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Outdoor Activities For Birthday Party

Alice In Wonderland Party

Top 5 Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas for Toddlers for LESS THAN $25

The story may be a classic, but the theme ofAlice’s Adventures in Wonderlandnever gets old, and it’s perfect for the outdoors. Recreate the Mad Tea Party from the story with a long table for all of your guests and let the madness ensue just like this adorable party fromDaisy Pink Cupcake. The oversize tissue paper flowers add to the surreal decor , and guests played pin the smile on the Cheshire Cat for a thematic twist on the classic game. Everything is wacky in Alice’s Wonderland so there’s ample opportunity to get creative with this theme.

Plan For All Weathers

Rig-up a temporary outdoor awning that will provide guests with shade if the weather is particularly sunny. Make a temporary canopy using a length of colorful fabric to co-ordinate with your color theme and decorate with pretty ribbons or bright fabric bunting. Use tall tent poles to secure in place.

The summer months, as wonderful as they are, can also be very unpredictable when it comes to the weather, says Mary Claire Boyd. If you are fortunate to be hosting your garden party with clear blue skies and glorious sunshine, try to have a shady spot for guests to take respite from the afternoon heat when needed. A canopy or large parasol is not only a great spot for guests, but if positioned correctly can be ideal for keeping food and drink slightly sheltered from direct sunlight.

Outdoor Girls Birthday Party Games

In the same way that tween boys will want to have a say in the organization of their party, so will the girls. Let them browse this list of fun outdoor birthday party games for tweens so they can pick the ones they can enjoy the most with their friends.

As with the boys, let the girls make their own modifications to any of the games too.

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Turn Your Backyard Into A Campsite

A backyard campsite is the perfect setting for your outdoor birthday party games. If you have a large yard or perhaps a nearby park the kids can enjoy some orienteering-scavenger-hunting. Let them choose their own games or just spend time exploring. Set up a tent or teepee for the parents, and dont forget the smores!

Outdoor Birthday Party Idea #: Lawn Game Party

7 Fun Birthday Party Games For Kids

Let the games begin! When the sun is shining, who wants to sit around inside playing board games? Transform the backyard with larger-than-life games for a lawn game birthday party for kids.

Activities: DIY or buy giant-sized lawn games for everyone to enjoy. You can create an oversize Twister board by spray painting the grass red, yellow, blue, and red. Set up corn hole and giant Jenga and Connect 4. For tweens and teens, host the party at nightfall for a glow-in-the-dark lawn party. Hand out glow sticks and add a little “glow” to all your games, including ring toss and glow stick tic-tac-toe. You can even add a little extra kick to whiffle ball by inserting a glow stick into the porous ball. And don’t forget about all the classic outdoor games that don’t take much more equipment than your imagination.

Use the Twister game as inspiration for the decorations. This Twister cake is a pretty simple semi-homemade option using premade colored fondant. A twister game board makes a pretty awesome tablecloth as well. Party favors can include mini versions of any of the games.

Ninjas in training and aspiring super spies love an outdoor obstacle course party. Image courtesy of Jac of All Things

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Fun Outdoor Birthday Party Games For Kids

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Throw a birthday party kids will remember with fun outdoor birthday party games. Easy DIY party games and ideas kids and parents will enjoy. Stop spending all that money on birthday facilities and throw an awesome party at home.

All of these outdoor birthday party games are classic party games that are simple to set up to make throwing a party at home less stressful. Plus having all the kids outside will keep your house clean (:

Youll find great games that kids of all ages will enjoy whether its a large group or a smaller party and the best part is the kids will have lots of fun.

So, keep reading, to find easy ways to celebrate the perfect backyard birthday party with fun games that are sure to be a hit.

If you cant be together in person this year consider a Virtual Birthday Party with friends or family.

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Old Hollywood Movie Night Party

M_a_y_a / Getty Images

Find a drive-in nearby or re-create one in your backyard with blankets, a large screen, and twinkling strung lights overhead for ambiance. Don’t forget a popcorn bar with various sweet and savory toppings . You can take a poll ahead of time to see which Old Hollywood flick your attendees want to watchor since it’s your birthday, it’s fine to take your pick, from adventure-filled Indiana Jones starring a young Harrison Ford to The Graduate, a playful and iconic movie.

If you plan to find a drive-in, check out Coyote Drive-In in Fort Worth, Texas Delsea Drive-In Theatre in Vineland, New Jersey South Bay Drive In in Imperial Beach, California and Fairlee Motel and Drive-In Theater in Fairley, Vermont .

The Extras: Vintage popcorn containers, “Oscar”-like statues as décor, a red carpet and “paparazzi,” and fancy dress for guests.

Remember those family picnics you probably went to as a kid, whether with your extended family or your parent’s office? If you’re all about fun and games, organized activities like the water balloon toss, tug of war, and potato sack race can be so much fun. Plus, we like that this idea lets the kids get involved too.

The Extras: Team T-shirts, prizes for the overall winners, and a snow cone bar.

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Try The Classic Outdoor Birthday Party Games

Theyre called classics for a reason kids tend to love the games we all grew up playing. Depending on the age of the children, there are tons of game options.

Capture the flag Sack races Tug of war Outdoor Tic Tac Toe use rocks or other found objects outside as the Xs and Os Obstacle courses use what you have or let the kids make their own Ring toss Horse shoes Washers In case this is a regional or generational game Toss washers into an empty coffee can and follow these rules. Volleyball Corn hole buy a set or make your own

The key to great outdoor birthday party games is making sure all kids are encouraged to participate. If one game isnt going over as well as youd like, just switch it up or skip to cake or presents.

Awesome Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas For Kids Of All Ages

10 FUN OUTDOOR PARTY GAMES for KIDS (Perfect for Summer Camp)

Throw an awesome birthday party with these genius ideas. With these plans for beach parties and lawn Twister, birthday party brainstorming just got easier.

If you’ve got any kids with a summer birthday in your family, or you just live in a place that has lovely weather all year round, having an outdoor birthday party can be the main difference in it being manageable or not . And there is no shortage of great birthday party themes for outdoor parties no matter whether you are turning four or forty. Here are ten of our favorites to inspire your next outdoor birthday party.

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Outdoor Birthday Party Idea #1: Beach Babies

Whether you live near the beach or in a land-locked city, a beach theme is fun for any backyard kids’ birthday party.

Activities: Fill up a few baby pools with sand and stick shovels, buckets, and shaping tools insidethen throw a sand castle contest. A willing adult can dress like a mermaid and kids can play Find the Mermaid outside. Create a sand art station and let each child’s creation serve as their party favor. Borrow surfboards and boogie boards for kids to practice their best surfer poses.

Decorate the backyard with lots of beach gear like beach balls, beach umbrellas, colorful buckets, and plastic sunglasses. You can even get a sound machine and play ocean sounds during the party for a realistic effect. Serve popsicles of all shapes and sizes to cool kids off and fit the theme!

All images by the author except where noted

Activity #: Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate frisbee was a fan favorite of my students when I was teaching! Its a competitive and fast-moving game. Its a perfect outdoor party game!

I love that its constantly changing sides, so the kids have to pay attention at all times!

  • Split the group into 2 even teams.
  • You can see who will start with the Frisbee by doing rock, paper, scissors the team that wins gets to start with the Frisbee.
  • The person that has the Frisbee can take 2 steps with it. The defense has to back 3 steps away from the person with the Frisbee.
  • If the Frisbee hits the ground, its the other teams, Frisbee.
  • The games object is to try to throw the Frisbee to teammates down the field to score in the end zone.

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Kids Activities For Birthday Parties

While games are always a winning choice for entertaining kids at birthday parties, having an activity can also be a great way to keep the children busy and happy for the duration of the birthday party.

I love to have some type of make and take activity at kids birthday parties since it gives kids the opportunity to do something creative, plus they get to take home the item they made too. A fantastic alternative to lolly goodie bags!

Here are some great ideas for birthday party activities for kids:

  • Make a fairy garden
  • Tie-dye a shirt or socks
  • Jewellery making

For more fun options, check out these kids birthday party entertainment ideas and balloon party games for kids!

Tips For Planning Birthday Party Activities For Kids

37 Fun and Creative Outdoor Games for the Most Epic Backyard Party ...

Planning a kids birthday party can feel overwhelming, but with a little planning and these birthday party tips, you can easily create an unforgettable day for your child and all their friends.

Here are some quick tips for planning a childrens birthday party celebration:

  • Choose a location: Will you be hosting a party at home, in a park or at an entertainment venue?
  • Set a date and time: Once you have all the above information, you can set a date and time for the party.
  • Book venue & entertainment: If you are having the party elsewhere or want entertainment for the day, book these as early as possible.
  • Choose a theme: A fun childrens birthday party theme will help to set the tone for the whole event and make it more memorable.
  • Make a guest list: This is important so you can plan activities and games, food and make sure your venue is large enough to accommodate your guest list.
  • Send out invitations: Around 2 weeks before is a good time frame for kids parties.
  • Plan activities and games: Choose birthday party games for kids that are age-appropriate and will keep all the guests entertained.
  • Prepare food and drinks: Make sure to have enough food and drinks for everyone at the party.

And of course, enjoy the celebration!!

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Have Fun Decorating A Birthday Cake

Make the birthday cake the centerpiece of your table. Go for a layered sponge to give the cake extra height and serve on a colorful china cake stand to raise it above the rest of the party fare.

Make an easy birthday cake topper in colors that complement your table using a couple of wooden skewers and colored card. Simply cut out a row of flag pennants, fold onto a length of bright string and then secure to the wooden skewers.

Cheap Party Favors & Small Prizes

Kids love to get small prizes for the winning team and cool party favors at the end of the party. My secret to saving money on these is shopping at Dollar Tree. Yep, youd be shocked how many great birthday party items you can find there. Grab cheap goody bags and all kinds of small items the kids will love.

And lets be honest all the stuff they get in party favors is junk their moms will end up throwing out anyway so why spend a ton of money.

Get tons of ideas on what birthday items you should be shopping for in my Favorite Cheap Birthday Party Supplies at Dollar Tree.

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Kids Outdoor Games For Partiesdiy Backyard Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses are always a big hit. It is not as complicated to build your own backyard obstacle course as many imagine. An obstacle course is simply a series of fun task, challenges, or mini games that the children try and rush through as fast as they can. They are usually set up so that as soon as you finish one task you move directly to the next until you reach the finish line.

Youll need to come up with some creative obstacles for the kids, you can get as simple or as complicated as you want with these course ideas. You can use objects that you already have around your house for many obstacles. Here are some examples:

Awesome Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Outdoor Party Hacks

Its finally hot in Minnesota where my family lives, and Im loving the rays. My kids have already been invited to several birthday parties, and there will be many more. While a pool party is the standard go-to for keeping kids cool while they celebrate the birthday kid, there are so many other fun outdoor birthday party ideas. And having a party in your yard solves the problem of not being able to fit 20 kids in your house. Kids can go totally crazy outdoors! Its also usually much cheaper than having to pay for a venue.

Here, Ive rounded up 15 awesome outdoor birthday party ideas for the kids that dont require a pool.

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Outdoor Birthday Party Idea #: Splash Bash

Summer birthday party ideas always start with soaking sprinklers on a hot day! All it takes is a little bit of water to create buckets of fun at this kids’ birthday party theme: Splash Bash!

Activities: Set up kiddie pools and sprinklers for everyone to splash around in. Younger kids will have fun filling and spilling containers, while older kids will enjoy water guns and balloons. Everyone can have some fun making these simple pool noodle boats and setting sail for adventure. Slip-n-slides, water blasters, water balloons, and baby pools are great ways to soak your party in fun!

Make sure all your decorations are waterproofpaper products won’t do well once they’re wet. You can even blow up and put out rafts for kids to lounge on during cake time.

Squirt gun painting is a perfect outdoor activity for an art party. Photo by Ally Noel

Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas For Adults

Brittany Anderson

Year after year youre looking for a way to top the previous years birthday celebration. This year is no different! For as long as the weather will allow , you can host an outdoor birthday party for adults. Kick it up a notch with a fun theme idea and some exciting party entertainment to go along with it.

For an outdoor birthday party for adults, the possibilities are endless. Less space restrictions, fun party themes, local vendors and entertainers, and the ability to invite all of your friends and family will result in the most memorable birthday celebration yet.

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Backyard Birthday Party Ideas For 1 Year Old Boy

Water Party

Similar to a messy party, water parties are a great way for your 1 year old to have fun. Instead of paint, glitter, and slime everywhere, you need to have water.

A slip-and-slide is always a classic go to for water parties, but we have a few other fun ideas to really entertain your 1 year old and his pals.

Water balloon pinata is easy and fun. Hang water balloons from a line and let them smash and splash. Water balloons are also great for a more fun version of dodgeball.

Make sure you have plenty of squirt guns and a toddler pool or two. And dont just set up a regular sprinkler, get a friendly inflatable monster from Amazon to join in the fun.

Dinosaur Party

What boy does not want to go digging for dinosaurs. Set up a sand pit with fossils you can find on Amazon. A dinosaur themed pinata or a bouncy house will add some extra excitement.

Dont forget to grab a from Amazon which includes masks so every kid can be their favorite dinosaur.

Scatter inflatable dinosaurs around the yard and among the bushes. And let the kids hunt for dinosaur eggs. Games to play can include Pin the Tail on T-Rex and Dinosaur Dance, and dont forget to serve dino nuggets.

Break out the paint and crayons for all the boys to create their own cave paintings too.

Best Outdoor Party Games For Kids

PARTY ON A BUDGET: Backyard Carnival Party

For your conviencience, this post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

1.Find the Gummy Bears

For this hilariously fun and entirely messy game, youll need canned whipped cream , gummy bears, and a plastic plate for each participant. Give everyone a plate piled high with whipped cream with 3 gummy bears hidden inside. The first person to find all of their gummy bears wins. Oh, and did I mention that no hands are allowed?

2. Homemade Bubbles

Bubbles are always a hit, especially when theyre gigantic bubbles! This homemade recipe makes the biggest bubbles ever with just 5 kitchen ingredients.

3. Treasure Hunt

Create an outdoor treasure hunt by leaving clues around the yard. Party guests can break into teams and work together to find the clues. The first group that finds the treasure wins. Here are 30 clues to get you started!

4. DIY Escape Room:

Transform any place into a thrilling escape room!

Just download these ready-to-play escape room kits get your kids together, and be the host of your own escape room party!

5. Nerf War

Break out the Nerf guns for a wild and fun outdoor game! Divide kids into teams, and create a safe zone for each side where they can reload and restock their darts. If you dont want kids shooting at each other, check out these creative Nerf games they can play instead.

6. Jumbo Ring Toss

Buy a jumbo ring toss here.

7. Limbo

8. Water Balloon Toss

9. Musical Patio Chairs

1o. Miniature Golf

11. Swat the Fly

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