesan cheese, you can expect nothing but wonderful flavors with every bite.

Picture this: Russet potato halves loaded with cheese and bacon, baked until fluffy and tender, and then topped with sour cream and scallions.

Is there a better party appetizer than that? I highly doubt it!

With the complementing flavors and textures from the spuds, bacon, sour cream, and cheese, no one can resist these irresistible potato skins.

Easy Finger Food Recipes

25 Easy Christmas Party Appetizers | Super Entertaining Compilation | Well Done

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Y Food Ideas For Adults On A Budget

Whether youre hosting a birthday party, a games night, a baby shower or even a casual get together, the key to any great time is excellent food. Hosting a party doesnt have to cost you an arm and a leg though!

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Instead of hiring a catering company try your hand at creating a simple menu of snacks, healthy platters and budget friendly bulk meals. Dishes can be made from scratch to create inexpensive finger foods and cheap party food that will wow every guest. Here are some party finger food ideas on a budget.

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