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Murder Mystery Dinner Party Kit

Murder Mystery Zoom Parties By Detective Ness

How to Host a Murder Mystery Party

Detective Ness has been in the murder mystery business for 15 years and has everything planned out for you. They have professional actors that host your evening of mystery virtually, which makes the planning process stress-free. So tell you and your team to grab their detective hat and get ready for a night full of unforgettable adventures.

Check out Murder Murder Mystery Zoom Parties by Detective Ness here.

Host A Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Host your own murder mystery game dinner party with our murder mystery party kits! Browse our wide range of murder mystery games and choose from various themes or stories for multiple ages. We cater to different group sizes, and all our murder mystery game kits can be played virtually, over event platforms such as Zoom, or played in real life. We carefully craft our murder mystery party to immerse both yourself and all of your guests into a world of crime – become the detectives and solve the mystery.

Can I Host A Murder Mystery Birthday Party

A mystery birthday party is one of the most common reasons people purchase our games. You can host a murder mystery birthday for kids and about 9 years old is a good age because the kids need to be able to read to gather the information you can extend the fun with a scavenger hunt. A murder mystery birthday party for adults is a classic event and a great way to bring your mixed groups of friends together to mingle.

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King Cyrus Murder Mystery Game Kit Variety Pack 2 Featuring Unsolved Case Files Murder Mystery Game Murder Mystery Dinner Party Game & Mystery Puzzle

Features :

  • Who did it ?Work alone or with others on any of these mystery games to deduce the victims murderer, their motive, their means, and the opportunity for the murder
  • Murder Mystery Party Case Files: Fire in Adlerstein -Prove the innocence of journalist Carl Notebeck, accused of murder by arson. There are many suspects, but only one could be guilty. Your job is to solve this cold case mystery. This Case File includes all the evidence you need to solve the murder. Contents: 4 Crime Scene Photos 1 Investigation Notebook 1 Newspaper 28 Pieces of Case Evidence and Instructions Online Access to Hints and Solutions
  • Murder on the Grill Murder Mystery Party. ? Solve a Murder in an Evening With Friends. You and your guests find yourselves at the Kansas City home of Tom Dooley for a sizzling backyard cookout and some fabulous party fun. Too bad poor Tom gets iced over his hot grill and you may be a suspect. How low will you go
  • Sherlock Holmes? Jigsaw Puzzle A great mystery fix whether alone or with company. Read about the surprise visit of Helen Stoner to the offices of Sherlock Holmes and the mysterious death of her twin sister behind the heavy iron gates of Stoke Moran Manor House. Next, assemble the 1000 piece puzzle to discover the hidden clues. Then solve by piecing together clues from the story and puzzle.
  • Number of players: 2 8

Additional Info :

S Speakeasy Murder Mystery

Good Murder Mystery Dinner Party Games Kits  Gaming Weekender

Take a trip back in time to the roaring 20s, when prohibition was creating infamous historical characters like Lucky Luciano and Al Capone. Speakeasies were the place to be but murder was always on the menu. Throughout the game, your group will find themselves with three dead bodies, a room full of suspects, and there seems to be blood on everyones hands.

Why youll want to solve this mystery: Not even your teams host knows who the murderer is so everyones participation is needed to solve the case.

Price: $56

How to unbox this mystery: 1920s Speakeasy Murder Mystery

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What Groups Of People Does Throwing A Murder Mystery Party Suit

Since we started in the murder game in 1990 we have held parties for all the group types you can imagine. You may want a family friendly dinner, an adult party or a kid’s or children’s party. A murder mystery party for tweens or even an all female murder mystery party.

Whatever type you need, we have you covered. From a family night that is an in home celebration to a corporate or even a non murder party, holiday fun is on its way.

Q: How Do You Solve The Murder Mystery Game

  • A: The first step is to gather all of the evidence. This can be done by searching the crime scene, interviewing witnesses, and examining the victims body. Once you have all of the evidence, you need to start piecing together who did it. Look for clues that point to a specific suspect, and then use your deductive reasoning to figure out who the killer is. There are usually multiple possible killers in a murder mystery game, so its up to you to figure out who did it!

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The Business Of Murder

The Business of Murder is a perfect blend of theater games and Clue. This game is designed for 7 players and a host. It can take anywhere between 2-4 hours. As the host, you will know who the murder victim is and how to incorporate it all into the game. Youll be in charge of secretively casting your guests into roles of characters.

Virtual Murder Mystery Games By Red Herring Games

Murder Mystery Dinner Party (What to Do)

Red Herring Games has brought you the most mysterious and lively plots to engage your team. They have created some of the best online murder mystery games that will make you feel like you are solving a real crime. It is super easy to set up, and there are plenty of different thrilling themes to choose from!

Our personal favorite is A Bad Vintage the story is based on a family-run vineyard in France that will have you feeling unhinged every time you take a sip of wine.

Check out Virtual Murder Mystery Games by Red Herring Games here.

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The Devil Is In The Details

Eri Morita / The Image Bank / Getty Images

This Halloween party game for adults forces your guests to appreciate the decorating job you did for your Halloween party. Give your guests a list of questions related to your decorations, such as “How many pumpkins are on the porch?” Then, have your guests race around your house to find the answers. The person who finishes first with all of the correct answers wins.

An Evening Filled With Murder And Mystery As You Mourn The Late Mr Boddy

A known millionaire, Mr. Boddy is a man of great wealth, some of which you hope to gain in inheritance but only if you are brave enough to attend the reading of his will.For while foul play was indicated in his death, the killer has yet to be brought to justice and is likely to strike again!

Was it Mrs. White in the conservatory with the candlestick?Colonel Mustard in the kitchen with the cleaver?Or perhaps Professor Plum in the parlor with the poison?

As one of the deceaseds confidants or family members, it is your helpthat is needed to piece together his mystifying death, all the while avoidingbeing the victim of yet another murder at the will reading.

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The Tragical Mystery Tour

From: Decipher.

Description: Since you happen to be among the tuned-in, tuned-on crowd, youve been invited on a cross-country road trip to Beefstock with one of the hippest rock singers of all time. While youre hanging out at her love pad, an explosion rocks the house. The psychedelic bus has been turned to dust with someone on board.

As you assume the role of one of these colorful characters and solve the mystery, you and your seven dinner guests will enjoy hours of suspense and intrigue.

All you need is a sense of humor and a light-hearted approach toward deceit, larceny, sex and murder. How to Host a Murder is so much fun, its almost criminal!

The Tragical Mystery Tour Game Details

This murder mystery dinner party game includes:

  • A 1960s themed mystery game. For 8 players. 17 years and up.
  • CD with period music and details of the murder, a host guide with instructions.
  • 8 guest invitations, player name tags and booklets.
  • Sheet of secret clues with a police report, diagram of the crime scene, menu and costume ideas.

5. A Feast to Die For

From: Specialty Board Games.

A Feast to Die For Game Details

This murder mystery dinner party game includes:

  • A complete party planner with instructions, costume suggestions, tips and an optional dinner menu.
  • Invitations and name tags for your guests.
  • Character profiles with secret clues and backgrounds for each.
  • A CD which re-enacts the sounds of the murder, outlines the plot and the authors solution to the mystery.

Use Caution In Considering Your Involvement In This Gathering For As Likely As It Is That You Will Walk Away With A Great Deal Of Inheritance You Are Just As Likely To Not Walk Out At All

Murder Mystery On The Night Train 1930s Xmas Party Game

SPECIAL NOTE: A Clueless Murder is a mystery adapted from another Night of Mystery party Murder of a Millionaire. DO NOT PURCHASE if you have played Murder of a Millionaire.

We have a virtual version of this mystery that can be played in an online platform! Be sure the Virtual button is selected when purchasing.If looking for a non-virtual game, choose the In-Person version

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Our Murder Mystery Party And Dinner Games

  • How much does a murder mystery game cost? Click the images above of each game to see prices.
  • How many guests can I have? Each game is suitable for 4 to 8, 2 to 15, 2 to 60 or 2 to 120 people.
  • Do we need a Canadian party host? It is your choice. You receive a game from us then present it yourself or hire a Canadian murder mystery host.
  • Are you available on…? Click hire a murder mystery host. Contact hosts directly to check their availability.
  • Does everyone get a roll/character? Sure do. Each guest gets a personalised name badge and character.
  • What do I get in the download game? Our murder mystery games contain between 100 and 300 items to ensure your party is amazing.
  • Can I ask more questions? Yes please. Click the “Contact Us” button above.
  • Tabletop Escape Room Game

    Set in 19th century Paris, your team will work together to uncover the whereabouts of a missing popular burlesque dancer. The more they dig, they more theyll find that Colette isnt who she appears to be and the surprises keep coming. Its up to your group to sort through the clues to expose her mysterious secrets, revealing her dark past, and leading them to her captor and out of this tabletop escape room.

    Why youll want to solve this mystery: Intrigue, shocking secrets, and a damsel in distress will keep your group committed to solving this classic Parisian adventure escape room box.

    Price: $24.05

    How to unbox this mystery: Tabletop Escape Room Game

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    What Are The Best Murder Mystery Party Games

    Of course this is a very subjective question but with our wide range of murder mystery dinner games you are bound to find a killer theme. Here are some suggestions:

    1920s murder mystery party – For your roaring 20s or Great Gatsby murder mystery dinner look no further than our Tracy Gang 1920s murder mystery game. This 20’s themed dinner party will have your flappers and gangsters looking sharp in beautiful dressed and pin striped suits while they enjoy the night in the Tracy 1920 Speakeasy.

    1960s murder mystery party – The 1960s, what an era! What rounded it off? Woodstock that is what and that is where our 60s night is set. Look out for our new dinner titles as we are currently working on 1950, 1970 disco and 1990 murder mystery parties.

    1980s murder mystery party – The 1980s, released the best music and saw the emergence of the electronics age. Donkey Kong, Atari, Baywatch and Mötley Crüe all play a major role in the awesome 1980’s dinner game. For an 80s themed murder mystery dinner to die for look no further.

    Caribbean holiday murder mystery party – It could be new year’s eve, a mardi gras, a cruise off the coast of Cuba or a luau. This Caribbean cruise dinner event may not be one your return safely from. Look out for the pirates, snapping turtles, oh, and the killing on the high seas.

    Halloween murder mystery party – Spice up Halloween with death and mayhem. This ghoulish theme involves eating placentas, holy water and more devilishness than you can handle.

    S Mall Murder Madness: A Totally Tubular Murder Mystery Party Game For 3

    Murders by Chelsea – A look inside a Box Kit Murder Mystery Party

    Features :

    • FLEXIBLE GAME: Play with any combination of the 20 included characters and the host can play too! Play with 3-20 people either virtually or in person!
    • MULTI-PLAY: The murderer is secretly chosen at the start of each game and could be anyone. Great for playing multiple times with a new killer each time! Never get bored of playing!
    • BROADWAY TALENT: Created and Written by Broadway Talent and the detective role is voiced by a Broadway Actor! Great gift for Broadway and 80s fans!
    • THREE ROUNDS OF EVIDENCE: Play three rounds and reveal clues and information about each character. Suspects have innocent and guilty stories to make the mystery exciting and give players more clues to catch the killer!

    Additional Info :

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    Get Our Expert Event Help Services

    Rather than having your routine lunch or dinner gatherings, have fun like never before. Feel free-spirited and rejuvenated again, just by downloading our party themes or contacting us to host the party for you at home or elsewhere. Our team of experts is only one email away and would be glad to be at your service. Our team holds expertise in party and event management and we provide services all over Canada. We have talented actors whom you can hire and technical experts who will provide support. Look through our sites to view the exciting themes and contact us right away.

    What About Murder Mystery Party Characters

    With all the murder mystery games we have set it up so you don’t need to allocate characters until the actual event. This is our recommended method and we do this because we know how unpredictable life is. It is very rare that you will run a night where everyone attends. Kids get sick, baby sitters cancel, on the night people forget or come late so you need a flexible method for allocating characters. We recommend that you send out the invites and just give people an idea of what to wear rather than saying “you will be Ruth Less”. It is amazing how often the person that can’t make it was going to be the murderer or the victim. So in short, you allocate the characters on the night to whoever is there. This guarantees the game will work and your guests will have a celebration.

    The other benefit of not pre-allocating characters is that guests can use their flare and get excited about the night. It is for this same reason that we don’t recommend making it a surprise party because people love the anticipation and excitement.

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    The One With The Tweens

    If you have kids old enough to participate in a murder mystery game, this one is family-friendlyaside from the murder part, which isnt friendly, like ever. Anyways, this one can even be used for tween parties. You can go the extra mile and set up decorations like this family did for their tweens dinner party. With shows like Riverdale and Stranger Things trending, its no wonder tweens are wanting to solve some murders.

    Your Murder Mystery Evening/murder Mystery Dinner Party

    Good Murder Mystery Dinner Party Games Kits  Gaming Weekender

    You can run this lively, crime-solving entertainment in your own home or a venue of your own choosing. The plots are designed to work very well over a meal but can also be run on their own.

    Each party guests invitation includes a brief description of their character to help them decide what to wear and to prepare for the party. We have some costume suggestions which provide further help with this.

    Ahead of the event, you can plan where the action will take place and what food to serve or arrange this with your chosen venue. Because the plots are set in different historical periods, your food and drink choices can be made to match them.

    As the guests arrive, the host/hostess gives them a character name badge and more information about who they are, what they know and what their character wants. Some have secrets to hide, others secrets to share. Everyone has plenty to talk about and plenty of other players to speak to. One person is, of course, the evil murderer.

    The host/hostess relies on our downloadable step-by-step guide to make sure everything flows as it should. Best of all, running the game doesnt mean you cant get involved. Everyone has their own character to play.

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    Blood Gold & A Night Of Jazz

    The last think you want is a team building, night with friends, or family get-togethers thats boring or predictable.

    If youre looking for a murder mystery challenge that will add excitement and intrigue to your next event, Blood, Gold, and a Night of Jazz is the game youre looking for.

    The game follows the storyline of a murder committed in a tech moguls home and a group of unique characters on a mission to find out whodunnit.

    The reason why weve placed this game first is because of how well designed it is. The players each have great backstories that are sure to give everyone a great time reenacting them.

    The game play and guides help ensure that everyone knows how to play the game right even if its their first time.

    The game is good for 4-14 players and comes with a set of visual guides and event paraphernalia to make sure your next murder mystery night will be a lot of fun!

    Blood, Gold, and a Night of Jazz can work for both online and face-to-face settings.

    10/10 star rating for us.

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