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Parties For 2 Year Olds

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If youre going the outdoor route, nothing beats sensory tables for a two-year-old party. Kinetic sand, real sand, flour tables and shaving cream can get the party started. For a craft, homemade drum sets with balloons and rubber bands over an empty can and make-your-own sensory Ziploc bags work well. For a more active group, playing simple games like the floor is lava or trying to keep the balloon off the ground is a solid choice.

Real Mom Advice: If youre going with a theme, you can tie it in to each station, even if it means printing out a matching sign and taping it to the table. And dont forget the bubbles. A bubble machine will rock your world.

Its A Ball To Be Two / Turning 2 Is A Ball

Your guests cant help but have a ball at this unique ball-themed birthday bash. Stick with bright primary colors, and have plenty of bouncy balls for the toddlers to go wild with a ball pit would be especially fitting!

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Birthday Girl Theme Unicorn Decoration

For this section, we have decided to collect only the best ideas to celebrate your daughters 2 years birthday. The unicorniomania has invaded our article, and we propose you to know ideas on Birthday decoration girl theme unicorn, adding to the table of your guests the following proposal in centers of the table.

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Fun Indoor Activities For Toddler Birthday Party

Home » Activities » Party Ideas » 21 Fun Indoor Activities for Toddler Birthday Party

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Looking for a simple game idea for your birthday girl or birthday boy? These fun indoor activities for toddlers birthday parties will keep the young children entertained.

Birthday parties arent a hit till you have enough games to tire the kids out. And if its an indoor birthday party, the task becomes even harder.

If you are bored of traditional kids party games, we have prepared a long list of unique but amusing games that will keep your kids satisfied till the end of the party. Let them

Donut Grow Up Two Fast

2 year old birthday party girl ideas

If the past 2 years have flown by, tell your toddler to slow down with this sweet Do-nut grow up TWO fast theme. Food and decorations will be simple: just lots and lots of yummy donuts!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Soiree Love, Mama Bird & Tribe, Cool Studio, Shop Party Haus, Intuition Backgrounds, The Party Buddy, Bird in a Cage Creations

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Unique 2nd Birthday Themes 60 Creative Ideas For Your 2

Looking for the perfect theme for your toddlers 2nd birthday? Weve got the best list of original second birthday party themes for both girls and boys. Happy party planning!

Parents often go for broke for their babys first birthday , but getting to year two is just as special and deserves to be celebrated with just as much pomp and circumstance.

With another year under their belt, youll find your 2-year-old is really able to get excited about their celebration and their smiles and laughter on the big day will make planning their second birthday party all worthwhile.

But every epic party needs a good theme, so weve pulled together the most massive list of unique 2nd birthday themes on the Internet. Seriously, we checked. Nothing even comes close to the creative ideas weve got for you and your toddler to decide upon, and weve made sure to cover all the bases with themes that are more girl oriented, those boys may prefer, and many that can work for either gender.

Most of the birthday themes feature a play on words using two or second that are so clever theyll delight your guests, and provide a great jumping point for creative invitations, decorations, activities and party favors.

And for each of the 2nd birthday themes weve included here, weve put together a photo collage to serve as inspiration for your partys look and feel. We have no doubt that you will find the perfect theme for your big 2-year-old girl or boy.

Dress Up Humble Supplies

Use what you have on hand to make plain party supplies feel special, as they typically cost half as much as decorating supplies. For example, use a hole-puncher to jazz up paper plates and napkins .

You can also rely on some stickers to decorate plain balloons. Buy a few essential items to establish the theme, like a special foil balloon, then stick to affordable basics for everything else.

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Fun Birthday Party Locations

There are many great locations to have a fun birthday party. A few popular locations include amusement parks, water parks, laser tag arenas, and bowling alleys. These locations are sure to please any birthday boy or girl, and their guests.

Finding the perfect location for a birthday party can be difficult at times. The size of the guest list, seasonal preferences, and weather all have an impact on it. There are numerous ideas for adult birthday party ideas that can be found on the Internet. Birthday parties can also be enjoyable if you go out with friends. When you want to sing, you can go to a karaoke bar and sign the classics with your friends. Its a good idea to take your birthday as an opportunity to try something new and meet new people. You can celebrate your birthday at a concert venue or go out to dinner with your friends if youre feeling nostalgic.

Keep an eye out for these budget-friendly birthday ideas. For a very low cost and as an educational experience, you can spend your birthday picking apples at an apple farm. Allow the children to make their own sundaes at the local ice cream shop. If your childs birthday falls during the summer, the beach is a good place to go.

How Long Should A Toddler Birthday Party Last


The first thing to do when planning out your party is the schedule.

A toddler birthday party only really needs to last for 2 hours max. Any longer and you will start encroaching on nap-time and end up with some cranky tots!

Two hours gives you plenty of time for games, snacks, cake and presents if you want to open them at the party.

Most parents know that a toddler party isnt really the occasion to arrive fashionably late so you should prepare to start more or less on time.

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Moana Theme Girl Party

Continuing with more ideas of 2 years birthday girl, I propose to carry out a very tropical celebration for this anniversary. Celebrate a Moana theme girl party with super colorful details inspired by the beautiful film of this princess.

For this idea, you should let your creativity fly. Add giant paper flowers, some colored strips to decorate the cake table and of course, there are the Moana characters printed on coroplast to give life to every detail.

What About The After

Dont give in to the urge to have a private family party immediately after the party with guests ends. Shut. It. Down. Make time for maybe a book or possibly a cartoon, then nap timeif that works with your timing. You and your two-year-old are going to need to chillax. Save the after-party for after your next sleep block.

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Pottery Paint Store Party

  • Another trend that is popping up in big and small towns around the US are pottery painting places.
  • These little shops have been around for over 10 years now but provide a great environment for crafty fun that someone else gets to clean up.
  • How to Book a Party: Google Pottery Painting Studio in your area and reach out to them for more information.

Perfect Party Games For Toddlerstons Of Ideas For Your 2 And 3 Year Old Party Games

Two Year Old Birthday Ideas &  Party Themes (&  Tips!)

When choosing party games for toddlers you need to be aware that they do not always enjoy the same type of games as older children. Competitive games that might be a blast to them in a year or two will likely end in a lot of hurt feelings and possibly tears or even tantrums!

When deciding on birthday games you should think more along the lines of fun non competitive games or activities. You dont want to name some kids winners, while the others are stuck with being losers. You also should steer clear of anything that involves waiting in line for long periods of time, toddlers are not known for their patience. So what do toddlers usually enjoy doing? Below are a few proven winners!

  • Activities and Crafts
  • Ring a round the Rosie
  • Head and shoulders, knees and toes

You could also include fun musical instruments such as tambourines, drums, and maracas. You can purchase them or if youre feeling creative, part of the birthday fun could be had in helping the toddlers make their own instruments.

Get free how-to directions for making these homemade musical instruments.

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Best 2 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas Of 2022

Best 2 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas: The best ideas in photos and images of 2 years birthday, 2 years themed birthday, 2 years old decoration, party themes for 2-year-old boy, 2 years old birthday decoration girl, 2 years old birthday reasons male, 2 years old birthday ideas baby girl, 2-year-old girl birthday themes, 2-year-old girl birthday reasons.

When Is The Best Time For A Toddler Birthday Party

I have always found that the best time for toddler parties is the morning.

Everyone is fresh and there is less risk of those dreaded late-afternoon meltdowns. Both my children napped from 1-4pm

Because of our long afternoon naps, the traditional 2-4pm parties never worked for us and any later just gets difficult with early dinners and Bath times.

From polling my mom friends, we have found that a 10am-12pm seems ideal for the 2 and 3 year old age range.

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Fun Toddler Party Games

Planning a toddlers birthday party can be challenging. Thats because toddlers are fast-moving bundles of energy that are hard to organize!

They also struggle to learn the rules for some party games which means all of the activities must be easy-to-learn and entertaining enough to keep the attention of an energetic toddler.

To help you plan a successful toddlers birthday party, this guide will share 26 toddler party games. These games work well with children as young as 2 years of age and will ensure your party is enjoyable for children and adults alike!

Birthday Party Games For Toddlers ~ 2 And 3 Year Old Party Games And Activitiesparachute Fun


Parachute games are tons of fun. Have all the children grab a side or handle and start waving the parachute up and down. There are TONS of games you can play with a parachute. In fact this could be the only entertainment you have at your toddlers party and they would never get bored.

Below is a video off youtube where they are playing a parachute game called cat and mouse. All the children wave the parachute and then you call out two names, one for the mouse and one for the cat. The mouse goes under the parachute and the cat goes on top.

The cat must crawl around and try to tag the mouse. After the mouse has been tagged call two more names to play the cat and mouse!

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Original And Wildly Fun 2

From a rainbow party to a fairy-tale fete, these birthday party themes are perfect for a 2-year-old.

The best birthday party ideas for 2-year-olds tend to be the simplest ones. Turning 2 is a major milestone for toddlers , but that doesnt mean your 2-year-old is going to want an extravagant birthday celebration. Toddlers just want cake to eat and shiny things to wave about, and they want to run free and laugh at nonsense. Which is why paying top dollar to rent a space for them just doesnt make sense.

Bring the party to your home, and come up with a theme that requires little more than a creative look into your gear closet or a quick trip to the supermarket. Keep your hosting duties in the one-to-two-hour window and be sure to cater to the adults who come. After all, theyre the only ones who will remember it. Here are some easy and fun 2nd birthday ideas, whether youre keeping the party indoors or taking it outside.

Kids represent the largest unvaccinated group in the U.S., which means that indoor gatherings still pose a risk and should be avoided. In April, however, theCenters for Disease Control revised their guidelines for outdoor gatherings, which are now deemed lower-risk for small groups, so long as masks are worn by unvaccinated kids and adults, and social distancing is maintained.

Summer Camp Birthday Theme

Searching for summer-ready 2-year-old birthday party ideas? Head outdoors and host a camp-inspired celebration. Draft a guest list and invite attendees to visit summer camp for the afternoon. Next pick up some tees: Parents and helpers can wear camp counselor shirts, while the birthday boy or girl can rock a custom happy camper T-shirt. On the day, set up a trestle table in your backyard and add a checkered tablecloth. Use log-slice cake stands and homespun decorations, like lanterns and brown paper bunting, to create a rustic vibe that stays true to the theme. A summer barbecue makes it easy to grill and chill for toddlers and adults. Hamburgers, hot dogs and cauliflower wings for the vegetarians are crowd pleasers for all ages. Of course, no camping trip would be complete without smores, so set up a DIY station with all the ingredients and assign an adult to warm them up on the grill or fire pit. Wash all the tasty treats down with gallons of ice-cold lemonadesimply delicious.

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Theme Park Or Water Park Party

  • If you live in a town with a big or small theme park, consider hosting a party there for the day. Due to ticket prices, you may not be able to take your kids whole baseball team, but you may be able to make a special day with a few good friends.
  • How to Book a Party: Call and ask about group rate discounts or party options.

Have Your Cake And Eat It Two

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Now this is our kind of party! Make the birthday cake the star of the show with this cake-themed party based on the classic saying, you cant have you cake and eat it toobut in this instance, you absolutely can!

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Birthday Party Games For Toddlers ~ 2 And 3 Year Old Party Games And Activitiesbubble Birthday Bash

This is a simple party game for toddlers that involve a classic toddler favorite: bubbles. Blow bubbles and let the children try and pop as many as they before they hit the ground. Then let the children blow bubbles themselves. See who can blow the biggest, smallest, most at once. See whose can go the farthest or remain un-popped the longest.

Let the toddlers make bubble wands from pipe cleaners, or open up a wire coat hanger into a large hoop and show the children how to make giant bubbles. Just pour bubble mixture onto a large cookie sheet and dip the coat hanger onto it. Wave it around to create BIG bubbles.

For a fun favor send all the kids home with their own bubbles.

The Indoor Soccer Facility

Now, is your kid and his/her friends interested in a true indoor birthday party? Are they aiming for a feast that is loaded with physical activities? If yes, you should consider an indoor soccer facility. Once again, this is a fascinating place to host the celebration. Of course, the indoor soccer facility will not be the cheapest option on this list. But, it is a great one! The ultimate aim of this event is to keep your little ones delighted while encouraging physical activities.

Fun Fact: If you are not interested in an indoor soccer field, consider a taekwondo facility, a dance studio or a tennis court.

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Should We Open Gifts At The Party

Opening presents after the guests have departed and calm has been restored is perfectly acceptable modern birthday party etiquette and just plain smart. Why? Because it saves time and avoids a lot of potential problems. No dealing with an excited toddler who gloms on to one gift and forgets the others, or the embarrassment from a little ones honest reaction , or the jealousy of peers who have no social filters and dont yet realize that its better to give than to receive .

Dont want to trash the gift-opening tradition? Just make sure you practice gracious present protocol with your birthday boy ahead of time and supervise well.

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