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Ideas For Garden Party Decorations

Casual Garden Party Ideas

4 DIY Garden Party Ideas | Haute Hostess

Due to the casual nature of the Garden Party, I decided to add individual mini charcuterie boards and filled them with tasty appetizer treats for each guest. You can see how to make these cute charcuterie boards and learn more charcuteries history on a post from earlier this week.

See Video Tutorial Here

In additional, the outdoor garden party location allows for multiple tables and for guests to mill around and enjoy the country views.

Try A Quick Trick With Cutlery

Give vintage cutlery and utensils a new lease of life with vibrant colors spray-painted on the handles. An easy way of co-ordinating mis-matched sets, go for a color combination that complements your table theme and then hand-tie knife, fork and spoons together using lengths of colored bakers twine finished with a bow.

For quirky place setting markers, create personalized rosettes for guests using remnants of fabric and offcuts of colored ribbon. Glue a circle of stiff card on to the front of each rosette and inscribe with guests names in a fancy font.

Set The Mood After Dark

Plan garden party lighting ideas that will take your table from day to night and create a magical mood outside. Position pillar candles and lanterns along the length of your table, ready for lighting after dark, adding nightlights at each place setting to give extra sparkle.

For the perfect finishing touch, place connectable string lights overhead to create a magical atmosphere all around, says Claire Bassett, Senior Product Manager at Lights4fun . From a singular power source, attach the string lights to overhead branches, shepherd hooks or the beams of a pergola and swag each string back and forth to light up your garden party.

The warm glow will radiate across your space and create an enchanting ambience so you can celebrate after dusk. Finally, add solar bulbs either to the string of fairy lights or surrounding tree branches, securing them in place with fishing wire. The flair of color will create a rich, vibrant display, perfect for hosting summer celebrations.

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Decorate Your Tables With Garden Findings

The key to create lovely, country-style table scapes is lots of textures, so place jars of flowers sporadically thorough out the food and plates and trail garlands so they fall natural off the sides. Rather than buy your greenery, have a look around your garden for decor and DIY your floral decor. This will create a nice link between the table design and the surrounding garden too.

Narrow Down Your Theme

8 Charming outdoor party decoration ideas

Why not choose a seasonal color scheme based on the color combination of flowers in your garden, says Jo Jeffery, Head of Brand Development at Talking Tables . For our shoots we also try to use in-season produce so while you may only want a few blooms for a couple of bud vases, why not think about whats currently flowering. And the same goes for food too.

And try to make use of items you already have when it comes to tableware and party decorations, or consider a trip to a thrift shop which can give something once-loved a new life too. It might also create some talking points for the table.

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Create A Polaroid Photo Booth

Make yours a party to remember with a polaroid photo booth

Making your own photo booth will give your vintage garden party ideas a memorable twist. To give it a vintage feel, why not raid second-hand shops for accessories like glasses, hats and jewellery? Set up a backdrop by hanging unused frames from trees using pretty ribbons and lace.

Polaroid cameras are perfect for capturing candid snaps with a retro feel. They wont get lost on someones iCloud for all eternity, and nobody can moan they want a filter added!

Protect Your Guests From Garden Pests

Bugs can be a problem, and nobody wants a fly in their drink! Try serving drinks in quirky jam jars instead of glasses. Drill a small hole in the lids so that you can slide in straws, and match them to your color theme. Lighting a few mosquito candles and placing them around the garden can reduce the chance of guests getting bitten, and itâs also a good idea to have bug repellant on hand.

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Create A Fabric Awning

A garden awning is a perfect shade garden idea against the midday sun during summer lunches for a pretty country twist try making one using classic striped fabric as demonstrated here by Susie Watson Designs.

‘I have always wanted to create an awning on the terrace to shade from the sunlight whilst we eat or read the newspaper,’ says founder Susie Watson . ‘Our Pale Rose Ivory Wide Stripe seemed like the perfect understated cotton sophisticated and subtle, the stripes really do suit any outside space. The towering hollyhocks echo the colours of the jolly tassels, the ideal tone to transition from early spring to high summer.’

Create A Pretty Place Setting With Vintage Finds

Birthday party (garden decoration ideas)

For a quirky, homespun look which is easy to create, why not use what you have and layer up a selection of vintage floral, block-printed and lace-edged tablecloths with mix and match crockery, glassware and cutlery? For a feminine flourish tie cutlery with ribbon and dot about plenty of freshly cut garden flowers.

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Lemon Naked Cake With Flower Crown

Impress your guests with a seasonal cake that looks too pretty to eat. Don’t be intimidated, the impressive results are all owed to a lemon cake mix and simple lemon buttercream.

Summer called, and it wants this cake. The rosé flavor comes through in a pleasant way that compliments the strawberries, which give the cake its dashingly pink hue.

Play Traditional Garden Games

This is a great DIY project to make ahead of your party with kids

Keep kids entertained by making old-fashioned garden games. To make a hoopla set, wash out some empty drinks bottles then, once dry, fill them with a little colored paint. Swirl it around the sides, then pour back into the bottle so all the inside is coated. Leave to dry.

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Organize A Breakaway Area

Set up a few easy chairs away from the main table area where guests can go to sit and chat or enjoy some quiet time away from the hubbub of the party. Add a parasol or makeshift canopy that will provide shelter from the sun when it’s at its hottest.

Plan for all weathers, advises Mary Claire Boyd. It’s always good to have a wet weather plan, should it decide to take a turn for the worst. Do you have space to continue the party inside? Alternatively, can you pitch up a gazebo or marquee in your garden? Think about the “what ifs” so you have a plan B if needed.

A basket of blankets or throws hung across the backs of chairs also makes it easy for people to grab and use if the evening turns cooler. And a few floor cushions situated on outdoor rugs provide an alternative and inviting place to rest if there are not enough chairs.

Furnishings For An Outdoor Party

Pumpkin Succulent Centerpiece DIY Garden Party

Outdoor furnishings can tie together a theme or colors. That doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a coordinating patio set. Fix up what you already have, borrow from a friend or neighbor, or hunt down used or cheap outdoor furnishings online or at flea markets.

Bring lightweight, durable indoor furniture outdoors for the occasion. Consider using ottomans and poufs alongside garden stools for extra outdoor seating. Arrange assorted chairs at an outdoor table for a charming eclectic, rustic, or cottage vibe.

  • 06 of 07 Friends dancing at backyard party.Getty Images

    What’s a party without music? All you need is time to prepare a playlist of tunes that will reflect the tone and timing of your party activities, culminating with dance music! Keep the music playing by queuing up your selections and shared playlists on Spotify played through your Bluetooth speaker. You can also choose to play a long-form YouTube channel with the type of music you prefermany channels are ad-free and will play straight for 10 hours or more.

    Or, if you or your friends play instruments, encourage them to bring them to the party for an impromptu concert.

    Continue to 7 of 7 below.

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    Create A Party Ambience With An Outdoor Speaker

    Ultimate Ears UE Megablast

    Want to really get the party started? You need music. And while you don’t want to annoy all your neighbors with an overly loud sound, a tinny old speaker won’t do, either. Go for a portable speaker that you can easily bring out into the garden and move it around should you need to. Then you just make sure you have a banging playlist ready to go!

    Set Up A Welcome Table On A Vintage Cabinet

    Bring a dresser outside for they day and cover with a table cloth if you’re worried about rings

    If youre lucky enough to be putting your vintage garden party ideas into practise on a hot and sunny day, your guests are likely to want to head straight for the refreshments.

    Upcycle a beautiful preloved dresser into an elegant drinks station idea to welcome guests on arrival. Laden it with clip-top bottles of chilled homemade cordial and jugs of Pimms for the adults. A vintage frame with a blackboard painted in chalkboard paint makes the perfect welcome sign.

    Make use of items you already have, says Jo Jeffery, head of brand at Talking Tables . A trip to a charity shop can give something once loved a new life, too. And if you do invest in a couple of new items its good if they are built to last like quality fabric bunting so you can store them away and bring them out for another day. Alternatively, for something like paper napkins or bamboo plates, look out for plastic-free, recyclable packaging.

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    Illuminate The Garden With Solar Power

    Make sure your garden party continues effortlessly into the evening with plenty of ambient outdoor lighting. Seek solar power for a smart outdoor lighting solution, with designs that offer pretty presentation but also a practical sustainable living idea. Handy solar-powered garden lights are brilliant because they spend all day charging in the sunshine to then omit a warm glow as the light fades.

    Plus, solar lights are super easy to install there’s no need for wiring or extra batteries. Simply insert solar stake lights into the soil then press the switch, and let the light do the work for you.

    “Solar lighting is a brilliant way to add some extra warmth and light to your outdoor space, without having to worry about extension wires or a garden power source” says the team at Wayfair. “A brilliant practical purchase for some added safety, line pathways and frame garden borders with slim solar stake lighting or some contemporary outdoor lanterns. Free to run, outdoor solar lights are an economical addition, with no need for batteries or electricity. Super energy-efficient, integrated LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours, making them a long-lasting garden accessory which will cast a warm white glow.”

    How Do You Set Up A Garden Party

    Garden party decorations/outdoor night party deco/table decoration

    Setting up a great garden party is so much fun, but it can become overwhelming if you dont prepare in advance!

    So to ensure your party goes as seamlessly as possible, make sure you have everything ready the day before so you can relax with your guests on the day.

    A great tip is to set up everything you can that will survive the night and get everything else you need for the day ready so its just a case of quickly putting things out in the morning before your guests arrive.

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    Garden Party Ideas For Any Type Of Oudoor Space

    Is there anything better than lolling around the garden with your nearest and dearest as a warm day turns in to a balmy night? Entertaining outdoors can feel much more relaxed than the same kind of party indoors.

    First of all, decide what kind of party you want to have. If you have the space, it can be delightful to host a proper formal dinner outside, complete with porcelain plates, crystal glasses and the best silver candlesticks. Find a long trestle table, bring out the best linens, and just enjoy the unexpectedness of being outdoors. It’s perhaps more usual, however, to go a bit more informal for outdoor dining. Think stoneware plates, colourful recycled glassware, and lanterns glowing with candles. This is the perfect kind of setting for a barbecue, and we’re rather into the idea of setting up an outdoor fireplace with a grill, so that we can keep warm on chilly nights and cook at the same time.

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    And finally of course, you can head into the realms of the picnic, flopping onto the floor with a good outdoor blanket and perhaps some floor cushions, and lazing in the sun. This can work just as well in a small garden as a large one. The same set-up can work really well for an outdoor cinema in the evening. If you’re entertaining at night, make sure you have some pretty lighting – festoon lights, hurricane lanterns, or candles all work beautifully. If you set it up right, your guests will never want to leave.

    Extend A Warm Welcome

    Appeal garden-party visitors at the entryway with an all-singing, all-moving presentation. Cause them to feel immediately invited and prepared to party with a carefree welcome on appearance. Something other than an incredible method to state welcome, a message board is ideal to feature in case you’re commending an event. Compose a glad birthday message or commemoration devotion for all to see to establish the nursery party’s pace. You can change any surface into a message board with a basic layer of writing slate paint.

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    Hang Decorative Bunting And Lanterns

    Kit out your garden with some fun and brilliantly colorful decorations to add an instant party vibe, because who doesn’t love a pop of color?! Lightweight lanterns and bunting are ideal for hanging from pergola structures, up in the trees or suspended along a string above tables to elevate decorations, to ensure the staging is seen from all aspects of the garden.

    These reusable lanterns will inject cheery color to brighten a garden party theme during the day and conjure up ambient magic when lit up after dark.

    Novelty bunting is also great if you’re working along a specific theme, for example, if you’re planning a Platinum Jubilee party.

    Use Solar Path Lights

    37 Table Decoration Ideas For A Summer Garden Party

    Using path lights for your backyard or around your porch steps is a functional solution and a party statement.

    They warm up the atmosphere and provide much-needed light to spaces where guests may lose their balance or misstep.

    Solar lights are a great option because theyre inexpensive and are powered by the sun, which means once you place them in the yard, you wont have to worry about maintenance.

    Lining your yard or steps with solar lights could save a guest or family member from slipping or falling on a rocky walkway or missing a step on the porch.

    You can have fun with these by finding solar lights that match the style or color of your event!

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    Garden Path With Balloons

    You can use balloons to mark your garden paths that lead to different party areas! They will help you create a beautiful outdoor event decoration!


    • tie ropes of the same length to your balloons
    • weave cute tassels from ribbons, make them the same length as your ropes
    • wrap the ropes with tassels, tie them to pegs and stick them into the ground at the same distance from each other.

    Candles centerpiece

    • There are many ideas that will help you make a stunning candles centerpiece for your garden party:
    • place several baskets on the table, decorate them with candles of different sizes and colors, add some greenery and flowers
    • stretch the ropes over the tables, hang glass lanterns with candles on them
    • use several beautiful candlesticks with candles, placing them on the table and decorating the bottoms with wreaths of greenery and flowers.

    Fun photo backdrop

    If you let imagination run wild, you can easily make a magical backdrop for your photo zone. Here’s what you’ll need:

    • a wall made of wood
    • fresh flowers and greenery

    Think about how to arrange balloons and flowers so that you can make your background look more attractive you can attach them to the wall separately, create small bouquets, and fix your LED garland on its top with its edges beautifully sliding down.

    Don’t Forget The Party Games

    Outdoor living rooms are the perfect space for hosting games night. Outdoor games are a great garden party idea that all the family can enjoy. There are plenty of sets to buy online from classics such as croquet and French boules to oversized versions of indoor favorites like Jenga, chess and Connect Four. Alternatively, if you’re feeling crafty, you could create your own garden party game idea such as this simple ring toss game made by filling a retro fruit crate with colored bottles ready for looping with ribbon-bound hoops.

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    Unique Garden Party Ideas

    Choosing to have a party in the garden is a good way to gather in this time of social distancing, and even a party in the garden could use some favors and decor! This is why we have unique garden party ideas. Although a garden party will utilize the flowers in your garden, they dont have to be your only decoration. If youre stumped on what other sorts of decorations to use, dont worry, there are many themes to choose from. Here are some garden party ideas on decor and party favors to welcome your guests and help them enjoy themselves. We can help plan your event with an easy-to-use checklist.

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