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18th B Day Party Ideas

Best 18th Birthday Ideas

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Looking to throw a super fun 18th birthday? This post is all about 18th birthday Ideas.

Coming up with 18th birthday ideas can be tough. You’re too young to go to bars but you’re also too old for any of the other cheesy birthday celebrations in the past.

We all imagined turning 18 for years. You are finally becoming an adult! Party planning and gift ideas are all a part of the celebration, so why not make it fun?

Since 18 means starting fresh as an adult, it’s important to consider birthday ideas that will truly bring out the new adult you are.18th birthday ideas can be super fun and get the individual excited for the next chapter in their life.

This post shows you the best 18th birthday ideas!

Large balloons for any occasion are ALWAYS the way to go.

When it comes to 18th birthday ideas this is one decoration idea that any girl will LOVE! I personally use large balloons for most of my parties, events, or just for fun on Instagram.

For real though, I went to a 21st birthday party recently and it was donut themed!

You can make it a little more special for the birthday girl by customizing it on Etsy.

Balloon arches are SO easy to put together and make any get-together look like a professional party planner was involved. If I ever host a celebration, birthday, etc. I always make sure to have a balloon arch. Highly recommend you do the same, you won’t regret it!

Birthday banners are the “it” thing for most parties these days.

Simple And Unique 18th Birthday Party Ideas

Many teenagers dont want an over-the-top celebration and prefer to spend their special day chilling out with family and close friends. And sure enough, there are a variety of ideas to celebrate your 18th birthday with a few near and dear ones without making it boring and monotonous. Below is a list of simple yet unique ideas to plan a low-key 18th birthday party:

Planning a trip with close friends on your birthday can be quite exciting. A sudden plan of setting up camps at a hilly place can be an altogether different approach to spending your birthday. You can spend some time amid natural beauty while playing fun outdoor games and lighting up a bonfire.

Hosting a cocktail party can never go wrong for the 18th birthday. Featuring a menu of delightful appetizers and boozy beverages, your cocktail party will be an instant hit. Couple it with some foot-tapping music and mood lighting, and you have the formula for the best-ever birthday party!

  • Hosting A Sleepover

What could be better than celebrating your special day with your closest friends the whole night? Sleeping in the same room, watching horror films, and eating junk foods can be the best way to celebrate your 18th birthday at your home. It will be just the right start to your adulthood.

Decorate With Lighted 18th Birthday Number

This is another great 18th birthday party decoration idea you want to recreate. You can rent these huge lighted 18th birthday numbers to decorate your photo backdrop to make really good Instagram-worthy pictures.

This is one of the most recreated 18th birthday ideas as it adds a lot to your 18th birthday decorations.

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Th Birthday Party Ideas For Boys

Your friend would love to have a party that is filled with noise, action, and plenty of laughs. You can pick one of these to celebrate your favorite girls birthday.

  • Game night: What better way to celebrate adulthood than to enjoy a game night with the boisterous bunch of best buds? Pick your favorite sport and get the gang together to watch it on a big screen.
  • Sports games: If the birthday guy is great at a particular sport or he loves watching a specific one, get him tickets to the best seats for one or organize a match between friends on his special day.
  • Zombie Party: Plenty of thrills and laughs abound in a fancy-dress party where you all arrive in zombie garb, ready to scare!
  • Bowling party: An action-packed party idea is to book a bowling alley and bring together all the friends for an evening of nothing but pure, unbridled fun.
  • Paintball: Yet another action-packed party idea, an evening filled with laughter, competing with buddies to see who gets whom first at a paintball party.
  • Games galore: Another version of game night where you get a bunch of your friends together with the birthday guy to play games online and keep the adrenaline running high!
  • Road trip: Celebrate newfound driving privileges by taking a short road trip to a spot that the guy gang loves.
  • Unique 18th Birthday Party Ideas And Themes

    Throw the most spectacular milestone birthday and enter adulthood in ...

    Written by Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Feb 26, 2020

    Theres not a more important birthday than an 18th. Its the day most kids mark as the entrance to adulthood and all the privileges that come with it. Make sure they celebrate the major life event right by planning the perfect birthday party. If youre not sure where to start, weve got you covered. Check out our 18th birthday party ideas below.

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    Decide Who Will Be Attending

    One of the crucial things to run an epic 18th birthday party on a budget is to decide who youll be inviting to your party. If youre having an indoor birthday party, you want to invite your closest friends, your cousins, and other family members.

    This step is important as it will make you stick to your budget and prevent overspending.

    Day Cruise Dance Party

    Want to have a dance party but without the responsibility of cleaning everything up when youre done?

    Then consider renting a day cruise and having your dance party on there.

    Your friends will be totally impressed that you thought of this genius idea since not many people will think to reserve a boat!!!

    You can tell your friends to come in all-white or come dressed in 90s gear and have tons of fun dancing/singing the night away to your favorite songs on the water.

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    How Can I Make My 18th Birthday Special

    This is a great question with many answers!

    My advice is to first think about what YOU love and what would make you happy on this special birthday.

    Want to plan something with just your family or a few select friends? Want to plan a party with a larger crowd? Its your day! Do what you think would be most fun.

    Next, if you are looking for ideas, browse the below 18th birthday party ideas to get some inspiration for your own big day.

    Treat Yourself To Old Fashioned Cake And Ice Cream At Home

    Mosaic balloon numbers – how to print / make tutorial – 18th birthday party decoration

    Theres something nice about getting together with family and friends in a simple way and just enjoying the day. So grab your go-to ice cream, bake a cake, and invite your favorite people to join you.

    According to National Day Calendar, some of the most loved cake flavors are chocolate and cheesecake. You might also consider cupcakes or ice cream cake.

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    Th Birthday Ideas On A Budget

    An 18th birthday is a special occasion. It’s actually one of the big birthday milestones in adulthood. So you are probably trying to brainstorm 18th birthday ideas for yourself, or maybe even a child or friend.

    If it is your big day everything will soon change. Whether you plan to go to a university, begin a career, or take off to travel the world. Since its a milestone, youll want to celebrate with family and friends in style.

    We rounded up some great ideas of what to do for your 18th birthday to make your party the event of the year!

    But before we dive into what to do for an 18th birthday, let’s discuss some interesting birthday world traditions first!

    Outdoor 18th Birthday Party

    Having an outdoor 18th birthday party idea is really fun. Its one of the best 18th birthday party ideas you can ever recreate, especially if your birthday is in warm weather.

    Honestly, there are so many things to do at your 18th birthday outdoor party. You can make it in your backyard decorating with hanging lights and balloons, which is magical.

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    Elegant/classy Birthday Party Ideas

    25. Host a Dinner Party

    Host a classy dinner party if youd like to celebrate your 18th in style. To make it more exciting, give your dinner party a theme.

    The theme can be based on the cuisine youre serving, such as Mexican, Japanese, or Chinese, or based on specific periods and styles, such as the 1920s or 1950s Hollywood glamour.

    Whichever theme you choose, a dinner party is an elegant way to celebrate your transition into adulthood.

    26. Go to a Mocktail Tasting Event

    Celebrate your birthday in style by attending a mocktail masterclass to learn from expert mixologists, and try out a variety of delicious mocktails. You may find a new favorite flavor!

    27. Go for Afternoon Tea

    If youre a fan of copious amounts of cake, sandwiches, and tea, you might want to celebrate your 18th birthday over afternoon tea with loved ones.

    Afternoon tea is a fun and relaxing way to celebrate your 18th birthday with class, style, and plenty of delicious food.

    28. Book a Spa Day

    Is a calm and relaxing birthday more appealing to you? If so, you might enjoy a spa day.

    You can book various revitalizing treatments such as a massage, manicure, pedicure, body treatments, and facials.

    If you want to make a weekend of it, why not stay overnight in your local spas hotel? That way, you can make use of all the facilities such as the gardens, swimming pool, and jacuzzi. Its your 18th, so no one would blame you if you pushed the boat out!

    Customized Birthday Name Tags

    1001+ 18th birthday ideas to celebrate the transition into adulthood

    In order to make your 18th birthday party special, you need to take care of every single small detail. One of the best 18th birthday party decoration ideas is creating personalized name tags for your dinner table with your guests names. I love the name tags as they will make your guests feel special and loved.

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    Book A Peerspace Venue

    Check out Peerspace for some highly original venues where you can host an unforgettable 18th birthday party. All spaces are available to book by the hour, are owned by locals, and provide you with the ambiance and amenities you want.

    So what types of spaces can you rent on Peerspace?

    Here are some of our favorite options for 18th birthday parties:

    • This industrial warehouse venue in Oakland, CA with space for 60 guests, modular tables and chairs, a kitchen, outdoor space, a sound system, and plenty of dance floor space
    • This luxury lakefront condo in Orlando, FL with a pool that has a grotto, waterfalls, and custom LED lighting, as well as kitchen access, hammocks, and a volleyball sand court
    • This Soho loft penthouse in Manhattan, NYC with space for 50 guests, a sound system, a projector and screen, and a gorgeous rooftop garden with views for days
    • This beautiful gallery space for events in London, UK with space for 20 guests, an open floor plan, a grand piano, and optional catering services
    • This industrial chic loft in Detroit, MI with space for 20 guests, a modern and rustic ambiance, a kitchen, comfy seating, and parking
    • This paradise oasis in Scottsdale, AZ with space for 100 guests, a pool, a hot tub, a putting green, yard games, and a basement game room
    • This create-your-own vibe gallery in Vancouver, BC with space for 70 guests, modern art, color-changing LED lights, customizable screens, a sound system, and a DJ setup

    Bonus 18th Birthday Party Ideas For Guys

    To finish things off, here are some rapid-fire ideas for a guys 18th birthday party:

    • Take plenty of time to plan ahead and let people know about it,
    • Make sure theres alternative food for people with allergies or requirements,
    • Have a plan but dont worry if things go off-plan a bit as long as its fun,
    • Take lots of photos but promise you wont post any without permission,
    • Put the drama on hold and just have a nice time with friends,
    • Dont invite people who cause problems on a regular basis,
    • Include as many people as possible,
    • Encourage people to bring games/activities,
    • Instead of gifts, you can pool together a donation or something more significant for someone in need which feels a lot better than a handful of $20 gift cards for teens,
    • Check out these rainy day ideas for teenagers in case the weather isnt great.

    Thats it for our 18th birthday party ideas for guys all thats left to do is have an amazing time!

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    Play Games With Friends

    Take a break from studying, working, and doing everything else to focus on having fun. Invite your friends for a party or host a game night so that you and your buddies can enjoy each other’s company without distractions.

    It can be a great time to catch up with your older siblings, who might have left home for college by now. If you don’t have any siblings or if they are not around anymore, consider inviting some family members over as well.

    The Best 18th Birthday Party Ideas


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    These 18th birthday party ideas are ideal for planning a celebration everyone will love and remember, and help you, or someone close to you, turn 18 in style!

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    How To Celebrate Your 18th Birthday On A Budget

    Planning and setting a cute 18th birthday party can be really stressful especially with everything we see on the internet about having a huge expensive-looking birthday party that can cost you a leg and arm.

    Its time to stop worrying about this. You can absolutely celebrate your 18th birthday and have an Instagram-worthy birthday party on a budget.

    Here are the best ways to celebrate your 18th birthday on a budget.

    Simple Birthday Party At Home

    For girls who want to chill with friends and family, you can plan a fun and simple birthday party at home. Whether you celebrate with an upscale dinner or invite friends over for a slumber party, your 18th birthday should be all about the things you love doing. Invite a small group and make it special with those closest to you or throw an outdoor party in your backyard with a mix of guys and girls. While there are a range of unique ideas and themes to consider, just make sure your day is filled with great memories, activities, and entertainment.

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    Do Something Daring Youve Never Done Before

    One of the most recommended things to do on your 18th birthday is going for something daring youve never done before. Im pretty sure youre having an endless list of stuff you want to do To get your adrenaline higher.

    Skydiving is one of the best yet one of the most crazy things to do on your 18th birthday. It doesnt only get your adrenaline higher, but it will make you feel free and most importantly fearless.

    It will be one of the best experiences of your life and something to get you out of your comfort zone.

    Here are some other crazy things to do on your 18th birthday:

    Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride.

    Bungee Jumping Swim with Sharks.

    Gorjana Wilder Chain Bracelet

    15 BEST 18th Birthday Ideas for Girls

    This gold bracelet is a cute 18th birthday gift idea and one of the most wanted gifts ever.

    I love it as its simple and chic and can be the cutest everyday wear bracelets. Also, Im obsessed with the gold color and the fact it goes with everything you wear. Most importantly, its the cheapest 18th birthday gift idea ever with such high quality.

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    Enjoy A Luxury Picnic

    This is one of the more unique 18th birthday party ideas and an excellent way to celebrate your day while also being outdoors.

    Luxury picnic companies will usually set up beautiful decor in an outdoor setting and bring food. So all you have to do is just show up with your friends and family, ready to make some memories and enjoy a meal.

    A luxury picnic is one of our favorite 18th birthday celebration ideas because you get to enjoy good food and relax with friends and family.

    Dinner W/friends At A Fine Dining Or Upscale Restaurant

    If youre an extreme foodie like me, then another great thing to do for an 18th birthday is dinner with friends . . . fine dining or upscale style!

    What makes fine dining/upscale restaurants so special is that the chef goes all out to make the food displayed on your plate and/or at the bar look insta-worthy.

    The produce, meats, breads, and cheeses are super fresh, usually organic, and seasoned very intentionally to give your taste buds an experience youve never had.

    The only negative thing about fine dining and upscale restaurants are that they can get pretty pricey.

    As such, if you decide to go with friends and youre paying for their dinners, make sure you only invite 1 or 2 people.

    Nevertheless, the fine dining experience is SO worth it.

    Even if you can only afford to go to a fine dining restaurant with your boyfriend, the experience is worth every penny.

    Here are some great fining dining recommendations just in case you decide to go:

    • Texas De Brazil

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