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Great Gatsby Themed Party Outfit

Best Outfits You Can Wear To One

9 Must-Have Outfits For Your Great Gatsby Themed Party

The Great Gatsby, considered to be one of the greatest novels written by Fitzgerald, captured the ostentatious spirit of the Roaring Twenties in America in multiple ways. And every time the novel made its way into popular culture , it made for a visual spectacle.

So, for you to be able to match up to the glamor of the Roaring Twenties, The Great Gatsby style, you need to take your pick from the following outfits that we have carefully chosen for you. Trust us when we say this, you might just turn out to be best dressed at the party.

Great Gatsby Halloween Costumes

Fun and flirty, the flapper dress is easy to wear, and you can get a great costume grade flapper dress for a good price.

Costume grade flapper dresses will usually be made of a cheaper silk underdress with a soft tulle and sequins.

Choose a colorful dress with lots of fringe at the hemline.

Look for the scooped neckline and sleeveless bodice.

Lots of fringe helps make the dress so iconic.

Gatsby Flapper Dresses Style

No matter the occasion, flapper Gatsby girl style is an excellent answer.

The Great Gatsby himself was enamored with the flapper girl look and you too will turn heads when you choose this elegant style as your own.

Attending a Gatsby themed party, choosing a Halloween costume, or choosing the perfect prom or wedding dress, you will certainly look amazing when you show up in your Great Gatsby dress and accessories.

Elegant, opulent, flashy and fun, the Great Gatsby dress will never go out of style.

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The Best 1920s Fancy Dress Outfits And Accessories

You’ll certainly steal the show with this gorgeous flapper dress. The embroidered sequins and tassels absolutely nail the Great Gatsby party theme.

Take flapper girl to a different level with this sophisticated lace midi dress. Add a beaded crown or vintage headpiece for a polished look.

Do you love The Great Gatsby? Of course you do – it’s got glamour, mystery and Leonardo DiCaprio! Plus, you can take inspiration from Daisy Buchanan, with this cute little number.

A fringe dress is such a go-to when it comes to Gatsby themed parties. And for the price, we’ll buy two!

Giving us major Bugsy Malone vibes with a dress that only you and Tallulah could pull off!

If the sequin dress isn’t for you, these staple gangster fancy dress accessories will make you look like a boss. Especially when combined with a power suit!

We loved the glitz and glamour of the twenties which is why this dress is perfect. We reckon this outfit would have been seen in jazz bars across the world.

Razzle dazzle them with this elegant midi dress, which comes in a variety of sizes. It’s cocktail o’clock somewhere, right?

What Is The Attire Of The Great Gatsby

assortment of costumes and accessories, for a 1920s themed party, man ...

The attire of the great gatsby is very elegant and stylish. The men usually wear suits and the women usually wear dresses.

Finding the perfect Great Gatsby outfit can be difficult. Because there are so many great gatsby costumes to choose from today, you should research your options. Certain characteristics distinguish 20s fashion dresses and allow them to stand out from their counterparts in the era. The shinier, more enjoyable, and more fun the dress, the better. There is nothing like a dress in Art Deco inspired by the roaring 1920s to bring a sense of glitz and glamour to your closet. With my Great Gatsby dresses, you can find a variety of lovely designs that surround the bodice. You must dress in a floor-length gown for a gatsby-inspired evening meal.

The Great Gatsby dress and its fringes are responsible for its popularity. A sparkle, a gleam, and a gleam lit up the night as women danced the night away at speakeasies and underground parties. To add volume to your curves and flaunt your dancing moves, I suggest you wear a style that accentuates them. The 1940s were a time when women wore headdresses as part of their 1920s clothing. When it comes to bags, I like to pick Art Deco-style designs with beads and sequins. Its not necessary to spend a lot of money to throw a costume party you can save a lot of money on them. Diamonds sparkled beneath the stars as the flappers wore sparkling jewelry.

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Leg Avenue Foxtrot Flirt Women’s Costume

If theres one dress that screams Gatsby glamor out and loud, it is this little black dress from Leg Avenue. A vintage twist on the classic LBD, this dress has it all: fringes, embellishments, sheer neckline, and an asymmetric hemline. Pair the dress with a string of knotted pearls, a bejeweled headband, and some not-so-subtle makeup to create a stunning Great Gatsby-inspired look and turn heads like never before.

Gatsby Girl Style Dresses

Gatsby girl style dresses are all the rage right now and for good reason! They evoke the glamour and elegance of the Roaring Twenties, when women were first discovering their power and independence. These dresses are perfect for any special occasion, whether its a black tie event or a casual party. They always make a statement and are sure to turn heads. If youre looking for a unique and stylish dress, then a Gatsby girl style dress is definitely the way to go.

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What To Wear To A Great Gatsby Party

1. Flapper Costume


Aside from being an iconic outfit in the 1920s, this outfit is also a popular Halloween costume for the ladies. Above youll see a complete costume from head to toe we will discuss each part later on. This is called a flapper costume.

A flapper girl in the 20s wore knee length skirts , a bob hairstyle, and often listened to jazz.

To look like a flapper girl, wear something sparkly. Sequins and beading were big in the 20s, so add some sparkle to your outfit with accessories or clothing. Sequins are a big part on Great Gatsby dresses.

Also, go for a vintage look. Hats, long gloves, and other accessories can help you achieve a vintage vibe, as well as some fishnet stockings. Makeup should be bold, so red or dark lipstick is a must!

Dont be afraid to experiment! The 20s were all about glamour and luxury, so dont be afraid to try something new.

2. Sequin Dresses


A little black dress is always a classic, but why not add some sparkle with a sequin dress? Sequin dresses come in all shapes and sizes, so youre sure to find one that fits your style. Theyre perfect for any occasion, from a formal event to a party or night out on the town but most especially on a themed event.

As for the color scheme, it really depends on the hosts choices. Silver, gold, champagne, black and purple are usually the most popular colors for a party like this.

3. Fringed Dresses


4. Satin Dresses


5. Faux Fur Bolero/Feather Boa


6. Feather Headdress

Throwing A 1920’s Fancy Dress Party Here’s The Only Guide You Need

Do not wear this to a Great Gatsby or 1920s theme party.

It’s 2020 which means it’s time to throw it back to one of the most glamorous decades in history – the roaring twenties. To celebrate this incredible era that – happened 100 years ago and – we’re entering why not have yourself a Great Gatsby-inspired fancy dress party.

And, you don’t have to be a Downton Abbey fan to get involved with this either – although it helps. But, as we know from the show, this era was filled with cocktail parties, scandals and lots of sequins.

So, that you can focus more on the party planning, weve pulled together a guide to the best 1920s fancy dress. Here are some of our favourite items…

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How To Dress For A Great Gatsby Themed Party

Gents going to a 1920s themed event can either choose the classic dandy look, or go for something a little edgier, like a vintage gangster costume. In both cases, a quality three-piece-suit is a must. As with ladies, hair and accessories should not be underestimated. Those wishing to look as polished and refined as Gatsby, should opt for a slicked-back hairstyle, combined with a tie and a pocket handkerchief in bright, playful colors. The look can be completed with brogue shoes, and a straw flattop hat in summer. Those who wish to attend dressed as vintage gangsters, on the other hand, should generally try to stick to darker colors, and accessorize with a Peaky Blinders-style cap or a fedora.

Stylish 1920s gangsters Tommy Shelby and his posse, from BBCs Peaky Blinders

Another excellent tutorial, with Great Gatsby outfit ideas for couples:

Anabelle Wallis in a stunning embroidered 1920s gown

We hope youve found our tips useful! For more awesome style ideas, check out our fashion section. We have a great article on vintage wedding dresses, as well as lots of info on 50s, 80s and 90s clothing!

And now, enjoy our Great Gatsby outfits gallery!

A lookbook full of ideas

Its hard not to love this indulgent, vintage glam!

A flapper bride? Why not!

Chic vintage preppy outfit for guys

You can never wear too much sparkle to a Gatsby themed event

Stylish, charming and energetic the quintessential flapper

Be the star of the party, in a stunning black sequin gown

Ready to party!

Floral Fringe Midi Dress

Another proud member of the Flapper dress clan, a floral fringe midi dress adds a hint of delicate charm to the otherwise spirited and outspoken style of the 1920s. Such a number is the perfect choice if your Great Gatsby party is taking place over a luncheon or happens to be an informal brunch.

Go for paler gloves in crochet or lace with this dress and a headband with feathers and/or flowers to accessorize the attire. Stick to peaches, nudes, and pinks for your lips and cheeks. The flirty feminine is the look you should aim for when wearing a floral fringe midi dress to a Great Gatsby party. Think Jordan Baker for inspiration.

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What Dresses Are In Style For 2023

Dresses in style for 2023 so far include corset designs, skin-showing cut-outs, one-shoulder or cold-shoulder necklines, and prints or fabrics in rich colors. Corset dresses feature a bodice with vertical seams or boning that flatters the figure. Find the corset trend in formal to casual dresses, and in club, party, and birthday dresses. Off-shoulder, one-shoulder, and cold-shoulder dresses are trending across long-sleeve dress styles and lengths in classic neutral colors, playful prints, and pastel colors like mauve, sage green, or light blue. These short to long dresses are perfect for graduations, wedding guest attire, and special day-to-nighttime events. Showing some skin when dressing up is an easy trend to catch across any style, but have you seen the flattering and/or revealing styles updated recently? Encounter illusion dresses, gowns with mesh inserts, and skin-showing cut-outs on the sides, fronts, and back of dresses. This design is featured also on necklines, waists, and back details in formal and casual styles. Finally, rich colors from bright floral prints and dark animal prints to deep shades of green, red and blue are bleeding across seasons so be sure not to miss the regular updates here.

So What Was Life In The 1920s Like And What Was The Roaring 20s Attire

Pin by Kimberly Jesicka on Journalist Kimberly Jesika

The 1920s were an exciting era, with an abundance of innovations and technological advancements. Rising from the ashes of the Great War, it ushered in a whirlwind of changes in the way people behaved, dressed, and thought. Wardrobes in particular went though a dramatic transformation. As more and more young women began pursuing work in sectors, hitherto perceived as exclusively male, the fashion industry needed to evolve, in other to accommodate their needs. Impractical, restrictive clothes, such as corsets, and long trailing gowns and skirts, were ditched in favor of loosely fitting and comfortable undergarments, and snappy, low-waisted dresses. Designers like Coco Chanel pioneered the liberating garconne look, which included baggy clothes, knickerbockers and dungarees, making it possible for women to freely enjoy outdoor activities and exercise.

Carrey Mulligan as Gatsbys beloved, Daisy Buchanan, dressed in a typical flapper dress

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What Dress To Wear To A Great Gatsby Themed Party

Attending a Great Gatsby party means that you will need to find the perfect Gatsby Dress.

If youve never read or watched The Great Gatsby, you first need to understand that in the novel, Jay Gatsby is a wealthy bachelor who throws extravagant evening parties in the 1920s.

In the novel, there are wonderful descriptions of the clothing worn by the host and his guests, and it is easy to understand why so many people are eager to host their own Great Gatsby parties.

So, with this in mind, you need to find a dress that is similar to the styles worn by the guests at Gatsbys eloquent parties.

Most of the dresses described in the novel are Gatsby girl style dresses.

The Gatsby flapper girl style is typically a sleeveless bodice with a dropped waist, and a low rounded neckline.

The Great Gatsby dress also featured rows of tassels and beadwork, and were short hemmed, falling around the knee line.

Showing skin was considered scandalous in the previous era, and the flapper girl was anxious to break the rules.

Showing skin at the neckline, the bare arms and the legs was the norm.

The Great Gatsby Themed Party Is Refined Elegant High

Everyone loves a Gatsby-themed party, flawless for any event from a milestone birthday to New Years Eve Party! Were all fascinated by an era when people did a lot of what they werent supposed to do, and less of what they were supposed to do. We showed the world that freedom meant being free-spirited!

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Whats A Great Gatsby Themed Party

It is exactly what it sounds like! A party that takes inspiration from F Scott Fitzgeralds flamboyant Jazz novel, especially in terms of the fashion of the early 1920s. Think guests dressed in dazzling attires, unending flutes of champagne, and a boisterous night of music, dancing, and socializing thats a knockout Great Gatsby themed party for you.

But why The Great Gatsby?

As anyone who has read the novel will tell you, The Great Gatsby is as much about the social-cultural themes as it is about the rather tongue-in-cheek lifestyle of the times. If you dont have the patience for the book , just catch the eponymous 2013 film by Baz Luhrmann and youd know exactly what were talking about! So, if youre a fashion enthusiast and have friends who love the idea of theme parties, The Great Gatsby is the perfect choice for you.

If you throw a successful one, youll be the talk of the town for days to come. If you end up going to one dressed like a million bucks, youd still end up being the center of attention! Its a win-win situation.

But before we help you select your outfit for the day, lets travel back in time and unravel the yarns of 1920s fashion and what made it so special!

How To Dress For A Great Gatsby Party

GRWM 1920s Great Gatsby Party! costume creation |emmasutherlando

10 Decades have passed since the fabulous roaring 1920’s, however the dress code remains as glamorous today as it did 100 years ago. Without doubt the roaring 20’s is the most popular dress up theme for any party or event.

Why The Great Gatsby theme so popular for parties and events

The driving force behind the roaring 1920s modern-day popularity is Baz Lurhrmanns 2013 movie re-make of the 1920s best-selling novel The Great Gatsby. Even more granular, the most memorable scenes of this film feature extravagant, grandiose and seriously fun evening parties with guests dressed to impress. In particular, the ladies exude elegance, beauty and empowerment like we have never seen before. Its these scenes alone that have set the tone for the resurgence of the roaring 20s and Great Gatsby themed events.

What is Great Gatsby Dress Code

In short, Great Gatsby Dress code is formal. However, its formal with immense glamour, extreme style and serious levels of sexiness. A perfect reference to the dress code can be seen in this 5-minute you-tube clip.

Great Gatsby Dress Code for Men

For men it starts with being well groomed. This includes:

  • Being clean shaven
  • Hair at medium to short length and styled with a part.

Next, we move on to the outfit. If you refer to the you-tube clip, this does not need to become a complex exercise. The most common Gatsby outfits for men primarily consist of 4 core garments.

  • White button up collared shirt
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    The Best Gatsby Dresses Brands

    How to Choose your Gatsby Dress ?

    For a simple party such as a Great Gatsby party or a Halloween costume, you will want to make sure that you are looking for a costume grade dress, unless you want to spend the extra money for a more extravagant dress.

    Costume grade Gatsby dresses will usually be constructed from a silk base with a soft tulle overdress and will feature sequins as opposed to beading.

    Although they are costume grade, these dresses will look every bit as flashy and fun as a more expensive gown.

    Look for fun colors and tons of tassels at the hemline to showcase your fun flapper style.

    While it was true that the younger ladies sported the flapper girl style dresses, the more matronly women at Gatsbys parties opted for more of a capped sleeve and longer hemline that reached midcalf and showcased a scalloped or handkerchief style hemline.

    The more matronly dresses often featured the beadwork of the Art Deco style.

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