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Food Trucks For Party Rental

How Much Does Food Truck Catering Cost

Waffle House hitting the road with new food truck

Costs vary depending on the cuisine and how demand there is for the food truck. A big factor can be the date you want to hire the food truck. For instance, if you want a food truck at a Milwaukee wedding reception taking place the same day as Summerfest, the food truck may hike their catering price because theyre losing out on a lot of business they would get at Summerfest.

According to foodrevolt.com , its usually possible to negotiate with food truck operators. In one article on the site, they say a price of around $20 per guest is pretty common. When you compare this to the average cost of $65 per guest for a catered reception, the savings are enormous.

To get you started, here are some links for more info on food trucks in the areas where we rent wedding tents:

How To Book Food Truck Catering In San Antonio

Booking food truck catering in San Antonio can be a challenge. Some food trucks let you book direct, but shopping around is time-consuming and tedious.

City Flavor lets you simplify your search for renting food trucks for your next party or event. Fill out a simple form to tell us about your event, and we’ll connect you with the best food trucks in San Antonio. No fees until you book!

to request a quote for food truck catering.

Get The Best Food Truck Catering For Your Birthday Party

Whether you want the hamburger truck for parties services to come to you or you order drop off catering, our menu is a delight for each and every guest. For those whose lips would not touch meat, our falafel burger is a protein-rich treat made out of our homemade falafel, pickled onion, mango sauce, cucumber, and sumac aioli. Keto diet followers can skip the toasted brioche bun and choose to have their burger wrapped in lettuce, and for your guests who dont understand the fancy burgers everyone feels the need to make these days, our basic cheeseburger allows them to enjoy their burger the way they always havewith cheese, lettuce, and tomato.

Be bold and choose a strawberry apple salad for your dining pleasure, or go traditional with a twist our aioli fry flight offers a choice of fries topped with your choices of aioli sauce. The white truffle aioli will instantly become your new obsession, at least until you try our signature loaded fries, a customer favorite. Topped with Kilt Lifter cheese sauce, avocado, pickled red onions, chipotle aioli, and bacon, you might have to do a few extra laps on the treadmill the next day, but the blend of flavors will make you glad you chose food truck birthday party catering from Aioli Burger! Aioli Burger is definitely one of the best catering food trucks for parties!

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Decide How Many Food Trucks Youll Need For Your Event

A reasonable starting estimate is one food truck per 200-300 attendees.

You will need several trucks if eating a meal is one of the central draws of the event, such as a lunchtime employee appreciation picnic. And you will need to book several trucks if everyone is going to eat at once, such as during a wedding reception.

You can consider one food truck per 400 attendees or so if there are several other attractions during the event, and no set time when everybody eatsguests will visit the food truck when the lines are lower.

Talk with the food truck owners about your attendee estimates and how many customers they are capable of serving per hour. Provide the truck owners with attendee estimates a week before the event so they can factor that into their ordering and prep.

Why Everyone’s Booking With Best Food Trucks

NJ and NY food trucks to rent for your graduation party

The team at BFT has collectively been in the food truck industry longer than any other food truck catering company in the world. Our CEO, Matt Geller started the country’s first Gourmet Food Truck Association in 2010 and founded the National Food Truck Association. In doing so, he united affordable food truck catering vendors, reformed vending laws and helped to propel the industry to where it is today. Because of our long history and our relationships with food trucks nationwide, BFT is the most trusted and reliable organizer in nation.

Amazing!!!!! Everyone loved the food. They were great!!!

Sami W.

9 December 2022

This was a hit! Brian is super friendly, high energy and makes great tacos! Will definitely use him again.

Faye S.

9 December 2022

Fixed right on time and piping hot. Pad Thai chicken has very nice flavor but serving very large. I would suggest cutting back to 2/3-3/4 serving size and adding some topping to add texture such as chopped peanuts, green onion, etc, in addition to the sprouts.

Peter C.

8 December 2022

Order is perfect. Love the extra spinach, gonna be like Popeye afterwards! Food is delicious as ever.

Corey M.

7 December 2022

Great menu options, portions match the price, pleasant service and the food was delicious. Definitely will order again.

Daymon M.

7 December 2022

Wonderful people making delicious food. I’ve only been there twice, but I already know I’ll be going back time and time again!

Anna M.

6 December 2022

Lynne H.

5 December 2022

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Nothing Says Hip Local Fresh And Convenient Like The Wonderful Fare That Is Being Cooked Up By Your Local Food Trucks And Caterers

Atlanta Food Truck Catering and Booking connects you with a world of awesome food. From tacos, vegan or down home country cooking to elegant steak dinners. These mini kitchens on wheels look into current trends for authenticity and experiences, as well as wonderful thoughtfully prepared food. With good reason, people get excited when they eat at a food truck.

Food trucks will bring the kitchen to you. They are great for any type of party, festival or event. At your home, neighborhood, business or anywhere you choose. You and your guests will enjoy this fun and delicious way to feed your hunger.

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Planning Your Food Truck Rental

When planning your food truck rental for your party, you should consider how many people you plan to feed, during your event. For example, if you are looking to feed up to 200 guests, and provide them a full meal, you may want to consider renting more than one food truck. You dont want your guests spending most of the event, standing in line for food. However, if you are simply renting a food truck for a simple snack or just a unique addition to your main event, then perhaps one will work for you.

If you plan for your event guests to eat throughout the entire event, with no set times to eat, then, perhaps one truck up to 400 guests would be more appropriate for you. Moreover, ensuring all of your guests can eat, without too much waiting, is essential for success. Make sure you are open with the representative you speak to when making your rental. Additionally, make sure you tell them exactly how many guests you are expecting, the type of event, and arrange what works best for both parties.

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The Meal And Food Types

A dessert truck will cost less than a food truck providing mains, sides, and drinks for lunch or dinner. A food truck catering an event like an evening wedding reception, with its complex logistics and full dinner, will probably top out the price range.

Some trucks come in at the end of a catered reception or other late-night affairs, specializing in dessert and coffee. This is a cost-effective option that still makes a big impact.

Tacos, hot dogs, and BBQ tend to be inexpensive food truck fare. Costly ingredients like lobster, or on-trend trucks that serve fusion or organic creations may be more expensive.

What Kind Of Events Would Be Good For Food Trucks

Gelato truck caters at luxury weddings

Food trucks have become increasingly popular in recent years and they continue to be a great option for all types of events, especially if they are happening outdoors already. Food trucks would be a hit at any block party, family reunion, or college campus event. If your celebration is indoors, you can still book a food truck as long as theres a convenient place near the venue for the truck to park. Some weddings are even opting for one or two food trucks in place of a traditional catering experience.

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On A Different Notea Food Travel Tip

If its your first time to New York city, and youve never really seen or tasted our cool Food trucks before youll surely be thrilled each time you try a new one. However, when touring NYC for the very first time, you should definitely try a food vendor thats been a crucial part of the NY landscape long before the food trucks became so popular

Best San Antonio Food Trucks And Catering Tips

San Antonio is one of the top ten growing cities in the US. San Antonios large growth has spurred a growing food truck scene. Like other cities in Texas, expect big meals and lots of cuisines to choose from.

With a massive number of trucks coming onto the scene in San Antonio every year, renting a food truck for catering can feel overwhelming. Plus, San Antonio is a big city, and figuring out where to go to find trucks can be a challenge.

Thats why weve put together this guide with our tips and tricks for exploring the San Antonio food truck scene and booking catering.

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Find The Best Food Trucks For Your Event

Once youve narrowed down the cuisine, use Roaming Hunger, FoodTrucksIn, Yelp, or a city-specific site or app to explore all the options in your region. Spend some time exploring reviews from catering clients to see how operations handle the high-volume, short-turnaround involved in a scheduled event.

Submit and lock down your dates earlyfood trucks are in demand. Roaming Hunger will even take information about your event and budget, find suitable food trucks in your area, and handle the booking for you.

Many food trucks also have their own websites with options to request bookings online and available dates. If a client has a dream food truck in mind for an event, this can help you settle on an event date and get the contract signed before theyre booked elsewhere.

Use your event planning software to store the contact information and pricing for trucks that are popular, reliable, and offer outstanding service so you have a go-to list of suggestions for your clients.

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

Épinglé sur Truck Event Corporate

Would you rather blow your whole budget on the food only to get something mediocre and off-theme or spend way less for better food and buy the most amazing birthday present for your loved one that you can?

Yeah, option B is looking way better to us, too.

And a food truck will allow you to do that. You can plan the perfect birthday party menu on a budget without having to sacrifice quality or pick between cake or ice cream.

Food trucks are almost always significantly less expensive than traditional catering options while also providing you with customizable, fresh, and delicious options.

Youll have your cake and eat it too, perhaps most literally with a cupcake food truck and a bit more figuratively with the great food for a lower price.

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Where To Rent Food Trucks For Your Party

After deciding on renting a food truck for your party, you may ask where to find the best food truck for your event.

  • Roaming Hunger is an excellent choice for locating a food truck rental near you. Roaming Hunger is dedicated to the food truck industry, and has one of the most robust platforms available to help you find and book your food truck.
  • City Flavor was actually started by people in the food truck industry and know how important it is to find the right food truck to rent for your event. They can connect you with the best food trucks for your event, and can accommodate many different event sizes and requirements.
  • Yelp always is a great good go-to for food-related inquiries, furthermore, Yelp is an excellent option for locating the best food trucks. Yelp can connect you with the best food truck rentals near you, and will provide real-time reviews. Moreover, this will give you a better picture of what the food truck is like, how popular it is, as well as what is on the menu.

Looking Into Renting A Food Truck For A Party

Renting a food truck for a party is a great way to provide food and entertainment for your guests. Food truck rental allows you the flexibility to select multiple different cuisines while providing high-quality, local food options. Renting a food truck also helps support the local community, as most food truck operators have goals of eventually growing into their own full restaurants.

The food truck industry has been going crazy for at least the last 10 years, and now is a great time to take advantage of this unique style of cuisine. Moreover, depending on how big your party is, you might be able to rent more than one food truck, providing more variety for your party. Furthermore, If you are looking for unique ways to cater a wedding reception, party food for graduation, or looking for fun food options for a birthday party, a food truck rental could be a really good option for you.

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Where Can I Rent A Food Truck

There are several online resources you can use to source a food truck rental:

1. Roaming Hunger Their Marketplace is a great place to start since itâs a free resource.

No matter where youâre located, youll get food truck options for your needs. Or theyll point you in the right direction if there are alternative choices.

They help with both short and long-term rentals and also have programs in place that help support smaller businesses. And if youâre looking to buy or even build a food truck, Roaming Hunger has resources.

2. Foodtruckrental.com This website has listings that include food trucks ready to lease.

3. Local food truck owners You can try reaching out to local food truck owners to see who has equipment that you can rent.

While you can expect to find a car rental place in nearly every city, food truck rental businesses can be hard to find. This is why most people turn to online databases, which can put you in touch with resources near you.

What Food Trucks Are Near Me

The inside scoop on Joburg’s trendy food trucks


Constantly searching for food trucks near you? When food trucks first came out, we had to find them through flyers, word of mouth, major events, and phone calls.


A food truck works by operating as a mobile food unit. Which essentially means its a roving restaurant.

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How Much Does It Cost To Rent Mobile Food Equipment

Short term rentals can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Pricing will depend on whether you need to wrap the truck and what itâs going to be used for. The greater the risk to the owner, the higher the cost.

Long term rentals will range from just over $1,000 all the way to over $5,000 per month. Again, it depends on the type of equipment youâre needing, your location, and what the food truck will be used for.

Food Truck Rental Cost Factors

Before you hire a food truck, it is important to get an estimate for the cost of the food truck. There are many factors that affect the cost of the food truck rental. First, you will have to take into account how long you need the food truck for. This length of time will determine what type of rate and which vendor is available for your event.

The type of foods that will be served also affects how much it costs to hire a food truck. For example, if you plan on providing pizza and ice cream at your event, then it would be more expensive than if you planned on providing hamburgers and fries. Finally, the number of people attending your event determines how much it costs to rent a food truck because they generally charge per person. Some vendors also offer special rates for large events or parties with as many as 500 attendees.

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You’re Viewing California Food Trucks

Please note these Food Trucks will also travel to Madera, Biola, Pinedale, Friant, Chowchilla, O Neals, Kerman, Coarsegold, Fresno, Raymond, Clovis, Le Grand, Prather, Planada, Raisin City, El Nido, San Joaquin, Mendota, Tranquillity, Helm, Catheys Valley, Auberry, Oakhurst, Ahwahnee, North Fork, Fowler, Wishon, Bass Lake, Sanger, Firebaugh

Relying On Our Food Truck Rental Will Please Even The Pickiest Of Eaters

Pin by Trailer Made Mobile Bar on Trailer Made Mobile Bar

Food trucks have exploded in popularity in the recent past, and for good reason. A food truck offers the appeal of a delicious meal or treat without the hassle of a sit-down restaurant atmosphere. Food trucks can go anywhere and everywhere, which means that they can reach a wider audience. Most food trucks can be reserved for events and special occasions, including the Cocoa ForteTM truck. Our truck serves decadent desserts for all occasions to those located throughout the Cary, North Carolina area.

When youre looking for a way to attract more attendees to an event or cater to your guests for a special occasion, our food truck rental option is a great choice. You simply have to reserve the truck, and well take care of the rest. Our food truck serves delicious cheesecake slices, dipped and coated in a variety of flavors, on sticks. The treats we serve to our fans combine the sophistication of a good slice of cheesecake with the fun and carefree vibe of a food truck. Every guest at your event is sure to enjoy the treats we craft, and youll have a lot of happy people at the end.

Relying on our food truck rental will please even the pickiest of eaters. If you want to create a memorable experience for your wedding or birthday celebration, be sure to contact us to discuss a food truck rental. We have two trucks available for rent, and we use quiet generators to avoid making too much noise.

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