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Party Favors For 8 Year Olds

Nature Themed Birthday Party

4-Year-Old Girl Obsessed with CVS Has Pharmacy-Themed Birthday Party

If you want to design your childs party themed around an environmental cause, incorporate the nature theme smartly. Create photo-ops with fun but thoughtful messages on conservation. Include activities such as planting saplings, arranging flowers, and making nature-themed paintings. You could also give away little planters as a return gift.

Prince And Princess Party

Let your child feel like royalty on their big day by organizing an extra-special costume tea party. Encourage guests to dress up in their fanciest clothes to wear to the occasion. Decorate with fancy linen and china to put the royal in royal-tea, and serve an array of kid-friendly finger sandwiches, delicate confections, and your choicest selection of herbal, caffeine-free teas . Add a crowning touch to the birthday festivities by creating a customized cake topper with your childs name.

Get The Party Started

The first step in organizing a birthday party for your 8-year-old daughter or son is to have them pick the partys theme. Once you have that, you can work together to make the guest list, choose the party decorations, plan the activities, andmost importantlydecide on the birthday cake. Encourage your child to imagine anything they want as you brainstorm ideas for their special day together.

Sometimes, with so many options, your child may not have the easiest time deciding on a birthday party theme. Here are a few suggestions to get their creativity flowing just in case.

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Beyond The Goody Bag: 10 Great Birthday Party Favor Ideas For Kids

Whether you love them or hate them, party favors are still a huge part of any childs birthday celebration. I happen to love figuring out favors for these festive occasions, because its creative and challengingsomething I can happily pat myself on the back for, if done successfully. For that to happen, it needs to be equal parts pleasing for the kids and their parents, and either edible, memorable, practical, shareable, or charitable.

Do yourself a favor and read on for 10 ultra unique ideas to take your little guy or girls goody bag from basic to brag-worthy.

For more unique ways to fete your youngsters, check out our list of free ways to celebrate and 10 sweet alternatives to birthday cake, or learn how to create a DIY photo booth for the big event. Planning to celebrate your little one’s first birthday soon? We’ve got ideas for your soon-to-be-turning-one babes, too. Whatever you’re looking for, weve got birthday hints in the bag.

Kids will go home ready to read when they get a new book as a party favor. Photo by Annie Spratt/Unsplash

Think Beyond The Cake

12 8 Year Old Boy Party Bag Ideas Ideas in 2020

Theres more to kids birthday parties than just cake and goodie bags. A memorable event also depends on fun, creative birthday party games and entertainment. You dont have to overload guests at your childs party with complicated amusements. Choose three or four activities, and keep the schedule flexible. That way, you have alternatives if things dont go to plan or the kids arent interested. Also, consider building in some time for supervised, unstructured play. Its the perfect way for kids to enjoy the party before its time to open presents or settle in for a craft.

Here are a few ideas for activities you can customize to your childs party theme:

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For A Favor That’s Good For The Mind: Highlights Brain Puzzles Books

Send them home with a book full of fun activities and mind teasers.

Highlights, one of the brands most trusted by generations of parents, sells puzzle books designed for specific age groups. Sold in packages of four, these work for every kind of theme. Plus, they keep kids entertained long after the party ends.

Make Your Own Seed Kits

Heres what youll need to create a set of beautifully presented grow your own gifts:

  • Seeds cress seeds are a great idea for little kids, because its super easy to grow cress AND it grows quickly. Pansy seeds are a lovely idea for older kids, as are peppers.
  • Terracotta pots I love these from Hobbycraft, because theyre totally classic and also great value for money.
  • Paper napkins napkins are the perfect size to wrap seeds in, whether theyre in a packet or loose.
  • Ribbon Ive got a thing for grosgrain ribbon for gifts, but theres a massive selection for you to choose your own at Hobbycraft.
  • Paper name tags I suggest using luggage tags, because they come with a tie and theyre the perfect size for writing kids names on. I like the scalloped edge tags by Kraft from Hobbycraft, they look lovely and theyre super cost effective.

Theres a great tutorial over on Rock My Wedding, its for wedding favours, but its the same idea in principle.

So there you go, some alternative party bag ideas for kids that take away the headache of thinking up ideas for stuffing party bags with.

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New Kid And Class Act Book Box Set

This middle-grade box set of graphic novels includes the Newbury Medal and Coretta Scott King award-winning New Kidand its follow-up Class Act by Jerry Craft. Great books for kids who can identify with feeling like the odd one out in school.

Of course any book makes a terrific birthday gift for 8 year olds check out our complete list of all the best award-winning childrens books of the year for inspiration.

Y Favors For 8 Year Old

WOW! She’s Turning 8 Years Old! / GOING BIG for Hallie’s Birthday Party!

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For Kids Who Dream Of Saving The World: Superhero Capes

Kids can turn themselves into their very own masked crusader with these capes and masks.

These capes come with masks and decorative stickers. What a great deal! Have kids decorate their capes during the party for an inexpensive and fun party activity. Meanwhile, youll get pictures of a team of heroes rivaling the Avengers.

Crafts To Take & Do At Home

While you may not have time, or the ability to do crafts at a birthday party, theres no reason why you cant send one home with each guest who came. I love to give out craft supplies, craft kits and easy at-home sets for kids that are creative and inspire imagination. Here are my favorite crafts to give to kids as an alternative to goody bags.

  • Watercolor Set watercolors have always been my favorite because they never stain or ruin clothes! hand out sets of watercolors & paintbrushesto guests to play with at home.
  • Stickers do kids ever outgrow their fascination with stickers? Mine are almost 8 and havent yet so I know this is one of those options that can span a big age range. Stickers at the store can be so expensive so I recommend snagging a set like these animal variety sheets or puffy assorted stickersand mixing and matching a few sheets together. Tie the up with a bow and set in a basket to hand out when the party is over.

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Kids Activity Tracker By Fitbit

Whether they are competitive, goal-driven, or even couch potatoes, kids will get a lot out of the Fitbit Ace 3 activity tracker Water resistant to 50m, it can take a dip in the pool, and can hold a charge for days and days. Kids can even challenge family members to step competitions if they have their own Fitbit watch.

Alternatives To Birthday Party Goody Bags

Assembling the treat bags:

Go with a theme

1. A Storybook Surprise

Scholastic offers a large selection of books for all ages at reasonable prices, some as low as 99 cents. Whether its Dr. Seuss, Clifford the Big Red Dog or P, you can probably find a book to match any party theme. Buy Scholastic Early Readers via Amazon or check your local book stores or even Target and Wal-Mart.

2. Charitable Children

Let your child choose a charity that appeals to them or that even goes with the party theme. For example, if youre having a jungle party, it could be the local zoo. Have a card for guests to sign and then send off the card with a donation for what you would have spent on goodie bags. If you must send them home with something, print out stickers on your computer that say I had fun and made a difference today!

You can also check out these other charitable organizations that tie into kids Birthday parties:

3. Customized Cookies

Sweet treats tend to be a staple in Birthday party goodie bags, but sometimes its just too much sugar. Rather than sending kids home with loads of candy, replace the usual processed junk with a custom decorated cookie or cupcake in a specially decorated bag or box. You can make your own or purchase from your local bakery.

4. Activity to Go

5. Music

Create a mix CD of the birthday childs favorite songs or give kids an iTunes gift card good for a free download.

6. Earth Friendly and Fun

7. Personalized Pillowcase

8. Personalized towels

9. Party Activity/Craft

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Pirates And Princesses Brunch

If your child and friends love epic adventures, plan a memorable pirates and princesses brunch complete with an exciting scavenger hunt. The kids can come dressed to the party in their pirate and princess costumes to enjoy a delicious brunch fit for little explorers before venturing outdoors for some real birthday fun.

Questions Weve Got Answers

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    What Can You Give Instead Of A Party Bag

    A party bag is traditional, but if you want a unique party favor then consider these ideas

    1. A book -Handing out a book to every child that is age appropriate and tied to the theme is a fun idea.

    For example, at my daughters 1st birthday we had a unicorn theme and gave out touch and feel books out to all her friends.

    2. Pajamas 1 year olds are still napping and get to wear the cutest pajamas. If you see a sale at Old Navy or Target grab a bunch and hand them out as guests are getting ready to leave.

    3. Sensory Bin Create your own sensory bin or pick up a small one from Etsy or Amazon. 1 year olds are ready to start exploring and little sensory bins are a unique and personalized parting gift.

    This seller on Etsy makes small jars of sensory items that would make great gifts, just watch out for tiny pieces this do require adult supervision.

    Best Birthday Party Favor Gift Bag For 8

    Nastya and her birthday party 8 years old

    Choosing safe, fun items for a takeaway gift bag at a birthday party for a 8-year-old can help make the event memorable for your childs friends.

    Selecting items for the bag likely includes one eye toward the child and the other toward the parent, and finding a birthday gift bag item that satisfies both.

    FizzyMagic bath bombs will satisfy both. They provide a traditional bath bomb experience of color and scent but also includes a toy the reveals itself as the bath bomb dissolves.

    A birthday party favor that provides a fun experience for 8-year-old at bathtime is certainly a nice surprise for a parent.

    Not all children look forward to bath time, and a nudge from a birthday party gift bag cant hurt to make them excited to bathe.

    FizzyMagic provides just that fun experience with a line of individual childrens bath bombs that reveal a small toy after dissolving.

    A variety of figures are embedded in our bath bombs. Each is part of a collection of themed figurine toys allowing children to collect them all.

    The individually wrapped bath bombs are made with only natural ingredients, providing a pleasing color and scent for both child and parent.

    The bath bomb includes avocado and safflower oils leaving skin feeling smooth and soft. They also include scents provided by blended essential oils.

    A bath time fun toy made from natural ingredients that can help get a child into the bathtub quicker is only a gift bag away, and also makes an excellent birthday gift for a 8-year-old.

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    Top Tips For Getting Good Value Party Bag Fillers

    1. Buy in bulk especially if its a big party

    2. Haggle

    Email sellers directly on ebay to see if theyll do discount offers. Or in store, ask for a discount if youre buying a few items.

    3. Buy in advance in sales

    If you have any left afterwards, you can always sell on the odds and sods on ebay or a local selling site.

    4. Use cashback sites if buying online

    5. Do a joint party and share the costs.

    6. Stick with 1 main gift and add cake. It could work out cheaper than lots of small goodies.

    Find my other party bag idea posts below:

    Harry Potter Costume Party

    Calling all Harry Potter fans! Bring Hogwarts to your house and invite friends over for a Harry Potter costume party in which they are expected to come dressed in their favorite characters. To keep the party going, plan a terrific scavenger hunt complete with 12 typeset clue cards or a Harry Potter board game.

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    Stage A Party Craft Or Activity That Doubles As A Take Home Gift

    My favorite tip for sending kids home with a momento from a birthday party is to get them involved in an activity or craft, that can go home with them!

    Unless youre hosting a birthday party at your local gymnastics studio or trampoline park, youre likely looking for activities to do with the kids to fill party time. An organized activity or craft is perfect for getting kids to sit down together and to leave the party with something in hand.

    Here are my favorite activities or crafts to do at a kids birthday party.

    • Grab a stack of white pillowcases and non-toxic fabric markersand let kids doodle away. Id recommend staying away from puff paint and fabric paints as you might not have enough time for them to dry completely before the party is over.
    • You can also use canvastotes to decorate with fabric markers and always come in handy at home!
    • Paint or Color a Canvas Masterpiece
    • Hosting an art themed party? This is perfect for budding artists. Simply set up an art station with paint, watercolors or markers and let kids create their own stretched canvas masterpiece they can bring home with them.
    • Make your own slime party sounds like a good ol time! Whip up large batches of slime using a slime making set and let kids add elements like beads, glitter, eyeballs, foam and then have containers they can save their slime and take it home with them when the fun is all done.

    What Can I Give Instead Of A Party Bag

    8 year old Bday party

    Budget can play a huge role in helping you decide what to give out. Try not to bow to peer pressure or keeping up with your local areas answer to a Kardashian party host.

    Take some time to put together a party plan and then work with the budget you have. Ive got a post with a big list of party planning tips you will find useful.

    Here are some good party favour ideas that you can give instead of party bags include:

    • Create a selfie photo-area at the party and give every child a polaroid selfie
    • Have a craft activity that once complete becomes the party gift
    • Personalised keepsake tins make great party favours
    • Make your own kit
    • A piece of birthday cake and a balloon

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