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70s Party Outfits For Ladies

Sonny & Cher’s Look Of The ’70s

70s Inspired Outfits for Women – Myntra Studio

The quintessential ’70s couple costume, dressing like the hit husband-wife music duo, Sonny and Cher is simple. To look like Cher, you just need to don a wig of long, black wig, perhaps with a thin headband across the forehead. Next you need any sort of midriff-bearing halter top, the skimpier the better, and a pair of skin-tight, hip-hugger bell bottoms with platform shoes. For Sonny, a bushy mustache is key to pulling off the look. A pair of round, tinted, wire-framed sunglasses is also needed. For clothing, you can opt for a pair of vertical striped, bell bottom pants with a squared hem, patterned, button-down shirt with a wide collar. You should wear the shirt unbuttoned as far down as you want. Of course, a fringe suede vest will pull the whole costume together.

Buy 50s 60s 70s Costumes In Australia

People love having dress-up parties for decades. You will find a ton of great inspiration for any 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s costumes. Whether you are looking for realistic 1950’s movie costumes including Grease outfits for Sandy, the Pink Ladies and Danny, or you want to choose from pretty 1950’s flared dresses, we have a great selection.

The 60s are a time of hippie or beat clothes so you can get ready to start a revolution at your 1960’s dress-up party at our website. The Flower Power hippies of the 60s had long hair, bare feet and lots of bright colours. On the other hand, the conservative Mad Men of the time had narrow suits, skinny ties and pointy shoes. If you dont have long hair, we have a range of 1960’s wigs for women and men.

The 70s costumes are about colours, wide flared pants bold prints and tie-dyed fabric. Jumpsuits were popular for men and women. Think about the dress style of disco – satin pants and really chunky platform shoes. In the 70s era, you can also find punk styles of mesh shirts, fishnets and spiky hair.

We also have kids hippie 60s costumes as well as a massive range of accessories including big bold earrings, mesh gloves, beads and tights.


Girls 70s Dress Costume

This girls hippie costume gives your child the other spectrum of the 70s as an option. Maybe your girl has no interest in being a dancing queen, but she does want to put a few flowers in her hair while she runs barefoot through the park. We think thats a cool way of life too! This 70s hippie costume lets her do just that.

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S Outfit #: Colored Bells

Denim blue jeans were not the only casual outfit. Flares, loons and bell-bottom pants came in all sorts of bright colors and subtle patterns. They could be paired with loose tunic tops and peasant blouses or mixed with sportier knit shirts. Soft ringer t-shirts with groovy slogans and retro destinations are popular 70s shirts now. So are rainbow-striped long and short sleeve shirts, crop tops and large collar polo shirts. Knitwear was in style in the 70s and blended perfectly with the colorful pants.

1973 Casual with Color
1976 striped knit top, blue wide leg pants

For this fun outfit try 1. Bright colored bell bottoms 2. Wide white belt 3. Striped shirt or retro T-shirt 4. Oversized sunglasses 5. Clogs shoes 6. Track jacket/blazer jacket

Velvet flares, striped top
Hippie print flares and halter top

1976 the pantsuit look with wide leg trouser, bow blouse and blazer.

Psychedelic 70s suit

70s shoes, heels, boots- Shop now.

Outfit Ideas For A 70s Party For Women

LOVE it! Every bit!

Silk and psychedelic prints were the bread and butter of the 1970s. If youre heading off to a 70s-themed party, it would be a disservice not to consider these two trends.

For those in the mood for something more elegant, sophisticated, and seemingly inspired by Diana Ross, why not try this outfit on for size?

Featuring a two-piece composed of a scarf-style top and a midi skirt, this sultry ensemble is the glammed-up version of Boogie Wonderland. Dont forget to add some gold-tinted earrings for an added accent.

Nothing screams the 1970s more than flower power. This bright ensemble comes with high-waisted checkered pants, an orange cardigan, and some oversized sunnies to help counterbalance the wildness of this look.

The bottoms will definitely turn some headsbut we feel that the real star of the show is the top. Offered with an exaggerated collar with bright pink fur trim, its the sort of outfit youd wear to a disco.

Acid trips are not for kids, but you can certainly have fun when it comes to fashion. Psychedelic in print, this mini dress features a mesmerizing pattern of green, blue, and orange swirls.

Its an adorable outfit that keeps things light and playful, especially with the addition of the fur trim on the sleeves.

Cinched and gathered at the waist, this dress is meant for party people only. If you really want to liven up those 70s vibes, why not add some platform heels and Twiggy-style eyelashes?

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Bell Sleeves And Bell Bottoms

Lets talk about bell sleeves. They help give you that flowing, fluttering movement that pairs perfectly with all the best disco moves. Its not surprising that the style didnt last. Despite looking amazing during dancing, the extra fabric can get in the way of normal activities. However, if you want a great dancing outfit, then look no further than this 70s disco girl costume for women.

Our 1970s Disco Costumes Are:

  • Made of high-quality materials that allow you to strut your stuff on the dance floor all night long
  • Available for groovy men or foxy ladies, guaranteed to light up any party
  • Shipped faster than a disco ball swings above the dance floor
  • Available for safe online purchase, more secure than your tight leisure suit
  • Easily exchanged if your costume isnt quite right

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Typical 70s Outfits For Women

Like men, women had a lot of choices throughout the 1970s. Therefore, if you peak into a womans closet from the 1970s, you will find many unique options. Of course, some choices lasted for years while others lasted only one or two seasons. You will also find a wide variety of colors, including bright ones and earth tones. The availability of synthetic fabrics made it so that many women who could not afford designer clothes still had fantastic choices to wear. Of course, women had to have clothes for different activities and periods, so the womans closet would be full.

Womens jumpsuit

Women had the choice of several styles of jumpsuits in the 1970s. While you could find brightly colored ones in the early 1970s, many pastels and other colors were available. For example, a light orange jumpsuit was perfect for a lovely fall day. One of the reasons many women loved jumpsuits was the ease of wearing them. For the most part, women only needed to slip into a pair of quarter-strap platform sandals, and they were ready for a day of running errands. The light-orange jumpsuit has feminine touches because it has large ruffles near the neck and bell-shaped cuffs.

Womens maxi dress

Womens wrap dress

Womens punk rock outfit

Womens hippie outfit

Womens pantsuits

Daisy Dukes

Disco Outfits For Men

70s Party Dress & Accessories: Behind The Fashion of American Woman | Paramount Network

John Travolta taught us just how awesome a man could look when he puts on a white leisure suit in Saturday Night Fever. Once we caught a glimpse of those iconic scenes, we just knew that we have to search the scene for all the best disco costume ideas. So, here are some of the best disco outfits for men. Weve covered all the bases, from a full-on suit to some stylish shirts that bring an iconic look that should fit the bill for any disco dude looking to send his look back a few decades.

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S Outfit #: Wrap Dresses

Diane Von Furstenberg is credited for creating one of the most iconic dresses of the 70s, the wrap dress. Worn by stars and socialites, it never caught one with the mainstream public at the time, but has since been revived again and again. It is back in style this year, making it a great 70s retro-modern outfit to wear now.

70s wrap dresses were made of a light jersey that clung to the body with a thin tie belt that barely held it in place. They were especially popular as disco dresses. Some mainstream styles were button-down shirt dresses with collars. They could be long maxi dresses, but most were knee-length. Simple, casual, feminine and very pretty.

The more common dress was a tie waist dress. Slipover dresses were tightened at the waist with a tie belt or had a drawstring waist that tied in the front. Simple, easy, flowy and casual to wear it, could be dressy enough for a party or as everyday fashion.

Diane Von Furstenbergs Wrap Dress

For your retro wrap dress outfit try 1. A pretty jersey wrap dress or party dress in a color and pattern that you love 2. T-strap, Mary Jane or Peep toe vintage style heels 3. Large bangle bracelet or short thin gold pendant necklace 4. Gorgeous long feathered hair!

A lovely 70s wrap dress at Modcloth
Corduroy tie dress at Lulus

Love Your Look: 70s Disco Costumes

Every story has heroes. Some wield swords and shields. Some wear a badge. Some wear a cape like a superhero. And some wear platform shoes. Yes, you wont find every hero in a storybook and not every hero fights against evil mad scientists. The kind of heroes were talking about just want to dance. Join us on our tale of discotheque heroes who need only the power of funky moves to get the job done. Then, use them as an inspiration for your own 70s hero story!

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Womens Fashion Ideas For A 70s Theme Party

Women can find lots of choices to wear to a 70s theme party. The great news is that many items still available at your favorite department store have changed very little since the 1970s. Instead of making a considerable investment for the party, consider buying things that you will incorporate into your regular wardrobe afterward. You will look great at the party and get to enjoy the items for a long time later because they have become staples. In other cases, you may have items in your closet already that might even win you a costume prize at a 1970s party.

Halter tops

Halter tops were a popular summertime option throughout the 1970s. In the beginning, women wore them trimmed with a different material than the central part of the top. Bright colors and bold patterns, such as horizontal stripes, were trendy. Halter tops were paired with bell-bottom pants and platform shoes or clogs at the beginning of the decade. Then, it became customary to wear them with knee-length shorts. As the decade was ending, short lengths came up. Choose options made from synthetic fabric to give your outfit a more authentic vibe.

Platform shoes

Bright Colors

Flare pants

Bell-bottom trousers


You are now ready to go to a 1970s party as you are armed with facts to amaze your friends about fashion in the 1970s, along with a prize-worthy costume. Keep reading for some concluding thoughts about 1970s clothing for men and women.

Womens 60s Costumes And 70s Costumes


Dont be bummed out if you cant work out what to wear to a 60s costume party or just cant find the 70s costumes you need for your groovy dress up event.

Heaven Costumes Australia has just the 60s dress youll love so you can find your mojo and go-go to your next 60s dress up party looking like youre wearing the youth driven fashion of the era.

60s fashion for women had all the ladies looking like a foxy Mama but in a very girl-like way! Utilising the childish styles of 1960s clothing, your new 60s costume is likely to reflect that of a babydoll or squarish shift dress. 1960s dresses that were far too short for work attire, but became shorter and shorter with the hem length being directly proportional to the liberating power felt by any individual woman! Theres power to be had through 1960s womens fashion, so send out those feminine vibes, hoist up those hemlines, and get the 60s costume to help shake that thing at your 60s theme party.

60s outfits brought about a fashion is fun trend with colours and prints from the pop art and modern art movements and born was the 60s Mod look! Your 60s costume ideas might therefore also include outta sight checkerboard patterns, colourblock styles, bold stripes and playful polka dots! Before they were picked up by hippies in the late 60s, 1960s dresses also got funky with a trippy edge that had women flaunting psychedelic swirls and prints on their 60s costume.

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Become The Disco Queen You Were Always Meant To Be

Bright and bold or simple yet groovy? The choice is yours! Go for a more conservative monochromatic scheme with your disco gear or go all out in bright colors and flashy styles and bold cuts of dress for your disco inferno. Did you notice that vests were kind of a big deal back in the 70s? We totally did, that’s why you will see a lot of our seventies costumes featuring a fringe vest! The beauty is in the details and a sister to this style is the infamous bell sleeves. Combine the both and you’ll be on your way to doing the hustle in a snap!

Outfit Ideas For A 70s Party For Men

The exaggerated collar shirt paired with full-blown chest hair is not a look everyone can pull off. If youre looking for something more subtle and conservative, we suggest trying on this OOTD out for size.

Featuring a pair of high-waisted bell-bottoms, a striped button-down, and a cool leather jacket, this is the best way to iconize 70s mens fashion in a more contemporary take. For accessories, we suggest some oversized glasses and a pair of Oxfords.

Considered part of YOOXs 2019 runway edit, this 70s inspired designer look is composed of green suede pants, a yellow plaid trench coat, and a flower-power esque button-down underneath.

Its a cohesive look that marries earthy tones together, which is a great option for those not keen on bright and bold colors. Accentuated with brown heeled loafers, we highly suggest donning some Ringo Starr-inspired specs as an added accessory.

The simplest way to answer the what to wear to a 70s party question is to wear a turtleneck. Considered the go-to top for most men in the disco era, several trendsetters paired it with a collared shirt and high-waisted pants.

Youre free to choose alternating colors, but we recommend opting for earthy tones if you intend on wearing this look outside of the party. Best paired with leather heels and accent jewelry, its the Saturday Night Fever fit of your dreams.

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S Outfit #: Workout Clothes

In the mid-1970s, exercise became a trend. Women and men were taking up tennis, running, aerobic dance, and basketball in record numbers. Specialty athletic clothes such as tracksuits, running shorts and sneakers were made nearly identical for women and men. Most sported 3 stripes or chevron on the legs, arms, and chest.

Running shorts had a side slit and were trimmed in contacting fabric. For women, taking dance classes in tights and leotards or working out on a home gym in terry cloth exercise clothes was both a fun and fashionable activity.

1979 womens tracksuit

These iconic retro workout clothes have made a comeback in leisure fashion today but they also make awesome outfits for a 70s party. Pair a tracksuit or running shorts with a 3-stripe t-shirt, tall over the calf stripe socks, and retro sneakers for this sporty outfit idea. Dancers can pick a leotard and matching tights with a wrap-around skirt.

1977 nautical beachwear
1977 rainbow swimsuits

1970s style swimsuits. Shop now.

What will you wear to a 70s party? If you need help with your outfit, just ask!

Disco Outfit For Women

100 Years of Girls’ Clothing | Glamour

All that glitters is not gold thats because some of it is silver! This exclusive costume makes use of plenty of silver sequins to ensure that you light up like a diamond when youre under the flashing lights of the discotheque. It comes with mesmerizing patterns in front, along with a matching sequined shawl.

S Outfit #: Maxi Dress

The other iconic 70s dress was the long maxi dress, which gave a nod back to the turn of the century Edwardian style with lace trim ruffled hems, puffy sleeves, and an empire waistband. They could be simple or fussy, with prints or pastels. The current boho trend favors maxi dresses in ethnic prints or clean white embroidered summer dresses.

1977 maxi dresses
1976 maxi dress

For your maxi dress outfit keep it simple. 1. A long maxi dress in a floral print 2. Strappy sandal heels for summer, tall lace-up boots for winter 3. a floppy hat for a boho hippie vibe.

Elegant deco design
70s style maxi dress

Under long dresses, 70s heels were hardly visible but with short dresses, they were meant to be seen. 70s heels could have a chunky square heel with a modest rise or a taller evening heel height. Most shoes were inspired by vintage styles of the 30s to 40s. Two-tone Mary Jane heels from the 20s, thin T strap heels from the 30s, and peep toe heels from the 40s were revived into new 70s designs. Shop vintage style heels shoes or all 70s shoes here.

1978 strappy dancing heels

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