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Birthday Party Ideas For 17 Year Olds

Set Up Tents For A Camping Adventure

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Camping out in the backyard might seem a little childish, but teenagers love a little independence. Being able to sleep outside under the stars without an adult might be just the treat you were hoping to give. Set up a few tents and sleeping bags for the guests.

For entertainment, you could set up a projector for an outdoor movie or have a bonfire. The kids can roast marshmallows and make smores or just heat up some hot dogs for an easy dinner. There can be ghost stories told around the fire.

Obviously, not every backyard can accommodate multiple tents, so you always have the option to take the kids to a state park campground and camp along with them. In-state parks, you have access to hiking trails, bodies of water for fishing and boating, and all kinds of nature to explore. Camping is not only fun, but it also teaches kids a lot of important skills, like survival techniques and how to make the best with the supplies youve got.

Immerse In The Blooming Blues With The Pool Party

Pool party mightve got common in the recent days, but it hasnt lost its charm even a bit. The routine drill of hosting a party by the swimming pool still excites a lot of young souls.

Chilling in the pristine blue waters, sipping on some nervy cocktails, and enjoying your favorite finger food along with some great music is what one desires from the pool party.

It is very easy to host as all it requires is a residence with a pool and some eatables. In case any of you or your friend doesnt have a pool to host a party, you can opt for small resorts or hotels with swimming pools. One can take your friends along to such place and have a blast by the pool.

Away from the shadows of the parents, teens can have a great blast at the pool parties along with their friends. Also, one doesnt have to worry about the arrangements as all it requires is a pool and some party eatables to host an amazing party.

Th Birthday Ideas For Girls

Looking for unique 17th birthday party ideas for girls? Weve got you covered again! Check our 17th girl birthday ideas below and get inspired in making your girl child feel special and loved.

  • Surfing At Beach:Take your child and their friends to a beach and let the instructor guide them to surf cautiously. Get some food and drinks and let them party.
  • Shopping Party And Fashion Show:It can be a low-cost party if you take them to an affordable store. You can even hire a personal shopper to assist them in buying new outfits. This will surely be fun when you organize a fashion show later, inviting her friends to dress up the way they want to.
  • Sleepover At A Hotel: Since older teens enjoy something fancy and most of all, they could die for some independence. To provide this, just go ahead and book a hotel room for them and their friends where they could all go and enjoy dinner, pool party, movies and a sleepover, lastly.
  • Book Club Party: This is one of the most productive ideas if your girl is an ardent lover of books. Invite her bibliophile friends over and make them have their turns in reading chapters as well as from a book and letting them have their discussion about the plot.

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Throw A Pizza Making Party

Teenagers love eating pizza, so why not make them create their own at a pizza party. Invite a small group of teens for a special night of pizza creations. The guests will learn a thing or two about building their own pizza and eating it, too. To take the stress away from making your pizza dough, consider pre-made crust, set out all the fun toppings and sauces on a large table you can use as your pizza making station.

The Chocolate Game Partners Twist 17th Birthday Decorations Rose Gold

The second twist is to play the game in pairs, with two dice. Guests must both roll either double 6s or double 1s at the same time to be in. Have two lots of clothes to put on , and in this version of the game your guests must cut the chocolate and feed it to each other.

This version is really hard to actually get any chocolate, and really hilarious as a result!

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Book A Limo Or Party Bus

One fun way to get the kids out of the house, but keep them out of trouble is by booking a fun party vehicle to take them around the city. Limos and party buses are popular options. You can pack snacks and desserts and then have the guest of honor make a playlist with their favorite songs to listen to as they cruise around.

Visit Amusement Theme Park

Visit Amusement Theme Park

Wandering in a spacious park will bring you numerous amusing choices. You can buy pretty headbands to take photos with your friends.

Whats more, you can experience hundreds of indoor and outdoor games. In particular, thrilling games are always the ultimate factor attracting visitors.

Are you afraid of energy loss? Dont worry because several junk food booths are waiting to serve you savories and sweets.

Some theme parks develop additional global cultural events, offering opportunities to try different cuisine worldwide.

You are recommended to spend a whole day exploring every corner. On weekends, large-scale parades or fireworks are available in the evenings.

Performers will dress up splendidly or cast into well-known cartoon characters upon the vivid background music. What a marvelous scene that feasts on your eyesight!

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Candy Themed Teen Party ~ Elisa Hubbard Studios

Not only is candy super tasty, but it actually makes for great decorations too! You could stick to a color theme, style of candy theme , etc. The kids could play candy related games, win candy prizes. You could give out a candy party favor or, you could just use candy as a backdrop for the party and let the kids mingle, eat their sweets, watch an outdoor movie, or anything that teenagers love to do. Mostly, they just love to hang out!

Some favorite products for this party:Grapefruit Gummies , Rock Candy

How To Plan A Sweet Sixteen Birthday

My 17 year old daughter and her birthday gifts!! **CRAZY**

Follow these easy tips on themes, games, food, and decor to plan the perfect sweet sixteen or visit our resource on how to plan a birthday party.

  • Pick out Fun Sweet Sixteen Games: There are endless options out there for sweet sixteen birthday party games including a scavenger hunt, limbo, karaoke and dance party.
  • Choose Stylish Party Décor: If you keep your party decorations theme related they are sure to look amazing. Classic decorations options include birthday balloons, streamers, banners, and matching table decor.
  • Dont Forget to Enjoy: Once the party is here, its time to have some fun!
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    Yogurt Or Sweets Shop Party

    • For my twins first birthday party, I wanted to do something fun, special and simple for them.
    • While walking around in my local downtown I found a cute little sweets shop that had a self-serve frozen yogurt bar, popcorn bar or cupcakes.
    • I called them up and asked about having a small party there and they were most accommodating.
    • The best part is that unlike other yogurt stores, the prices were flat based on the cup size instead of being weighed. It made checkout very easy. Each guest got their order and the gals at the register kept a list of who had chosen what.
    • At the end of the party, I only spent $105.00 on all my guests to hang out in a nice, intimate location and enjoy a simple treat on us.
    • How to Book a Party: The best way to move forward is to locate a sweets or yogurt shop and find out about what party options they have or ways you can make your party work there.
  • Science Center Party
    • Doing a quick Google search should let you know if there are any local science centers in your area. These places may be big or small but they offer tons of awesome hands-on science activities and usually have large climb and play structures for kids.
    • How to Find a Science Center: You can use this Find a Science Center Search from the Association of Science-Technology Centers to find all the options near where you live.

    The Cliffs At Gowanus Gowanus Brooklyn

    Boasting more than 42,000 square feet, countless climbing options, and a wall height that reaches 45 feet, The Cliffs at Gowanus houses the city’s largest climbing space. Group bookings are available for $45 per person for 3-20 people and include a dedicated climbing area and certified belay staff. Its birthday parties are open to all skill levels ages 6 and older. Reserve the private event space or head up to the roof terrace to enjoy a bite to eat with stellar views of the Brooklyn skyline.

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    Setting Up A Winter Party At Home

  • 1XResearch sourceXResearch source When you begin to plan your birthday party, you want to start thinking of who youd like to invite and how many people will be your limit.
  • Dont feel obligated to invite people you dont know very well. You want to feel comfortable, and its okay to only invite your close friends to your party.
  • Sometimes fewer people is better. Think about the amount of space you have and how many people can comfortably fit. Also, take into account whether youll be driving anywhere and whether or not you want to have a sleepover.
  • Anywhere between 5 and 15 people is normal for a teenage birthday party, but the number is ultimately up to you. You might only be comfortable with having your two best friends over, or you might have 20 people you really want to invite. Ask your parents what they are comfortable accommodating.
  • 2Pick a length of time for your party. Giving your party a time helps your guests know what to expect. Also, how long the party will last will determine how much food you need and how many guests you want to invite.
  • Try to have your party on a weekend so that more people will be able to come. If your party is a sleepover, think about when you want your guests to arrive and when youd like them to leave the next day.
  • Consider your activities. For example, if you want to have a bonfire, you want your party to occur in the evening when its getting dark.
  • A camping and bonfire theme
  • A movie-based theme
  • A combined birthday and holiday party
  • Bath Bomb And Cosmetic Making

    Pin on Favorites

    If you want fun party ideas for teenagers, not many would turn down the chance to make a deliciously scented bath bomb or some other cosmetic goodies. Lush is the shop for organised parties, but if they are not available by the birthday party date, you have some other options. You can find a party provider who can supply everything you need , or you can buy some kits that contain all you need. Alternatively, look no further for safe recipes for bath bombs and edible face masks! Decorate the party room with plenty of colourful and fun streamers, or combine with a spa night for the ultimate in relaxation.

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    Area 53 Williamsburg And Dumbo

    Jam-packed with birthday fun, Area 53 offers paintball in a full adventure park, an indoor ropes and ninja course, roller skating, and a laser maze. Throw in pool tables, pingpong, and an arcade and you’ve got yourself a party. The franchise also recently added axe-throwing and themed escape rooms to its party lineup. Birthday party packages for all of these sportswhich include food and beverages , gameplay, and all necessary equipmentstart at $499 for 10 players. This is a great option for tweens and older since children need to be at least 10 years old for paintball and archery tag, and 7 and up for laser tag.

    Groove School Of Dance

    grooveschoolofdance.com491 Eglinton Ave W

    This might be a dance school but its birthday party offerings include everything from mad scientist to karate to a visit from the Pawsitively Pets . All parties start with some fun welcome activities and end with a visit to the Food Room. There you can serve your own meal or have Groove order in pizza. Also available for rent is a lounge where parents can hang out and even drink wine.

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    Fun Outings Away From Home

    Another of the original birthday party ideas for teenagers is to have a party away from home. If you dont want to throw a big party and prefer not to eat too much head, a good plan is to take them bowling. Ideally, they can order some pizzas and soft drinks to have a snack while having a great time.

    And whoever says they play bowling, says they take them to the movies to see an adventure or science fiction movie or even hire an outdoor activity like a game of paintball, Bubble Soccer or Yellow Humor. Perhaps it is best to adopt several of these alternatives to make the day complete.

    Beat The Bomb Dumbo Brooklyn

    Stranger Proposes to 17 Year Old at Her Birthday | React Couch TLC

    A combination of an escape room, gaming technology, game shows, and theater, this is one of our craziest birthday party ideas for teens thanks to its surprise ending. If you fail to defuse the bomb, you’ll be blasted by colorful paint. Players are outfitted in hazmat suits before entry and given one hour to beat the security system or risk being blasted. Up to six players can participate at a time, though larger groups can enjoy a head-to-head game. Though recommended for ages 10+, those as young as 8 can participate. Birthday party packages are available.

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    A Road Trip For Teen Party

    If your teen has a small group of friends, then a road trip could be fun. We recently combined a small road trip with cool surfing destinations for our teenage son.

    Tip: always take two cars in case someone doesnt feel well so that you can take them home while the rest can continue the road trip.

    It doesnt have to be an overnight road trip, and you can be back home that evening. However, if you want, you can always combine it with an overnight camping trip as well.

    Th Birthday Party Food Ideas

    Tweens and teens have fixed ideas about what to eat and what not to eat. Here are some fail-safe ideas you can use while planning the menu.

    41. Pizza

    Most children, even the fussiest of eaters, like to eat pizza. Including pizza slices or letting children make their own pizzas is one of the safest ways to ensure that the children eat amidst the birthday excitement.

    42. Mini sandwiches

    If you plan to host a high tea party, you can serve mini sandwiches to the guests. Mini sandwiches also make a great food choice for children because they tend to relish cutesy stuff.

    43. Cupcakes

    Cupcakes are usually a hit at any birthday party. They are easy to eat, and you can decorate them in any way you want. You could also set up a decorating station for the children to apply their choice of toppings and sprinkles to their cupcakes.

    44. Protein bars

    If you have planned a few energetic games for the party, you can include protein bars on your menu. They are easily available in stores, or you can make them yourself too. They serve as the perfect energy boosters for an evening of fun.

    45. Chocolate coins

    Chocolate is an eternal favorite among teens. You can include chocolate coins for different themes, including the Lucky 13 and unicorn ones. Children can gorge on the chocolates and then burn out the sugar rush with some games.

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    Boys Construction Birthday Party Invitation

    Make custom invitations and announcements for every special occasion! Choose from twelve unique paper types, two printing options and six shape options to design a card thats perfect for you. Size: 5 x 7 or 7 x 5 Standard white envelope included Add photos and text to both sides of this flat card at no extra charge Use the Customize it! button to choose from 8 additional sizes and 6 shape styles Two printing options available: Standard and High-Definition High quality, full-color, full-bleed printing on both sides 12 unique paper types and colors Premium Envelopments pocket folds, colored envelopes, and envelope liners available Our most versatile and economical paper, Standard Semi-Gloss produces crisp, vibrant images with exceptional color and detaila solid choice for all your printing needs. 12.5 pt thickness / 110 lb weight Bright white, semi-gloss finish 50% recycled content FSC certified Paper imported from Italy printed in the USA

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    Ride All The Rides At An Amusement Park

    Zebra birthday cake for 17 year old

    Adrenaline pumping rides are perfect for teenagers looking to have some fun, so consider spending the day at the closest amusement park to your home. Most U.S. cities have a spot with quick roller coasters and terrifying rides that drop or spin or swing through the air. You can provide the admission and then give the kids a little freedom to explore and try out as many rides as they can handle for the day.

    Another perk of the amusement park is that all the concessions are there and you dont need to prepare and cook snacks. There is usually pizza, french fries, burgers, sandwiches, and more to choose from. Some places allow you to bring in a birthday cake or party favors that you can enjoy in the middle of the day or when the kids need a break.

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