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7 Year Olds Party Ideas

Planning An Indoor Birthday Party

Ruby forgot Bonnie’s Birthday Party 7 years old

Planning is the secret to making the day as stress-free as possible. Specifically, planning enough activities to keep the little ones interested in participating in the party instead of wreaking havoc.

Every good party needs:

  • and party favors.

These ingredients make a party that will keep kids attention, keep them engaged in the activity at hand, and is sure to make this birthday memorable for years to come.

If that sounds like a lot of work, dont worry, you dont have to do it on your own. Urban Air has you covered. When you book a birthday party at Urban Air, we take care of the planning and heavy lifting. Booking a party at Urban Air is easy:

  • Visit the Kids Birthday Parties page to learn more about the parties and options.
  • All parties include two hours in the park, paper goods, and setup/cleanup, but to make party day even easier, you can order food like our delicious pizza, soft drinks, and ICEEs.

    Childrens Birthday Parties At Mr Mulligan’s Lost World Golf In Cheltenham

    Promising a party thats out of this world, children will have a memorable birthday celebration at Mr Mulligans in Cheltenhams Brewery Quarter. Kids can enjoy a jungle or underwater-themed round of adventure golf with their friends before getting to party in a dedicated room, rounded off with a delicious ice cream.

    Various packages are available, offering invitations, cordials, pizza and slushees. The birthday boy or girl even gets free passes to go golfing again!

    Preschooler Party Games: Fun Games For Three Year Olds To Five Year Olds

    Preschooler attention spans still arent very long so it is wise to keep games short, simple and focused on the whole group of party guests.

    They also cant cope with too many competition games with winners and losers, so its good to play games where everyone has a chance to win or simply enjoy taking part.

    Essentially focus on fun games that will keep with rules that are simple to follow.

    All this said, three, four and five year olds are capable of increasing amounts of cooperative play, so they are capable of enjoying a wider range of games than toddlers.

    Heres a list of simple games to play with kids aged three to five. All these games work equally well for indoor parties at home, parties at a venue or summer outdoor parties.

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    You’ll get personalised info about the best options and availability all without a hint of any obligation or pressure of any kind.

    Either Call our helpful team on 0116 380 0750 or pop a few details in the form above and we’ll get all the info to you along with your ‘slimetastic stuff’, guaranteed!

    Diva Dance Or Disco Party

    10 Amazing Birthday Party Ideas For 7 Year Old Girl 2022

    Throw your own diva dance party at home or find a local dance studio that offers birthday parties for kids. The kids are transformed into dance divas and rock stars by doing their hair with brightly colored hair pieces, glitter and braids and then adding some cool make-up like sparkly glitter eyes, blush and lip gloss. Depending on the party music theme, you can have the party girls singing and dancing to your birthday girls favorite music or dances like the electric slide, freeze dance, etc. If you are having it at a studio, normally they will have karaoke microphones, lots of music to choose from and props for the kids. Be sure to videotape their performances!

    Another dance theme to consider is a 70s disco themed party. Use retro invitations and decorations for the party such as disco balls and glittery streamers. Ask the party-goers to dress in 70s attire like platform shoes, bell bottom pants and leisure suits. Be sure to have lots of 70s music on hand like the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.

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    C Decorations For Birthday Party Of A 7 Year Old

    Your guests are arriving on time and you do not have an ample amount of time for the decorations. In such case, you can purchase the decorations at online stores. These stores sell all the required items for a kids birthday party, such as the themed balloons marked 7, wall decors, banners, ornaments, and candles.

    If you are planning to do it by yourself, make your own simple, but cute decorations and if he/she wants a magical themed party, you can purchase a few packs of blue and silver balloons, ribbons and streamers.

    A large-cut outs of the moon, cauldrons, stars, and even friendly wizards, can be used as other decorations. Create decorations for other themes, by just changing the color scheme and making cutouts to suit the theme.

    Childrens Birthday Parties At Cattle Country Adventure Park In Berkeley

    Home to giant play slides, trampolines, two play barns and fun facilities galore not to mention lots of friendly animals Cattle Country Adventure Park near Berkeley is a popular place for childrens parties.

    Enjoy exclusive hire of its Top Play Barn for two hours, as well as the outdoor areas at the top of the park, including the Splash Pool. You can even bring your own party food and use the Party Room that joins onto the Top Play Barn, or enjoy a picnic on the benches outside.

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    Birthday Cake For Seven

    Cake cutting is the most important part of every birthday celebration. Here are four of the best cake designs for a 7-year-olds birthday.

    Since the release of the 3D comedy movie Despicable Me, the Minions have become a favourite with children and adults, alike. Get a Minion cake for your little girls 7th birthday and see her face light up.

    Every child loves to play with Lego and what better way to make them happy on their special day than getting a Lego cake! Take your pick from a Lego brick cake, a two-tier large Lego brick cake or any other Lego cake design that catches your fancy.

    • Super Hero Inspired Cake

    Nothing can go wrong with your little brats favourite superhero-inspired birthday cake. Get him one and the memory will last with him for a lifetime.

    • Frozen Inspired Cake

    Elsa and Anna are a favourite of every girl and to make them feel like a princess or a Queen, get them a Frozen-inspired cake that will get them all happy and excited.

    Ing Tips For Kids Birthday Parties

    Birthday Scavenger Hunt For 7 Year Old Boy!

    If youre having it in a park double check all the facilities before the day. Check whether the BBQ is woodfired or gas and have a Plan B in the event of rain. Also, consider the possibility that someone else will arrive before you and grab the picnic tables, so have a grandparent ready or an alternative plan in the event you miss out.

    Finally, our favourite tip. Put your decorations at kid height. The party is for them to remember.

    We hope we have convinced you can have an inexpensive kids birthday party and still make it the best party in the world!

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    Childrens Birthday Parties At Vrxperience In Gloucester

    Take your little ones on an incredible journey without ever leaving the county at Gloucesters VRXPERIENCE. Offering a variety of virtual reality packages for different size groups, party guests can go head to head in races put their nerves to the test by braving some exciting rollercoasters and play a choice of over 100 fun VR games.

    Whats The Time Mr Wolf

    Whats the time Mr Wolf? is a classic kids game that gets everyone excited for the festivities by adding a bit of suspense.

    Choose one child to be Mr Wolf. They stand with their back to the rest of the kids, who should Whats the time Mr Wolf? and then quickly creep towards Mr Wolf. The child playing Mr Wolf answers each question with a different time.

    The aim of the game is to reach Mr Wolf before they respond with dinner time!, which signals the chase. Mr Wolf runs around, chases the rest of the kids and whoever they catch first is the new Mr Wolf.

    Top tip: Make Mr Wolf wear a wolf mask to make the game more fun guaranteed shrieks from all the children!

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    Best Urban Air Attractions For Pre

    Those pre-teens will want to explore all of the areas in your local Urban Air Park. We recommend the Ultimate or Platinum level attractions to increase the cool factor of your pre-teens birthday party. And member, those pre-teens always eat more than you think so add an extra pizza or two to fuel the party. Dont worry, our pizza tastes great leftover too if you end up with too much. Check out the Ultimate and Platinum attractions at your local park and get excited about the best party.ever!

    Childrens Birthday Parties At Sandford Parks Lido In Cheltenham

    Pin page

    Summer kids can have fun in the sun at Sandford Parks Lido in Cheltenham, which provides a swimming paradise for children. Parties of up to 30 people can enjoy exclusive use of the childrens pool for an hour when booking a party at the lido. Bring a picnic to enjoy poolside, or grab some party food from the on-site café.

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    + Unforgettable Atlanta Kids Birthday Party Places Near Me

    Birthday party places can make or break a great event. You may be thinking, Where are the best birthday party places near me? Have no fear: weve collected a giant list of birthday party places and ideas in Atlanta, Georgia!

    You can spend more time enjoying the moments of the occasion, and less time serving, entertaining, and worrying about clean up! Here are 45+ birthday ideas Atlanta parents will love! Read more for the best birthday party places near me!

    Throw The Coolest Kid Birthday Parties

    Your childs birthday is one of their most special days. As parents, we want our kid birthday parties to be the most memorable for our child, while we can also enjoy the moment and take an active part in creating it.

    But how?! Where do we even begin? How do we throw a birthday party thats so special without having to throw away so much money?! And if we dont pay for entertainer or a special venue, how will we entertain the kids without losing our minds? How will we decorate? What will they eat? All these questions and so many more immediately spring up.

    First thing to do is set a date for the party. Now breathe :-).

    Here, on this site, together with our community of creative Moms and Dads, well help you answer all of those questions. All you need to do is decide together with your child what sort of birthday party you want to throw.

    It can be a theme party based on a certain character, book, TV show, idea, concept or anything else your child comes up with. Or, it can be a birthday party without a specific theme. Whatever appeals to your child and, not any less important, whatever appeals to you. Weve organized the ideas on this site into neatly arranged, complete step-by-step themes.

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    Monster Mash Party Theme

    Merge glimpses of Halloween to your celebration by throwing a monster mash birthday party. This theme can turn into being super scary or turn it entertaining depending on guest preferences. For a bit of entertainment, you can play some scary yet fun games such as wrapping mummies with toilet paper rolls. Maybe, get monster tattoos for everyone.

    Fun Little Games Party Favours


    I have a fondness for portable games that kids can take with them when travelling, or to play at the table when eating out.

    They also make great alternatives to party bags, especially when kids are 7+ and the number of party guests is hopefully shorter than in earlier years.

    Here are a couple of little games that work really well as party favours.

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    More Birthday Party Ideas For 5 To 7 Year Olds

    There are lots of other great games for this age group.

    Youll find that some of the games we have in Birthday party games for 8 to 12 year olds can be adapted to suit this age group quite easily. You should also check out our Traditional Birthday Party Games article.

    And for loads more expert party planning advice, check out our School age: Birthdays section.

    Charades As A Party Game

    Charades for this age group is about acting out an action or a thing, rather than trying to depict an entire movie title word for word. Depending on your guests, this game will be an instant hit or a complete failure, so the key is to keep it simple and get involved yourself.

    If you have a theme, then choosing what the guests act out is easy, but if there is no theme to follow think of things that everybody will know and relate to. Instead of having the guessing child automatically win by taking the next turn, make sure everybody gets a turn at the front.

    Write out the acts onto slips of paper, and have children draw one out of the hat. Some great acts for this age group are:

    • Licking an ice cream

    If you really want to have prizes for this game, you could make up certificates for different categories such as funniest performance, most reluctant star, and of course drama queen, or king, as the case may be.

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    Childrens Birthday Parties At Funky Warehouse In Cheltenham

    Offering 60 fun-filled minutes of soft play, trampoline and ninja warrior, as well as added food time, parties heading to Funky Warehouse in Cheltenham are in for a brilliant celebration.

    There are different party packages for under-fives and children five and over, which include party invitations, a host, food, slushies, unlimited squash and a cake ceremony plus, a free return pass for the birthday boy or girl and 50 per cent off return passes for each guest.

    Children’s Birthday Parties At Urban Martial Arts In Gloucester And Stroud

    Gymnastic theme birthday cake for 7 year old girl

    Promising a memorable martial arts-themed party for little ones, Urban Martial Arts which has venues in Gloucester and Stroud offers birthday packages that include exclusive use of its facility and fun-filled playtime.

    Partygoers will also have the opportunity to learn some martial arts moves and break boards Karate Kid style! Whats more, adults wont have to worry about organising anything, as Urban Martial can also provide invitations, party bags and even take care of the clean-up afterwards.

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    + Great Places For Kids Birthday Parties In Cincinnati

    Do you have a special childs birthday party to plan? Whether its a first birthday, Sweet 16, or anything in between you have lots of choices when it comes to great birthday party places in the Cincinnati area!

    Throw a memorable bash with our list of places to host your childs birthday party. We broke the list up into indoor birthday party places and outdoor birthday party places, making it easy for you can find the perfect venue for your special celebration.

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    Coolest Kids Party Ideas And Photos

    Kids party ideas and photos by: Debbie from California There are so many cool kids party ideas for an army theme. Here is what we came up with for invitations: We wrote our invitations in Army slang Attention Marine Recruits! You are invited to Codys OOH-Rah 8th Marine Corps Boot Camp Birthday Party. If Read more


    RixenNZ CableWake Park is the perfect place for kids to learn to wakeboard with their friends and celebrate their birthday. The two tower system with speed control is easy to take off and pickup young riders that may struggle to learn behind a boat. Most kids are up and riding and making the corners by the end of the birthday party. All safety and riding gear is supplied along with expert tuition. Paddle boards are also available to cruise the safe shallow lagoon. Gazebos, BBQs and a fridge are available on site for you to bring your own party food.

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    Barbie Fashionista Birthday Party

    If your girl adores Barbie and is a fashionista herself, then try this idea without second thoughts. Dress her up like a Barbie doll and ask your guests to dress up too. Decorate the space with lots of pink props such as balloons, dolls, centerpieces, candles and more. have a Barbie make-up station to double the fun.

    These Spots Are Currently Not Hosting Parties But We Want To Save Them For The Future

    7 Fun Party Game Ideas That Are Great for Groups

    Adventure Station Head to the Sharon Centre and enjoy a private party room, the Adventure Station indoor playground , and an optional nature program .11450 Lebanon Road, Sharonville, Ohio 45241 521-7275Website

    Highfield Discovery Garden This one is part indoors and part outdoors. You will enjoy a party room in the Cotswold Visitor Center and guest will be provided with entrance to Highfield Discovery Garden. They offer an optional nature program for an additional fee . You are welcome to bring in food and beverages to serve. You must provide cups, plates, napkins, utensils and tablecloths . Beer and wine is permitted. All food and beverages must remain inside the party room. 10397 Springfield Pike, Cincinnati, Ohio 45215 521-7575Website

    Parkys Ark Enjoy a party at the outdoor picnic table area of Winton Woods plus entry to the wet playground. Party times can be booked May-August. Wet playgrounds are open starting Memorial Day weekend and typically close in mid-August.10245 Winton Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45231 521-7275Website

    Parkys Wetland Adventure Enjoy party space at the indoor auditorium area at Woodland Mound plus entry to the wet playground. Party times can be booked May-August. Wet playgrounds are open starting Memorial Day weekend and typically close in mid-August. 8250 Old Kellogg Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45255 521-7275Website

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