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50 Birthday Party Ideas For Him

Th Birthday Party Ideas For Men

50th Birthday Balloon Decoration Ideas for Him

His Own Birthday Newspaper

One of the coolest and most thoughtful gifts you can give a 50 year old man is this New York Times front-page newspaper that was printed on the day of his birthday! Hell be able to see the headlines and read about what was going on in the world on the day he was born, how awesome is that? Now he can get a unique glimpse into the past and see what notable events happened on his birthday. This will make a really cool decoration in his home and a unique keepsake that he can treasure forever!

Barbecue Is Always A Good Idea

Its a beautiful and sunny day, and you have a nice backyard? Excellent! Then a barbecue is a great idea to celebrate a birthday. Fresh air, sun, green grass, music, friends and family, good food, and cold beers. It cant get any better than that. The organization should not be a problem for you because we have all done barbecues at least once in our lives. On the other hand, if you are not a barbecue grandmaster, leave the roasting of meat to a friend so that guests do not go home hungry. We recommend that you buy some lamps or torches and prepare blankets, just in case the party lasts until late at night .

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Memorable 50th Birthday Party Ideas For Men

Looking for memorable 50th birthday party ideas for the men you care about most? We get it! A 50th birthday is a huge milestone event, yet creating a picture-perfect party is challenging. And now more than ever, celebrating our loved ones and resolidifying bonds is what its all about.

So why not make this one particularly special by throwing him a party hell remember for the next 50 years? If youre short on ideas, not to worry we have you covered with our exciting, thoughtful ideas below!

Besides a few excellent birthday party ideas, you also need a sensational birthday party venue. Luckily, Peerspace has you covered there, too! As the largest online marketplace for hourly rental venues, you can book the perfect venue to suit the birthday boy and not break the bank in the process. We have thousands of stylish, pristine, and private venues in cities across North America and beyond.

Plus, when you book a Peerspace venue, you have the Concierge service at your beck and call. This trusted team can source and deliver any add-ons you need to maximize your party, like catering, entertainment, and furnishings.

So what are you waiting for? Check us out today and book a thrilling setting that lets you enjoy these memorable 50th birthday party ideas for men on their big day.

Fun 50th Birthday Party Ideas For Anyone

50th birthday party centerpieces, 50th birthday themes, 50th birthday ...

If youre planning a classic 50th bash, youre probably looking for ideas that work perfectly for anyone. The following ideas guarantee everyone having fun at the party. And once youve picked a theme, make sure to check out our resource on fun party games to include.

  • Cheers To 50 Years: Feature the guest of honors favorite drink and get the party started. This is also a perfect theme to share a meaningful toast.
  • Props to You: Congratulate your loved one on everything theyve achieved through the years. Create a photobooth are with plenty of pops with fun sayings to kick off the event.
  • Rock Stars: Bring in a live band and celebrate their birthday in style. This theme features lots of dancing, perfect for your rocking loved one.
  • Kids at Heart: No matter their age, the guest of honor is young at heart. Showcase this at their 50th birthday through youthful decor. Things like bright balloons, candy, and games make perfect additions.
  • 50s Decade Party: Not only do the 50s have great decor, but they also make for a perfect 50th party theme. Encourage guests to dress in costume and include a retro soundtrack for the night.

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Ideas For 50th Birthday Party Invitations

A special 50th birthday party calls for creative birthday invitations. Check out some ideas we have in store for you.

  • DIY cards: If the guest list is not that big, you can get crafty and try making handmade invitation cards. You would require paper, cardboard, and such art items.

    Image: Shutterstock

  • Balloon invites: You can either get balloons customized or use a marker to write the 50th birthday partys details and send them to a handful of guests.
  • Old cassettes or records: Instead of expensive cards, you can use old cassettes and paint on them to make creative birthday party invitations.
  • Retro invites: To make the invitations fabulous, retro-style birthday party invitations would be an interesting choice. You can use old posters and turn them into cards.
  • Cartoon portrait: If you are looking for a funny birthday invitation, then a cartoon portrait of your birthday mate on the card could bring a smile on everyones face.
  • Sweet invitation: You can send small invites with a sweet cupcake, chocolate, and anything small and dry.
  • Voice notes: When theres not much time to make and send invitations, a voice note recording could be the new-age idea. All you have to do is record a voice note with the partys details and send it to the guests phones.
  • Th Birthday Party Cake Ideas

    The birthday boy also enjoyed a stunning milestone cake created by Cakes by Mavis. The navy six-layer cake was embellished with silver designs and details and was a true show stopper!

    Franklin and his guests had a fabulous night celebrating his milestone 50th birthday! I hope you were able to pull some ideas for creating a masculine themed birthday party of your own! Be sure to Pin this post for later party planning!

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    You Know Youre 50 When Book

    The kicker with this book is that its a large print edition! Richard Smith returns with another wildly hilarious book about living the life.

    Turning 50 brings new challenges yet allows you to apply different expectations to old challenges. What was a goal worth achieving in your 30s and 40s suddenly becomes a well, its not for everyone in your 50s.

    Here are some points to ponder from the book:

    Your main form of aerobic exercise is getting up to find the remote.

    You think a mosh pit is something found at the center of an exotic fruit.

    Performance anxiety refers to golf and bingo night.

    You read obituaries not to see who died but how long they lived.

    Twice in one night refers to bathroom visits.

    If your birthday guy is making excuses for being overweight, overindulgent, underwhelmed and under-motivated, dont get him a be all you can be, claim your destiny, get-er-done kind of book. He wont read it. Get him this one instead.

    Th Birthday Party Ideas For Dad

    50th birthday party ideas birthday ideas for parents sbevent

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    Wonderful Birthday Gift Ideas For Him No Matter How Long Youve Dated

    Its difficult because, if youve just been dating for a month or two, you may not know what he loves or hates in terms of presents. However, if youve been together for a long time, youre probably out of ideas after years of birthdays, holidays, Valentines Days, and anniversaries.

    With 41+ present ideas on this list, theres sure to be a one-of-a-kind gift for your guy. If everything else fails, were fairly sure he wont mind if his birthday present includes a new pair of underwear. Just saying!

    Ideas For Party Decorations

    Party decorations make a party come alive. Make sure your 50th birthday party highlights the honoree with the following ideas.

    • 50 Rocks! Think lots and lots of pop rock candy and signs that read 50 Rocks! For an added touch, include stones with themed wording. This makes for a light hearted and fun theme for any 50th birthday party.
    • Golden Decorations: This theme plays into celebrating your loved ones golden milestone. Use gold accents in balloons, streamers, confetti, and anything else you want. When the guest of honor walks in theyll love this golden decor.
    • Throwback Decor: Take advantage of your party to print tons of throwback photos of your loved one. Create customized banners or posters of those special old photos. This is a great way to show how much the guest of honor changed over the years.
    • A photo booth is a perfect focal point for any 50th birthday party. Create plenty of props and make a special backdrop, then let your guests go wild.
    • Singable Posters: One photo perfect way to capture the special person the birthday is all about is through signable custom posters. Print your favorite photo of the birthday boy or girl and then leave plenty of space on the border. Give all of your guests markers and have them sign the poster with kind words and well wishes.

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    Wine And Cheese Night

    Get gussied up and host an epic wine and cheese night for your 50th birthday party. You can ask your guests to bring a board to contribute, or hire a caterer to help you get organized. Another fun idea is to have a wine tasting and hire a sommelier to lead it, so you and your guests can learn a little bit about what youre drinking.

    Time To Make Those Milestone Memories

    bar written in large gold letters, on top of a wooden crate, placed on ...

    The best 50th birthday party ideas are a reflection of the birthday boy or girl youre celebrating. If youre still not sure what to plan for your guest of honor, make a list of the things they love. For foodies, host a tasting. For adventurers, trek to a remote party locale. And for glamazons, go to a fashion show.

    At the end of the day, as long as you invite the guest of honors favorite people, youll have a milestone birthday theyll remember. Get everyone to the party by sending online invitations directly to guests inboxes. It makes the planning easier, letting you focus on all your big 50th birthday party ideas.

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    Outdoor 50th Birthday Party Ideas

    12. Have a Picnic Party

    If youre celebrating your 50th on a day forecast for sunshine, pack a picnic basket and head to your local park to enjoy delicious food and the company of your closest friends.

    Pack a bottle of something bubbly so you can raise a toast to the last five decades and celebrate your milestone birthday.

    13. Host a BBQ

    Assemble your nearest and dearest in your garden for a BBQ for the ultimate outdoor birthday celebration.

    Put on your favorite summery tunes, play some lawn games and enjoy tasty food straight from the grill for an outdoor party youll never forget.

    14. Go on a Booze Cruise

    Set sail on the seas to celebrate the big 5-0 by taking yourself and your best friends on a booze cruise.

    You can enjoy live music, light bites, and a fully-stocked bar, all whilst enjoying the beautiful views from the comfort of your boat. Dont forget to pack your sailors hat!

    15. Have a Beach Party

    If youre lucky enough to live near a beach, bring your best friends, some light bites, and a bottle of something to celebrate on the shore.

    If you stay into the evening, youll have the opportunity to see a beautiful sunset and cozy up around a bonfire, reminiscing on your five decades of life.

    16. Go Glamping

    If you want to spend your 50th birthday in nature but youre not keen on camping, glamping could be the happy medium for you.

    Going glamping is a great way to experience the great outdoors with your friends without sacrificing your home comforts.

    Top 10 Best 50th Birthday Party Themes For Adults

    5 min read

    Planning a 50th Birthday Party is nothing to take lightly! After all, your friend or a family member has lived for half a century! Seriously, thats big! So, if you are in charge of putting the big birthday bash together, it is certainly understandable if you are under a little bit of stress

    Choosing a 50th birthday party theme for adults is one of the hardest tasks on the to-do list! The many different directions you can take are confusing! Do you want elegant or laid-back? Fun or fancy? What would the guest of honor like? What would they hate? There are so many questions to answer! Explore 10 awesome 50th milestone birthday party theme ideas for adults.

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    A Sweet Gift Hell Never Forget

    Remind your dad, husband, or grandpa of when you would listen to his favorite records with him with this thoughtful personalized vinyl for his 50th birthday! Yes, thats an actual vinyl record that you can personalize just for him and even add a photo and a message to create a one-of-a-kind gift that hell proudly display forever. Every time he looks at it, hell think of those wonderful memories he has of listening to his record player and teaching you all about his favorite musicians.

    Give Them An Experience They Wont Forget

    How to Make a Masculine 50th Birthday Cake

    Opening gifts is a fun part of any birthday party. Wed set aside some time at the end of the celebration to have the guest of honor open his gifts in front of everyone. Bonus points if you can record this on video!

    Of course, as the host of the party, you want to give a gift thats as extravagant as possible. While material possessions are always welcome, gifting the guest of honor an experience will more than impress them. And since it is, after all, their 50th birthday party, why not gift them an exhilarating experience that theyll remember for years to come?

    Some of our favorite ideas for a thrilling experience include a helicopter tour of their favorite city, a hot air balloon ride during sunset, a package of motorcycle lessons, andfor the daredevils amongst usa skydiving trip.

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    Luxury 50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Men Hell Use All The Time

    Whether hes already a fan of cognac or has talked about trying it now that hes older and wiser, one of the best 50th birthday gift ideas for him is this luxurious cognac gift set! With two professional cognac snifters, he can enjoy the exotic flavors of cognac to the fullest, along with a couple of stogies to celebrate his birthday! Cognac is the perfect kind of liquor to celebrate special occasions, but even after his big day, hell want to use this set to sip and relax. Soon enough, hell be a cognac connoisseur, and its all thanks to you and your amazing gift! Of course, dont forget to put a couple of stogies in the cigar box so that he can enjoy one as soon as he opens up his gift.

    How To Make My Husbands 40th Birthday Special

    The best way to make your husbands birthday feel special is to be personable. Dont follow birthday celebration trends that you see online. Sentimental birthday gifts are thoughtful and make your husbands birthday feel meaningful.

    Is there a running or inside joke that you and your husband share? Is there a particular place or memory that means a lot to him or the both of you?

    If so, use these things as inspiration to plan a birthday experience or buy a gift that has him, especially in mind.

    Customize your husbands birthday experiences, gifts, and decorations. That way, your husband will feel that you put lots of effort into making his special day memorable.

    If youre having trouble planning a birthday on a budget for your husband, check out these ideas below:

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