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Food Catering For Birthday Parties

Choosing The Food Items

Kids party food. Catering for a kids party on a budget.

Food is the main attraction of a birthday party. So, you need to spend time and attention on the food items selection by giving importance to a wide variety. Take care of the audience because you may expect both vegetarians and non-vegetarians to the birthday event. Accordingly, prepare the food items that make the visitors so happy and delighted. For example, you can add bbq catering professionals for the party.

The following ideas may help you to make the birthday event still glorious:

  • Street food items are also included for making the event unique. You can select major food items of the world countries for making the event very top.
  • Don’t forget to include spicy and non-spicy food items at the birthday event.
  • Have a separate hall for the food service to the visitors of the party. Never mingle the cake cutting event and food service at the same hall. This idea can make your event entertaining and less hassle.

How Many People Would Each Pan Serve

Most of our a la carte catering pans serve 4 – 6 generous portions, and our Large Lasagna Classico pan serves up to 12. Make sure to check out our Catering Meal Combinations, each designed to serve 10 – 14 people a complete meal everyone will love, including dessert, salad, beverage and, of course, our delicious breadsticks!

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

Would you rather blow your whole budget on the food only to get something mediocre and off-theme or spend way less for better food and buy the most amazing birthday present for your loved one that you can?

Yeah, option B is looking way better to us, too.

And a food truck will allow you to do that. You can plan the perfect birthday party menu on a budget without having to sacrifice quality or pick between cake or ice cream.

Food trucks are almost always significantly less expensive than traditional catering options while also providing you with customizable, fresh, and delicious options.

Youll have your cake and eat it too, perhaps most literally with a cupcake food truck and a bit more figuratively with the great food for a lower price.

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Food Catering For Birthday Party:

Food Catering for Birthday Parties has become a norm nowadays. More and more people are turning to food catering companies who can take up the responsibility of Food while the hosts can take care of other affairs.

At Elite Caterers we get a lot of Food catering offers for Birthday Parties. With Clients having various taste preferences, weve gained a lot of experience. Our team includes chefs who can deliver the taste just as your taste buds desire. From Chinese to Italian, Pure Vegetarian to Mughlai & Non-veg, with Elite you have no end to the choice of cuisine you can have if you opt for Birthday Party Catering. And if its a Kids Birthday Party then the options for food catering goes to the next level.

Based on our experience working with various clients across Hyderabad for their requirement of Food Catering for birthday party, we have curated a few Birthday Day Party Menus which you should definitely check out when considering birthday party catering. Sure these menus can be arranged if you like to arrange everything at your kitchen however food catering option is best as these dishes taste best when cooked by experts, therefore if you like to have these menus at the birthday party you sure must consider food catering.

Food Catering For Children Birthday Party

Events By Farrah

Kids can be finicky about food but we know what they love. All of your kids favorite foods are available on our delicious kids menu including hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries and even custom made birthday cakes. If you dont see what youre looking for in our menu let us know and we will customize a menu just for you. Check out this amazing special

Kids & Grown Ups Catering Special

Select any 4 delicious choices from our menu. We also include an attendant that will set up and serve the food buffet style with chaffing dishes and warmers to keep your food warm and tasty, along with elegant disposable plates, silverware and napkins. Attendant will break down and clean up food area.

All Kids Catering options include chilled water, refreshments, chips, staff to set up food area, chafing dishes and warmers to keep your food warm and tasty along with elegant disposable plates, silverware and napkins. Our Golden Heart stands for caring and quality.

Choose 4 delicious choices Chicken tenders, pizza, quesadillas, barbecue meatballs, croquettes, arroz con pollo, mozzarella sticks, coconut shrimp, tequenos, chicken wings, sandwiches and wraps, pigs in a blanket, barbecue ribs, spaghetti and meatballs, arroz imperial, deviled eggs. barbecue pork sliders, baked ziti, chicken cordon bleu bites, corn, grilled cheese sandwiches, tacos, French fries, hamburgers, burgers

3 hour service for $1500

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Winter Birthday Party Food Ideas

Winter time brings around some of the most festive holidays of the year, and for those of us with winter birthdays, theres only extra reason to celebrate! When you live in Arizona, winter birthdays can still feature plenty of sun and outdoors time and can be an ideal time to plan a party for yourself or one of your loved ones. When youre searching for winter birthday party food ideas that will go beyond your expectations, youll find them with our winter birthday catering from Aioli Burger!

Were The Areas Premier Corporate Food Truck Caterer

Birthdays are great occasions for celebration, no matter what age the birthday celebrant is. Whether your baby is turning one, your mother is turning seventy-five, or your spouse or partner is hitting a milestone , they are great reasons for bringing family and friends together.

When you are planning a more elaborate birthday event, you want to be sure that your food and caterer will add to the joy of the occasionas well as your own pleasure by creating an event that is easy to arrange and manage.

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How Much Should Catering Cost For A Wedding

The cost of wedding catering will reflect the level of service, the menu you choose, the luxury you desire and the number of guests you invite. Where you live also plays a major role in your wedding catering costs. The regional cost to do business and local cost of food will affect your catering bill. There is no set price for wedding catering, because each wedding and each menu is different. This is why many caterers provide a per-person price. This allows you to break down what it costs to feed each person based on the menu you want. Working with your caterer, you can adjust menu items, service level and more to accommodate your budget and guest count. Keep in mind that wedding catering costs are not just for the food. The bill reflects all the components that go into commercial food catering: a commercial kitchen, ingredients, staff, insurance, marketing and more. Here are some examples of average costs:

  • Three-course plated meal, moderately upscale, for 125 in Los Angeles: $14,000. Because of staffing costs, a true plated meal costs about twice as much as a staff-assisted buffet.
  • Buffet meal, standard menu, for 100 in Los Angeles: $5,000.
  • Per-person cost for hors d’oeuvres, dinner and nonalcoholic beverages: $24$37, depending on menu selection, in Southern California.
  • Drop off prepared food for 50: $1,000 in North Carolina. Price does not include any service, setup or breakdown.

Melon Mozzarella + Prosciutto Skewers

Party Appetizer Buffet Table – Galore Of Flavors

Salty, sweet and oh-so-refreshing, these melon and prosciutto skewers cover all the bases for the perfect party snack. To make them, use a melon roller to carve out watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe balls. Thread alternating melon balls on skewer sticks between fresh basil leaves, buffalo mozzarella and salty prosciutto slices. Serve as is or spice it up with a sprinkle of fresh-cracked pepper.


Salty, sweet and oh-so-refreshing, these melon and prosciutto skewers cover all the bases for the perfect party snack. To make them, use a melon roller to carve out watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe balls. Thread alternating melon balls on skewer sticks between fresh basil leaves, buffalo mozzarella and salty prosciutto slices. Serve as is or spice it up with a sprinkle of fresh-cracked pepper.

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Birthday Party Catering To Suit All Ages And Preferences

We were all excited when creating the menu itself. Our customer only mentioned 3 points:

  • 3 Types of Vegetarian Food
  • Mains should mostly be Western Food
  • Ice Kacang! The kids would love it.
  • Menu as below:

    Vegetarian Lobak Yam with sauce

    Char Bihun with chopped chillies

    Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread

    Nestum Prawn with Curry Leaves

    Deep Fried Calamari

    Grilled Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce

    Assorted Nyonya Kuih

    The buffet was very satisfying to all ages. Vegetarians had their choices while seafood lovers had an excellent time. Yes, deep-fried squid and Nestum prawns got many eyebrows raising. Guests truly enjoyed the variation of textures in these dishes. To wrap on a sweet note, you can never ask for something better than Ice Kacang. In short, if you were here as a guest, it would have been a massive test of willpower if you are on diet.

    Dear 1-year old baby,

    Your birthday was not only a wonderful moment of togetherness but it filled the bellies of people with good food. We are truly happy to be part of it too! Thank you.

    Pin The Grin On The Cheshire Cat

    A spin on classic kids game, pin the tail on the donkey! To prepare for the game, print out a large picture of the Cheshire Cat along with some extra versions of his grin. Cut around this carefully. For extra sturdiness, glue together cardboard behind the paper cutout. Give one of these to each guest and give everyone a turn to pin it on the Cheshire cat while blindfolded. The closest to the Cheshire cats grin wins!

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    Dessert Ideas For Adults

    If you want to give the adults at your party more of a choice in what they are eating, serve chocolate fondue! Melt multiple kinds of chocolate and place into separate bowls. You can have a platter with an assortment of fruit on it. You can also have a platter that has more sweets, such as cookies. Doing dessert this way, the guests are able to have more of a choice in what they eat for dessert.

    The Best Catering Food Trucks For Parties Start With The Best Burger

    Birthday Party Catering

    The aioli sauce is a small part of what makes our great burgers so tantalizingly tasty. You begin with mayonnaise, mix in some garlic, and create innovative variations from there. A few of our most popular sauces include our white truffle aioli, black pepper aioli, and roasted garlic aioli. Slather that fresh tasty aioli all over a hot burger made from grass-fed Kobe beef, put it in a toasted brioche bun, and add fresh toppings. Theres no better burger! With a little imagination, fresh produce and locally gathered ingredients, and just a dash of magic, our Kobe beef burgers offer the perfect start to your dream birthday party.

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    How Do I Get Party Catering Packages For Food Trucks Near Me

    If your event details are confirmed, and your budget meets the minimum , you can get catering packages and quotes by submitting a catering request.

    Roaming Hunger will send your request to food trucks in your area, and available trucks will submit a party catering package with pricing and menu. From there you can choose the best catering package for you.

    You can learn more about food truck catering here.

    How Many People Are Attending

    If youre hosting a graduation party at your house and plan to invite all your family and friends I wouldnt recommend serving steak. That would become an extremely expensive party! However, if you are hosting a dinner party with two of your best couple friends then sure, steak is a little more reasonable. Food Network has a great barbecue party calculator for figuring out how much to make per person.

    Pro Tip: Always ask for an RSVP by a certain date so you can get an accurate number. Doing it via text, Facebook, or email will get you the most results. People hate having to call!

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    Wild West Themed Party

    Time to take a trip to the Wild West with a themed birthday party thats perfect for both adults and kids! A party where everyone is dressed up makes it easy for everyone to get into the party mood and join in on the fun.

    Strap on your boots, put on a cowboy hat and youre ready! Celebrate in style with these prop ideas, party games & delicious bbq food. This birthday party catering idea is sure to impress!

    • Props To Buy/Make: Cowboy Hats and Wanted Posters
    • Game To Play: Balloon Stampede
    • To Serve: Smokey Barbecue Food

    What Kind Of Fees Does Roaming Hunger Charge

    Party finger food recipes

    Service Fee: The service fee helps us operate our platform. For catering, our service fee starts at 7%, but it will vary based on factors such as the size of your event, the location, the number of food trucks, and the level of service your event requires.

    Other Fees: You can expect to pay local taxes and any applicable credit card fees as well.

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    Indoor Childrens Play And Party Venue

    Indoor play centres for kids often contain beautifully styled party rooms that offer the perfect environment to host your very important persons birthday party.

    Bookings will generally be for a 2-hour period, and the party will see the birthday child having a wonderful time playing in the venues adventure land with their closest friends.

    These childrens party venues are generally fully air-conditioned, with jumping castles, slides, ball-pits and separate toddler play areas, to keep the kids entertained.

    The fun continues when their venue host serves the children scrumptious birthday treats in a themed party room for example, one venue we know promotes that the children can choose between dining on a space adventure, in the secret garden, at a carnival, under the sea, with pirates or even fairies or for those who like to keep it simple, how about in our beautiful Happy Birthday room?

    Be sure to ask, as some venues will allow you self-cater your party group.

    Most centres will also cater for adults, at reserved tables in the venue cafe, where you , can enjoy time away from the curated bedlam of the birthday party with excellent coffee and grown-up food.

    Birthday & Kids Catering

    Birthday Catering for Kids in Houston

    For kids, their birthday is the most important day every year. They wait for the day with the utmost enthusiasm to celebrate it in a grand manner with their family and friends. And parents too do not leave any stone unturned to plan their kids birthday party. At The Heights Catering, we understand the joy and enthusiasm of the kids, as well as their parents and hence, offer the most exciting and unique birthday catering for kids in Houston.

    Our team will come to your home or any particular venue you have chosen for the birthday party of your kid, prepare all the food, and serve you and your guests. We complete much of the prep work beforehand, finish it on the site and serve hot to your guests to save time as well as make your event a grand success. Whether you are planning a small party/ gathering at home or an extravagant birthday bash at a lavish venue, we can cater to all your needs seamlessly. From buffet-style services to four coarse services, we can provide you with all kids catering services at the most reasonable price.

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    Birthday Party Catering Service

    The success of these birthday parties depends upon the caterer your hire. The world-class caterers alone give you desired results. So, you have to be very specific while you hire a caterer for the party. You can get Essex party caterers to quote if you require a massive success. The caterers in Essex give you an incredible food taste and food items at the party.

    Beverages For Your Birthday Party Catering

    1st Birthday Party  from the weekend #events #catering #birthday # ...

    A Variety of Exotic Shakes/Drinks/Juices

    Need to please a wide variety of age groups? Try a beverage menu that consists of unique mocktails. Or, step it up a notch and add gourmet ice-cream topped shakes. These colorful drinks, paired to match the theme, will be a playful addition to any event. For your featured menu item, consider adding a signature birthday drink named after yourself. Your guests will love it!

    High Tea

    Ideal for Spring birthdays, high tea creates a refined atmosphere for small groups. For fun, encourage your guests to come dressed in their finest attire. Once they arrive, your guests will sample an array of petite sandwiches, tarts, and pastries with their tea. Consider a tea menu with various options, such as herbal and fruit-infused brews. Also, be sure to serve a balance of savory and sweet food items.

    Coffee Bar

    With the rising popularity of small cafes, why not have a coffee bar at your catered birthday event? Think about providing cafe-staples such as nitro, cold-brew, and dairy-free choices. This will give guests the flexibility of several options. If possible, have the coffee bar provided by your caterer, or from a local coffee shop. Make sure to have an expert barista running the show. This way, your guests will be thrilled to order coffee to their liking.

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    Food Truck Birthday Party Catering

    Birthdays are a time for presents, fun, and laughter, not for slaving in a kitchen for hours on end preparing food for your hungry guests that will disappear in mere minutes. When you are the chef in your family, you really dont want to be subjected to the food styling suggestions and directions of the other family members who just dont have the talent, skill or time for cooking. If a special birthday celebration is looming in your future, why not give us a call and let us cater the meal instead! We offer so many catering options too. Keep it casual with a drop-off catered meal, where we deliver the food and beverages and serving utensils to your site, then you do the rest. Or amp up the wow factor with a food truck birthday party in the park, or impress your guests with sit-down, full-service party catering at your favorite event venue that will be remembered for years to come this birthday is going to outshine all others, and Aioli Gourmet Burgers is going to help! Were a favorite of those who search for food near me in Phoenix, and we hope to soon be yours! Read on to learn more about our food truck in Phoenix for parties.

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