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Dinner Party Make Ahead Recipes

Cook Your Entre Well In Advance

Make Ahead Layered Salad ~ Perfect for Parties & Potlucks!

I get all my shopping done for my dinner party one or two days in advance, and then I start my cooking the day before. Not because these things necessarily take a long time to cook, but because I want to give the food, and myself, plenty of time to chill between cooking and serving. Standing over a hot grill or having my oven blasting on a hot summer night while Im trying to be hostess with the mostess and sweating through my dress does not feel great. Instead, I get all my grilling and roasting done in the cool of the night before the party if I can, or the morning of the party in a pinch.

How To Craft A Guest List

Consider your guest list before you send the invitations. How many people can fit comfortably in your space? Can you prepare enough food for the number of guests youre inviting? Is there anyone on your list who wont get along with others or is likely to cause problems at the dinner? Have you included a friend or two who will give you a hand during the party if needed and who can help facilitate conversation? Will the people on your list mesh well together, even if they dont yet know each other?

Imagine the group youre assembling and think about how you might seat them together. If you cant find a suitable neighbor for any of your guests, consider removing them from the list or inviting someone else who will make a good tablemate for them. Be sure to get your R.S.V.P.s as soon as possible, so if some of your guests are unable to attend, you can fill the empty seats by inviting other guests with at least some notice.

Nina Yashar, the Milan design gallerist known for her harmoniously mixed interiors, says her dinner parties have frequently introduced her guests to new best friends and business partners, because of her tendency to invite two old friends and two new friends to every affair. A dinner party is a great way to acquaint new people, but trusty friends are indispensable. Their ease will invite others to take the same attitude. Among guests, shared interests, professional fields or a sense of humor will also help.

Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten’s Make

Planning a party but have no time to cook the day of the shindig? Find yourself in the same bind with family dinners? Ina Garten, a.k.a. the Barefoot Contessa, can relate.

“When I had a specialty food store, people would take our dishes home and serve them later or the next day. So, I had to make dishes ahead, and I learned to make many things that were even better when they were made ahead.”

Garten added that the question she’s most frequently asked about her recipes is “Can I make it ahead?” Her cookbook, “Make It Ahead,” answers yes to that question every time. “I wanted to share what I learned with home cooks, who often have to cook ahead to accommodate their families’ busy schedules,” Garten explains.

Here, Garten shares tips on planning impressive make-ahead meals, plus her recipes for herbed pork tenderloin with apple chutney, mashed potatoes and cornbread. The savory dishes can all be prepared a day to several days in advance of serving .

“I’ve learned that my dinner parties are more fun when I’m not in the kitchen cooking!” says Garten. “It’s hard for me to imagine a recipe that can’t in some way be prepared in advance so cooking is less stressful and more fun.”

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Spinach Lasagna with Mushroom Ragu

We can all agree that lasagna tastes better when its extra bubbly and fresh out of the oven, but that doesnt mean you cant put the layers of yours together well ahead of companys arriving at your door. This ragu-based one from Food Network Magazine is loaded up with delicious and repeating layers of cooked porcini, portobello and shiitake mushrooms as well as frozen spinach, Parmesan, mozzarella, asiago and ricotta cheeses. To make this recipe in advance, go ahead and assemble the lasagna the night before your dinner party and refrigerate it until just before dinnertime the next day. Letting your lasagna sit at room temperature for 30 minutes before baking it will also help your layers achieve the optimal texture.

Berry Rosé Sangria

Banana Cream Pie Dip.

Banana Cream Pie Dip

Wed be remiss if we didnt include at least one dessert on this list, and since dips are the ultimate get-together snack, this Banana Cream Pie version is sure to be a real treat. Though it has some elements that need to be put together on the actual day of your gathering were talking about caramelizing the sliced banana topping specifically you can still put the pudding portion of the dip together the evening before or the morning of. If you usually find yourself complaining about how much dessert you have leftover after a dinner party, this dip is also a nice way to give your guests a sweet send off without going overboard.

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Spruce Things Up Before Serving

The Easiest

To make sure your dishes still feel fresh even though youre serving them cold, you want to save a few steps for the last minutenone of which should make you break a sweat. If youre slicing meat, it should be done as close to serving as possible, and of course the raw tomatoes and cucumbers should be sliced then too. Add any fresh herbs, like the parsley in the marinated eggplant salad or the basil on the tomatoes at the last minute, and then give every single dish a fresh sheen of your best extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkling of flaky sea salt before you bring it out to the tableitll make everything taste better, and make it all sparkle and shine, just like the night.

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Easy Recipes For A Dinner Party: Appetizers

Some of the best food at a dinner party is the appetizers! From easy seafood appetizers to fancy finger food recipes in little pastries, these dinner party appetizers make some of the best easy crowd-feeding recipes and are the perfect inexpensive meals for large groups.

Impress everyone with Potato Pave with Bacon and Parmesan or creamy whipped potatoes . Or, serve updated and fun classics like Jalapeno Popper Deviled Eggs or Baked Portobello Mushrooms.

Italian Summer Dinner Party

A simple but effective Italian-inspired feast will always win over dinner party guests. Start your elegant summer dinner menu with burrata and tomato salad and a plate of gorgonzola and grape flatbreads. For mains, our truffle pasta mafalde uses shop-bought pesto to cut corners, while our super-easy Sicilian aubergine pizzas using crème fraîche instead of a tomato base are made for entertaining. An elegant coupe glass will transform any drink or dessert your dinner party guests will never guess our strawberry sgroppino takes just five minutes to prep. Serve with a deceptively easy negroni sbagliato, requiring just three ingredients, or take a look at our best spritz recipes for tipples which can be whipped up in minutes.

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Crusty Bread Makes A Party

Another one of my stop-gaps when I dont think I have enough food is to add some bread to the spread. A delicious loaf of bread, some soft butter, and a chilled glass of Line 39s citrusy Sauvignon Blanc is reason enough to have friends over.

What are your favorite easy, summery dishes? Tell us in the comments below!

Our friends at Line 39 make their wines by starting with the best grapes possible, all from the very best regions across California. Their commitment to sustainable practices shines through in their quality wines, and has earned them a spot as a Certified California Sustainable Winery from the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance. A citrusy Sauvignon Blanc, a juicy Merlot, and a zippy Rosé Spritzer are just a few of their many offeringslearn more about their full lineup here.

Easy Dinner Party Dishes You Can Make In Advance

How to Make a Simple & Delicious Quiche – Make Ahead Dinner or Brunch Recipe!

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If the idea of hosting a dinner party frightens you, you are not alone. I still remember the trauma of my first one. By the time you shop for ingredients, clean your house, and cook, that makes for a fairly exhausting day. However, if you choose one of the menus below , you can do some, or all, of your preparation ahead of time.

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Chicken And Stuffing Bake

I have never known a man who didn’t like stuffing. My friend Nancy Jo’s sister-in-law served it right out of the bag at Thanksgiving once, and it still got eaten. There are many variations on this recipe for Chicken and Stuffing, but this one is darn easy. I get it ready to the point of adding the stuffing. Do that when you are closer to getting the chicken into the oven. Serve with steamed broccoli and rolls.

This is comfort food, so keep that theme going with pudding that you can make ahead. Shoot a little whipped cream on the pudding for glamour.

Choose Wine And Drinks

When choosing what beverages to serve, consider what might go well with your menu, what you like to drink yourself and what the group might enjoy. Think also about what kind of night this should be. Do you want a tequila-induced dance party or a sparkling water-supported business card exchange? Otherwise, wine is the standard libation for dinner parties.

A 750 milliliter bottle contains about five glasses of wine. You can usually bet on three glasses per guest plus some extra so you dont run out, which generally means counting around one bottle per person to be safe. Be sure water is on the table at dinner, and refill your guests glasses frequently to keep them happy, healthy and not too sloppy.

Generally, youll want to start your guests off with a glass of something bubbly it eases the transition to drinking and tends to put people in a festive mood. Everyone should have a magnum of pét-nat at home ready to roll for their guests as they walk in, says Jorge Riera, wine director of Contra and Wildair, referring to a double-sized bottle of sparkling pétillant naturelle. After that, you can progress to white or red wine with the dinner. Plan on serving the same kind throughout the dinner, saving your guests wine for another occasion or in case your wine runs out unless youve informed them of what kind of wine to bring ahead of time.

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Easy Recipes For A Dinner Party

Sunday Supper is an Amazon Associate and may receive compensation for purchases made through affiliate links.

Make planning your dinner party recipes easy with our collection of Easy Recipes for a Dinner Party! Find all the greatest crowd-feeding recipes perfect for a dinner party menu. These are the best easy dinner party recipes out there!

Holiday cooking can be stressful, but the good news is that you can make it much easier with make-ahead dinner party ideas! This is simple, easy food to make for dinner for any occasion, whether youre cooking for the holidays or a family gathering.

Reverse Sear Instant Pot Prime Rib

The Best Easy Dinner Party Recipes For Stress

Easy Make Ahead and Freezer Meals

Plus, discover the key to throwing a seriously impressive soirée

Looking for an easy dinner party recipe to impress your guests now that indoor gatherings are back on the agenda as of next week without the faff? You’ve come to the right place.

Although we’ve not done much of it over the last year due to various lockdowns and harsh restrictions on indoor gatherings, from what we do remember, hosting a dinner party can be a stressful affair. A plan of complex dishes and not enough prep time leads to a stressed cook trying to get all the dishes out on time. Not fun.

Easy dinner party recipes: What’s the key to hosting a good dinner party?

The key to hosting a good dinner party is all in the atmosphere, so making sure you’re relaxed and sitting down at the same time as your five guests is key. It’s important to remember that dinner parties don’t have to be perfect, either.

Although you might be feeling under pressure to host your first dinner party since last year, they don’t have to have restaurant-quality food or be set on a dining table like the ones in any of these dreamy restaurant interiors. They just have to be convivial, warm, inviting, relaxed. For your guests, sure, but for you, too.

Easy dinner party recipes: What’s the ideal dinner party dish?

This easy and delicious salad uses simple ingredients to make an impact. Taking just 20 minutes to prep and 40 minutes for the various parts to cook in the oven.

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Add Something From Outside

The easiest way to make your home feel festive and inviting is to fill your space with a bit of the natural world. Emily Thompson, a floral designer in New York, suggests that you keep flowers natural-looking, as though the arrangement just sprang from the tabletop of its own volition. Dont get too fussy choose seasonal blooms and cut some wild foliage into the mix so its not so stiff and commercial in feel. If you look around your neighborhood and there are no wild-growing plants to take trimmings from, most florists and even delis offer branches and other seasonal textures that can take the designs in a more authentic direction.

To make the most of your flowers, the Los Angeles-based florist Eric Buterbaugh advises removing all leaves and thorns that would be below water level in the vase and cutting stems at a slight angle to help hydrate your blooms. For a more composed bouquet structure, make a grid of floral tape over your vases opening and fill in the open squares with stems. Generally, start with foliage or any structural greenery, then add your larger primary flowers and finish with your smaller blooms, say Nicolette Owen and Sarah Ryhanen of Brooklyns Little Flower School.

Easy Dinner Party Recipes

Give your guests something to get excited about with these delectable dinner party recipes!

Whether its an intimate celebration or a big blowout, these dishes will make your gathering extra memorable.

Want to save this recipe? Enter your email below and we’ll send the recipe straight to your inbox!

Throwing a party soon? You take care of the drinks and the decorations, and Ill be in charge of dinner.

From appetizers to entrees, this round-up has you covered.

I have fantastic finger foods, scrumptious sides, and hearty eats to complete your feast!

These dinner recipes will make your party a guaranteed hit.

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How To Host A Dinner Party

Food, drink, friends, good conversation a dinner party is, in the end, a simple and enduring combination of ingredients, made unique by what hosts and guests infuse the evening with. To help you achieve a more flawless and fun-filled gathering, here are a set of guidelines with everything you need to know about throwing your best dinner party.

How To Send An E


There are a number of easy online options that allow you to quickly create invitations and send them to your guests, as well as keep track of your R.S.V.P.s. If youre connected to all of your invitees on Facebook, the sites event-creation option is quick and straightforward. Other sites help you create e-vites that mimic the feel of old-fashioned paper invitations with some technological benefits, such as Google maps of the location and automatic reminders for your guests to R.S.V.P. offers organizing tools like date-planning with your friends, but both will hit your invitees with ads unless you pay a membership fee.

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Room Temperature Is Ideal

Not only can these dishes be made ahead, but they dont need to be reheated before eating all they need is 15 to 20 minutes out of the fridge. In that time, they shake the chill from the fridge and warm to room temperature, where their flavors are more vivid. Because seasonings are affected by the chill of the fridge, youll need to taste and adjust salt and acid as needed once the dish comes to room temperature.

Easy Recipes For A Dinner Party: Dinners

Time for the main attraction entree recipes! These easy dinner party recipe ideas are the perfect meals for large groups.

An entree recipe like our Reverse Sear Instant Pot Prime Rib and our Sunday Rib Roast make even the most intimidating recipes easy to make for a fancy dinner party, while our Ina Garten Mac and Cheese and Pulled Pork Stuffed Shells are just perfect for a family gathering. These are amazing dinner recipes for any party!

And, for the veggie-lovers out there, try our Spinach Baked Ziti. Its a vegetarian meal you can prepare ahead of time, then store in the freezer! One of our favorite great dinner recipes to give a try.

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