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Birthday Party Ideas At The Park

Not Your Ordinary Pizza Party

Best Disneyland Park Themed Birthday Party Ever! Welcome to Lilyland!

Did someone say pizza? Its the universal food most teens cant pass up! Of course, most teenagers will settle for plain cheese, pepperoni or sausage pizza, but why not take it up a notch by serving all different kinds of pizzas to tempt their tastebuds. A few ideas:

  • Offer a variety of pizzas: From New York Style pizza and BBQ chicken to extra cheesy and taco pizza, there are so many varieties of fun pizzas have a little fun! Keep it affordable by making your own or cater to make it easy.
  • Serve a few sides: Dont forget to serve a couple of sides including a traditional Italian salad or pasta salad to offer a variety of food.
  • Bread with dipping oils: Offer a basket or two of fresh french bread pieces with a few dipping oils to add to the Italian theme.
  • Keep the fun flowing with games: Its true that teens are fairly easy to please, but you dont want them getting bored. Have some fun by planning a few games. Looking for ideas? Here are a few indoor party games for teens!

Fruit Juice And Mocktails

One most important thing that you should consider while having a party at the park is heat. If it is particularly a hot day, you must make sure everyone is hydrated.

For this, you must have enough fruit juice and mocktails at the party. For kids, fruit juices are important whereas, for adults, some mocktails would be awesome.

Have A Rainy Day Backup Plan

You can never rely on the big party day being sunny and dry, so get your rainy day plan in order. Can you hold it in your home in a pinch? Is there a room in your apartment building you could use if needed? If not, you might want to consider a rain date. Either way, make sure you tell your guests your backup plan, and let them know as soon as you can if you are switching dates or location.

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Do A Reconnaissance Drive

Just like checking to ensure the BBQs are working prior to the party, you should do a drive-by and walk through on the same day of the week beforehand to see how busy the park is. Is there adequate parking? Is there enough shade? Is the playground fenced and/or close to the road? Is there anything else happening that you will need to be aware of in advance. This should give you some ideas about bringing additional seating, picnic rugs, perhaps a pop-up shade tent and warning your guests about potential traffic issues.

Pack Extra Picnic Blankets



Picnic blankets will be your best friend when it comes to your park party. Even if you do have benches to sit on, spread out a few blankets in the area. That way, you’ll have space for everyone to hang out and won’t have to worry about not having enough seats. If your party has a theme, grab a few picnic blankets to match the decorations. If there’s no theme, use whatever picnic blankets you have around even an old top sheet will work in a pinch!

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Reserve Your Party Area In Advance

  • You will likely have to go through your citys parks department. Be prepared to pay a fee for reserving the area. If your park has multiple pavilions, consider which is best suited for your party. For instance, do you want the pavilion nearest the playground even though if may be the smallest? Or would you be better off with the largest one on the property though it may be the furthest from the playground?
  • Consider the time that would make the most sense for your birthday party theme. Also keep in mind whether you wish to serve a meal or not when you plan your time frame. If your time will run into 11:00 to 1:00 or 5:00 to 7:00, be aware your guests may assume a meal will be provided. If you wish to serve cake and snacks only, an earlier morning time or mid-afternoon time would probably be best.
  • Get clear details from the person you talk with when reserving the park as to how early you are allowed to arrive for set up and how late you are allowed to stay for clean up. It is possible the park will reserve your area with back-to-back events. You need to be informed on your full allowable time from arrival to departure. It is also worth calling back a second time the week of your event to double-check that everything is still a go. Having a birthday party at the park means you may not feel you have a go-to person to talk to. You may feel better by calling and confirming a second time.
  • Get A Permit For Your Party

    If you plan to have 20 people or more in a NYC park, or want to reserve a specific area, youll need a Special Events Permit. The permit is easy to get and costs $25. Just head to this page on the NYC Parks Department web site, create an account and apply online at least a month in advance. Be advised: permits are not issued on major holiday weekends.

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    Will Your Party Have A Theme

    Whether it is dinosaurs, fairy princesses, Frozen,Star Wars or something else, if you want to have a themed party you will need to do some planning ahead. Decorations will need to be secured, party favours packed and the cake baked .

    Again, the key to success here is all in the planning ahead. You will need to pack them carefully to be transported to the park of choice on the morning of the party.

    How To Request Permission To Celebrate Birthdays In Parks

    Jump In Trampoline Park Birthday Party For Eva | VLOG 13

    The procedure is simple. Go to the city council of your city and present an instance before the municipal registry. This document must contain at least the following information: day and time of the party , number of attendees, and description of the celebration to be carried out. If you need any more, the municipal employees will inform you.

    Usually, the permission granted by the city council to use a public park on a birthday is free although you do not rule out that you have to pay a fee for the administrative process, although it is not usual.

    As soon as the competent authority of the OK, the authorization will be communicated to you, and they will give you the instructions and the regulations to follow.

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    How To Throw The Perfect Kids Birthday Party At The Park

    spring, summer

    Now that spring is here and the weather is warming up, its a great time to host an outdoor event. If your childs birthday is coming up, they may enjoy celebrating it outside so they can run around and play with their friends. However, you might not have enough space in your backyard to host all of your childs classmates. In that case, it may be better to have your childs birthday bash at a nearby park.

    A public park is an ideal place to throw a childrens party. Its an affordable venue with built-in entertainment like swings and playsets that will keep guests occupied for hours. However, there are some logistics youll need to sort out before the party to ensure the big day goes to plan. Heres everything you need to know to throw an unforgettable birthday party at your local park in North Texas.

    Consider Bringing A Second Vehicle To Transport Things Home

    If you are expecting a lot of guests , you may want to have plans for a second vehicle to help transport things home. If your guests will be bringing gifts, you will be hauling home more than you brought. Have a plan for how you will get these things back to your house after your party in the park.

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    Something To Sit On Thats Also An Activity

    Several parents mentioned the near-universal appeal of sports and obstacle courses. Lynn-Larroque recently attended a very successful soccer-themed party with her daughters that featured a trained soccer coach. She says that after the past year, trying to get kids off screens and back into the real world is a challenge and having a charismatic coach there made it more fun for the kids. All you need are a set of mini cones, some lightweight collapsible soccer goals, and a ball.

    /10 Have A Bounce House

    Outdoor / Pavilion / Birthday Decorations!!

    If renting a shelter, there is likely to be a power outlet inside. If this is the case, then a bounce house is a fun way for kids to spend some time while at a park birthday party.

    It is best if the rental company sets up the bounce house to keep it from flying away. Then, when it is all set up, kids can spend from the time they arrive until the end bouncing their little hearts out at the park.

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    Tips For Planning A Fun And Successful Birthday Party At A Park

    Confession: I love friends, and gatherings, and celebrating but as I begin my parenting journey, Im really not looking forward to going to countless birthday parties. Call me a party pooper, but sitting around, having cake, and watching kids get overwhelmed just doesnt sound like my idea of fun.

    These sentiments put me in a conundrum as I considered what to do for my twins third birthdays. The answer wasnt to not celebrate, but rather to incorporate a celebration into what our family and friends would likely be doing on a Saturday morning anyway.

    And thats how we ended up at Carkeek Park on a beautiful Saturday morning in March to celebrate our twins third birthdays.

    Birthday party at a park: reserve a spot

    You dont need a reservation to have a party in a park, but if you want to ensure that you will have a spot, as well access to some undercover space , make a reservation through Seattle Parks and Recreation.

    The website has a map of reservable parks, and includes a helpful chart listing price, capacity, covered options, park descriptions, and photos for each reservable site.

    We chose a park that our family frequents, so we knew what to expect as we planned the party, such as the parking situation and proximity to play fields and playgrounds. If you want to host your party at a park youve never been to, use the website to get information, or perhaps schedule an outing to scope out the park before making your reservation .

    Birthday party at a park: agenda

    /10 Use Decor That Will Not Easily Blow Away

    There is always the possibility that a party at the park can get gusty. As such, if keeping all the guests outdoors without a shelter, using decor that will not easily blow away is key to being able to enjoy the party without having to chase around decorations.

    Things like tying steamers to the trees, putting up twinkling lights, or even securing balloon arches to the ground will add some great decor to the party and will stay in place to boot.

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    /10 Have Local Company Set Up A Sundae Station

    Not all guests of honor enjoy cake. As such, a local company set up a sundae station at the park and let guests make ice cream sundaes of their wildest dreams.

    Not only will everyone be happy with what they are eating, but because it is a company bringing in the ice cream, they are responsible for making sure the sweet treat stays cold and then have to cart it away when the time of the rental is over. It is a win-win for parents.

    Fruit And Sweet Touch To Celebrate A Birthday In A Very Healthy Park

    Vlad and Niki – Roma’s Birthday Party at Waterpark

    Have you thought about offering fruit? If you present it to the little ones in a new and original form , you will arouse their interest, and surely they will try it. You can opt for a lot of options: strawberries, cherries, banana, apple, kiwi, watermelon, melon choose to depend on the season!

    Chocolate and hazelnut cream sandwiches are also a classic in your birthday, and although its not the healthiest thing in the world, there may also be room for a little treat on that particular day.

    Some people also decide to give some sweets to the party. As we have said, the day is a day. Our advice is that you put them insight once the children have already taken the snack to avoid temptations and that healthy food is left on the table.

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    Playground Party Invitations For Kids

    We just used Facebook to invite our guests to our party, but I found some super cute fill-in invitations that would be great for kids playground parties.

    Well, what do you think? What other tips have I missed for a fun and smooth playground party at the park? Be sure to check out my other post for tips on planning a movie theater birthday party or a pumpkin patch birthday party!

    Park Bday Party Ideas

    You want your kids birthday party to be unique, memorable, and most importantly, fun. Youre in luck! We have some ways to make your childs bday party more exciting and engaging:

    • Have a special theme. It can be something near and dear to your kid, like a favorite TV show or game. Or you can have a classic themed party like a fairy princess or pirate explorer.
    • Hire an entertainer. It can be a live singer or a magician. It can even be a clown! Just make sure that nobody is afraid of the last option.
    • Play party games. Kids love playing games, especially if there is a prize attached to it. And because the park is so huge, you have more space for a myriad of games. Plus dont forget a to buy or create homemade party blowers for the kids
    • Give your kid a money cake. If your kid is a little older and can handle money, you can give them a money cake. Have them pull out some dollar bills from their birthday cake!
    • And finally, dont forget the goody bags. Give your guests something nice like on their way home. It can be simple like some candies or stationaries. Or, if your budget is enough, you can give them a small toy.

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    Bring Balls Or Frisbees For The Kids To A Party At The Park

    We did not bring balls or frisbees for our park party, but I wished I had. The kids spent a lot of time running and playing in the grass. They could have spent much more time enjoying the open field had we brought a few items to help entertain them. You can buy a set of frisbees pretty reasonably online and then use those as party favors! Win win.

    Smores And Hot Cocoa Bonfire Party

    Yellow &  Blue decoration birthday party at the park

    The great thing about teen birthday parties is that they dont have to be perfect to be amazing. A simple, yet fun idea for guys or girls is a smores and hot cocoa backyard party. Its not too stuffy or over the top . A few ideas:

    • Make it cozy: Offer a few soft blankets for guests to wrap around their shoulders if it gets chilly.
    • Offer all the fixings for amazing hot cocoa: Chocolate chips, peppermint, whipped cream and caramel bits are all great add-ins for amazing hot cocoa.
    • Let guests make their own toasted marshmallows and smores.
    • Add mood lighting: A few well-placed lanterns can add ambiance and mood lighting to enhance the party atmosphere.
    • Food ideas: Keep things casual by serving easy finger foods/appetizers that teens love. Pizza, potato skins, hot mac n cheese in mugs, and a variety of chips and snacks will keep them happy!
    Image Credit + More Ideas: Todays Creative Life

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    /10 Have A Team Scavenger Hunt

    Scavenger hunts are a great way to get kids to work together and problem-solve in a fun manner. And with kids running around the park, they are sure to burn off a great deal of energy over the course of the game.

    When it is all said and done, the winners can be given a fun prize to memorialize the day and their victory over all other teams participating in the scavenger hunt.

    Games For A Birthday In The Park

    • Treasure hunt: Hide one or more treasures taking advantage of the natural space in which you find yourself and draw a map with clues for the little ones to find them. They can participate alone or in groups if they are many friends.
    • Water war: You could opt for the classic battle of water balloons, but this idea will mean that you have to collect all the plastic remains that are left on the floor when the party ends, and it can be a real madness. A better option is to give each child a water gun and soak them to your liking. Eye! See that the park has a source to reload the weapon.
    • Rain of bubbles: Get some papers and up the bubbles!
    • Three classic games to entertain during the birthday in the park. On the one hand, limbo is a game that never goes out of style, huh? Just a broomstick and have the kids go under. Stretching the rope or handkerchief are other fun alternatives.

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