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Birthday Party Ideas For Teens

Split Up Into Teams For A Paintball Party

BIRTHDAY IDEAS FOR TEENS! My 13th Birthday Party!

Paintball is a great activity for teenagers. Each course is set up differently, but the general idea is that you break up into teams with uniforms and spend an hour or so chasing each other around and shooting paint at your opponents. Sometimes there is a capture the flag game with a mission for the team to complete.

You can easily set up a table with some party food and snacks for the kids to enjoy before, during, or after their game. If you want to up the competition a bit, you can offer prizes to the winning team or best performers at the party.

Tell Us About Your Great Teen Party Idea

Do you have a great party idea? Share it!

Beach OutBy: Maranda, AustraliaYou visit a beach that allows bonfire and you have a bonfire at night time with music playing in the background with a dock and just some food to eat over the campfire and you could have sparklers and run around in the dark with flashlight tag. Or go during the day time and swim around the beach with yours friends and you could walk around caves and rock pools if the beach have them and it could be interesting ,and you have like a picnic at the beach.

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Mamma Mia Themed Party

Give your teens the time of their life with a fun Mamma Mia themed party. If your teen girl is anything like my daughter, she will love all things Mamma Mia! Opt for a pretty blue and white-themed Grecian style party and Mamma Mia themed fancy dress. Take inspiration from the movie, blast out the best Abba soundtracks, and let your teens be Dancing Queens!

Shop the look, check out our favorite Mamma Mia themed party supplies here.

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Take The Kids Out To A Shopping Party

Sydney has fantastic shopping places, and your kids will love the experience. Shopping parties are a cost-effective way to celebrate a birthday and ensure that the kids have fun. You can even hire a personal shopper to guide your kids through the journey and ensure they have a splendid time.

Most shopping malls and retail stores offer this service for a nominal fee. Invite your teen’s friends to accompany them, offer advice, and click Instagrammable pictures. Invite the gang back to your house for an epic fashion show or treat them to lunch at your kid’s favourite restaurant to end the day.

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Spend A Day At The Beach

16 Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

Australia is home to some of the most exotic beaches in the world, and Sydney is famous for a couple of them. Bondi Beach is a mere 15-minutes away from the CBD and is an epic destination to spend some quality time with your teens.

Head over to Bondi on a warm sunny day and spend a few hours in the water. If your teen’s birthday falls on Sunday, we recommend exploring the Bondi market in the evening for a gala time.

If your kids are into watersports, Bondi has several opportunities for swimming, surfing, and snorkelling. However, we recommend staying in the patrolled area of the beach for a safe experience.

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Make A Splash With A Pool Party

If you’re lucky enough to live someplace warm, fill the pool with oversized inflatables, create a fun mocktail, blast some music, and throw a pool party. Of course, guests need to remember their bathing suits and sunscreen, and you’ll want to provide some shade and fresh towels.

Even if you don’t have your own pool, your local community pools often rent out their facilities for private parties.

Location: Your backyard or local pool

Ideal age: 13 and up

Things to remember: A responsible adult should supervise at all times, and everyone needs to know how to swim.

Estimated cost: Free up to $200 to rent out a public pool

Number of guests: Try to keep a good ratio of adults to swimmers

Birthday Party Ideas For Teens

Its easy when the kids are young to figure out fun party themes, but as a tween or teen girl- ah its so much harder! They still want parties but dont like the little kid stuff. Thats what the 13 -year -old at my house is saying at least! I rounded up some fun teen birthday party ideas for her shes dying over that Instagram party! Thought you might like them too! And if youre looking for a fun birthday photo backdrop, check here.

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Birthday Party Ideas That Teenagers Will Actually Love

When you have young children, birthday party themes are usually based on their favorite movie or cartoon character. Its easy to find party favors, streamers, and printable decorations to make it special. As the kids become tweens and teenagers, party planning gets a little trickier. Teenage birthday party ideas are quite a bit different and take a bit more planning. Suddenly, party decorations need to be just right so they can be shared on social media and make for great photo backdrops. You definitely cant use any cartoon characters or have a birthday cake that is too childlike.

If youre at the stage of parenting where you are planning teenage birthday parties, weve got you covered. Weve got ideas for themes and activities so you can plan a party that your difficult teens will have tons of fun celebrating with their friends.

Y Ideas For The Artsy Teens

teen birthday ideas | 33 party + activity ideas

Raising a burgeoning artiste? Giving your teen birthday party ideas an artistic theme is a great way to make the party stand out, and our arts and crafts classes are some of the best things to do in Melbourne with kids! Being offered the chance to create something is not only a gift in and of itself but an awesome way for friends to share an experience together thatll bring them closer together.

When it comes to whats on offer for your teen party ideas, we certainly have no shortage of sewing and embroidery classes. As well as pottery and ceramics classes, our vast array of Melbourne workshops are sure to contain an experience thats right for you and your party ideas for teens. Sewing classes are often quite popular with girls and are great for small groups, however, these classes require a considerable level of concentration and although a lot of fun, dont offer the party atmosphere you might be looking for when looking for something for a larger group of teenagers.

Our ceramics and hand building pottery workshops are one of the top party ideas for teens! Encourage them to harness their creative freedom by embracing the messiness and madness of handmade clay design! Pottery classes are one of the most enjoyable indoor activities Melbourne offers, making a ceramics class for teens one of the best rainy day activities and weather-proof party ideas.

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Mystery Party For Teens

I hosted a mystery party as a 16th birthday party for my daughter. It was a lot of fun.

It was so great how everyone got into their roles and dressed up for the part. I like the mysteries that are not pre-scripted. Every guest gets plenty of info on their role before the party and at the party. Leaves room for creativity and spontaneity.

Talent Show Tragedy from Party Time Mysteries is for 8 20 people. It has several gender neutral roles so you can throw a party for girls and guys.

Your teen and the guests will talk about this party for a long time.

Book A Thrilling Excursion Aboard A High

Head over to Sydney Harbour for an exhilarating experience aboard a jet boat as you glide over the water at speeds exceeding 75 kmph. The epic Thunder Thrill Ride showcases some of the city’s most iconic sights.

And the skipper eases the passengers into the thrill by gradually increasing the speed and gently manoeuvring the vessel through the harbour.

The ride lasts between 30 and 45 minutes and is a treat if your kids love adventure. Get ready to get your stomach in a knot as the captain cranks up the speed and throws in a few spins, breaks, and sudden manoeuvres.

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Watch A Movie In Your Backyard

Weather permitting, you can set up an outdoor theater in the backyard! All you need is a sheet, a projector, snacks, seating, and neighbors who wont mind the noise.

  • Gather your supplies. Decent quality projectors are easier to find than you might think, especially ones that connect to your phone or computer.
  • Experiment with your setup before the night of, in order to avoid technical difficulties. Remember that the film will project best when its darker outside, so later showings are ideal.
  • Make sure the weathers in your favor, and come up with an alternative if it wont be. Not only could you get rained on, so could your technology!
  • Consider the length of the movie, and how loud the teens are going to be. Set an event curfew to respect the neighbors.
  • Bonfire And Smores Party

    11 Cool Teen Birthday Party Ideas And Games

    Whats better than sitting around a bonfire, telling stories, and eating smores? This is an excellent idea for teens who love the outdoors.

    Theres something about smores that make people happy. Before you know it, your teen and their friends will be laughing and joking around the fire.

    Youll want to ensure the fire is out before you leave. The last thing you want is to start a forest fire on your teens birthday.

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    Set Up Tents For A Camping Adventure

    Camping out in the backyard might seem a little childish, but teenagers love a little independence. Being able to sleep outside under the stars without an adult might be just the treat you were hoping to give. Set up a few tents and sleeping bags for the guests.

    For entertainment, you could set up a projector for an outdoor movie or have a bonfire. The kids can roast marshmallows and make smores or just heat up some hot dogs for an easy dinner. There can be ghost stories told around the fire.

    Obviously, not every backyard can accommodate multiple tents, so you always have the option to take the kids to a state park campground and camp along with them. In-state parks, you have access to hiking trails, bodies of water for fishing and boating, and all kinds of nature to explore. Camping is not only fun, but it also teaches kids a lot of important skills, like survival techniques and how to make the best with the supplies youve got.

    Organize A Sleepover With Party Games

    Consider a classic slumber party for your teenagers birthday party. Everyone can hang out in their pajamas, eat snack food, and play board games. See if you can get your hands on some older games like Mall Madness or a video game console, like a Super Nintendo. The kids can play and stay up late, just make sure there are no important events the next day because teenagers love sleeping in.

    This is a perfect option for a smaller group. Usually, sleepovers cap out at three or four people because of sleeping spaces available. You can also have kids bring sleeping bags and expand the numbers a bit.

    Another great option for a sleepover is to rent a hotel room for a night. You can get adjoining rooms, so youre close, but you might actually get a few hours of sleep regardless of the screaming and giggling teenagers. Hotels often have incredible pools and other amenities that you can treat the party guests, including the guest of honor!

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    Stay At Home Or Go Somewhere

    So, which is better to celebrate a birthday at home, or to go somewhere? To make the right decision, you need to weigh several factors:

    • preferences and hobbies of the birthday man himself
    • estimated holiday budget
    • number and composition of invitees, their features and favorites
    • physiological characteristics of adolescents the need to throw out energy in motion, dancing, outdoor games, competitions
    • age-related need for adolescents to make as much noise as possible to shout for themselves and listen to loud music
    • the amount of free time you can devote to preparing the holiday

    Its impossible to say in advance exactly which version of the holiday is preferable for you. It all depends on your specific situation.

    But if you, thinking over the program for a teenagers birthday, will not be guided by how it is customary to conduct it, and not by how you held it in your childhood. You will most likely get a perfect holiday, and this teenager will remember the day for a long time.

    The Chocolate Game Partners Twist

    Birthday Party Ideas for teens

    The second twist is to play the game in pairs, with two dice. Guests must both roll either double 6s or double 1s at the same time to be in. Have two lots of clothes to put on , and in this version of the game your guests must cut the chocolate and feed it to each other.

    This version is really hard to actually get any chocolate, and really hilarious as a result!

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    Unique 12th Birthday Party Ideas

    Looking for special 12th birthday party ideas to celebrate your almost-teen? Turning 12 is a pretty big deal because it means your child is almost a teenager. Their interests and preferences may be in the process of changing, so its especially crucial to get their input when deciding on plans for their upcoming 12th birthday party!

    That being said, weve got 12 unique 12th birthday party ideas that will provide you with inspiration and that are a good start when youre looking for ideas to propose to your kid for their party. Weve also included a few examples of Peerspace locations that would work well with the ideas on this list. We recommend checking out Peerspace listings in your area if youre interested in renting a space by the hour for your childs party.

    Smores Party ~ Tidy Mom

    If you dont have a bonfire, maybe you have a patio fire pit that can be used or if not, I dont think teens would complain about using the microwave. Smores are welcome however they come! The kids can tell ghost stories, chat around the fire, and gather around for a movie at the end of the night.

    Some Fun Products for This Party: Well, not quite a product but these Smore variations are super fun! If you have a campfire to cook the marshmallows, I love these roasting forks!

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    Throw A Paintball Party

    Teens can run around and let off steam during a paintball battle. But, first, make sure you choose a company that doesn’t mix up the teams so that you can be sure your kids will only play with their group. Then head to a family-friendly restaurant afterward to fuel back up with pizza or wings.

    Location: A local paintball site

    Ideal age: 14 and up

    Things to remember: Tell kids to come wearing a few layers of clothes as paintball hits can hurt. You’ll also want to ensure you have confirmed RSVPs, as you’ll be expected to pay even if there are no-shows.

    Estimated cost: Groups of eight or more often receive a discount, but expect to pay anywhere up to $300 for an afternoon of paintball fun for your teen and their friends.

    Number of guests: 8

    Scavenger Hunt Or Escape Room

    Image result for sleepover ideas for girls

    Host a friendly competition with a birthday scavenger hunt. Whether the party is for a 16th birthday or a 13-year-old, you can tailor the hunt to suit the guest of honor. Have the teens hunt for local items like a popular coffee shop or a plush toy in the park. Or you can host the scavenger hunt in your home. Here are some scavenger hunt ideas and riddles you can use for your teen birthday party.

    You can also host an escape room party. Most escape rooms have birthday deals and they can even hide the birthday honoree at the end of the escape room. That way, the friends have to work through the puzzles to save the birthday honoree!

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    Paintball Or Laser Tag

    Yes, boys are more than likely going to love this one. But girls can have just as much fun too.

    There are plenty of places that offer paintball and laser tag. Youll find paintball places in your area after a quick search online.

    It may be an aggressive birthday party idea, but its also a lot of fun. Make sure your teen doesnt wear their best outfit if they play paintball because the kids are bound to get messy.

    Give Them A Grown Up Experience To Remember

    Give your birthday child a special dinner out, or the full day-spa experience, a weekend away with you on their own, or even an overseas family trip if its in the budget.

    Treat the birthday child to a truly grown up experience, where you can both talk about what it means to grow upd, and what the years ahead will bring. This will surely be a birthday they remember, and a great opportunity to build a foundation for those ensuing teenage years!

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